Monday, August 17, 2009

Why is it that logic never makes sense?

*please enjoy the random pic. I'm famous for the neon glasses*

For the past month and a half, every time I tried to get onto my blog, that stupid ERROR, ERROR, SEVER NOT FOUND PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER message would come up. I would then carry on with my life, come back later, try again, and....ERROR ERROR, SERVER NOT FOUND, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. It was later! Maybe it wasn't exactly later o'clock, but it was definately close enough.

Error? Only thing that is ERROR is the brain of the dude who wrote that message! I swear it just mocks you. ERROR, YOU CAN'T COME ON THIS WEBSITE, HAHAHA LOSER! OOOO I'M CHIPOTLECHICK AND MY OWN BLOG REGECTED ME OOOOOHHH ERROR!! COME AGAIN LATER!

In case you didn't notice, i found that very frustrating. Apparently blogger likes to mess with me. Maybe it has something to do with that prank call and the pancake 'incident'...

Anyways! I feel so behind on all of your lives! what have my beautiful unicorns been up to? I guess i shall visit your blogs and find out! how's that for problem solving?

I shall now tell you updates on my life in an organized bullet point list:

  • Just so you know, this is what a bullet point looks like

  • I like bullet points

  • JUST IN: ChipotleChick to marry bullet point

  • Moving on

  • vacation to Colorado

  • Visited cousins in small town no one has ever heard of

  • You can only visit said town by train

  • There was no cell phone reception

  • I just about died

  • If I had died, I would have left my blog to successor, ChipotleTurkey

  • Went to Marine Biologist Camp

  • Am volunteering at an acquarium

  • it's an acquarium in a land-locked state, so you can see why i'm so excited

  • There are no dolphins at said acquarium, ruining all my plans to sneak in at night and ride them

  • Not that i would ever do anything so illegal

  • School starts in a week

  • I already need a vacation

  • Lots of other stuff I can't remember at the moment. Bad memory, i need to eat some more....huh, what foods help memory? I can't seem to remember...

I hope you enjoyed my bulleted list. Because i did. Because lists are cool. That's why my middle name is list. Chipotle List Chick.

O! one more thing. I now have a facebook!

Follow that link and you will discover not only my real name, but my real birthday, email, pics, and quiz results, not to mention friends and all that other facebook stuff. I just barely made it today, so don't laugh! It's empty. I haven't even joined any networks yet.

WELL, i shall leave you now with one last word destined to keep you up all night in deep contemplation:


P.S Natalie, i can't comment on your blog! Why does blogger hate me so much? oh well, i'll just say right here that i love the dress you bought, i love the pics, and you are destined to be the runner up on America's Next Top Model! woo!