Friday, October 31, 2008

Samhainophobia: Fear of Halloween

HEY EVERYONE! TODAY WAS HALLOWEEN (if you didn't know that, please refer back to title of this post)

HALLOWEEN IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE HOLLIDAYS! TO HELP CELEBRATE, I DECIDED TO GIVE Y'ALL A LIST OF PHOBIAS! (I'll post about my Halloween expierience tomorrow. That's one story you can't miss!)

1. Alliumphobia: Fear of Garlic (vampire anyone?)
2. Allodoxaphobia: Fear of opinions (everyone in politics has this one)
3. Alektorophobia: Fear of chickens (may result in fear of KFC)
4. Aulophobia: Fear of flutes
5. Barophobia: Fear of gravity (I have this one)
6. Caligynephobia: Fear of beautiful woman (better stay away from me! Jk)
7.Cathisophobia: Fear of sitting. (that would just suck)
8. Cenophobia: Fear of new things or ideas (Now we know how to scare teachers!)
9. Dextrophobia: Fear of things on the right side of the body
10. Deopnophobia: Fear of dining and dinner conversation 
11. Epistemphobia: Fear of knowledge ( you kow somebody like that?)
12. Euphobia: Fear of hearing good news (what the rest of us call pessimists or Presidents)
13. Geliophobia: Fear of laughter (oh yes, i've met people like that)
14. Geniophobia: Fear of chins (and the three little pigs said "no, not by a hair on our chinny chin chins")

15. Hellenologophobia: Fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terms ( Who doesn't have that fear?)
16. Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables (we all have a bit of this in us)
17. Octophobia: Fear of the figure 8 (it would really suck if you had that while you were 8 years old)

18. Pogonophobia: Fear of beards (watch out Santa Claus)
19. Porphyrophobia: Fear of the color purple 
20. Polyphobia: Many fears

And my personal favorite

21.Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words (no i am not kidding)

So there ya have it! a list of random phobias. I find it incredibly interesting to see these and it makes me wonder: Why? Usually phobias are the consequence of an unfortunate relation or experience. It's strange, and very interesting.

And sorry about all that stuff in parenthesis. Those are all just thoughts that ran through my mind while typing that.

Source of all these interesting phobias: 

It's incredible how many there are! this is a very small portion. Go look so more up and tell me your favorite! 

Until then, Happy Hallows Eve! 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look a bird!

Hey Hey Hey what up my peeps? What's that? you don't know what's up? Well then, let me give you some responses for when someone asks you what's up!

1. The sky (typical)
2. The opposite of down
3. UPS without the S
4. Mars
5. Mercury
6. Pluto
7. Any planet
8. God ( i used this one until someone glared at me and said they were an Atheist. Darn)
9. Look a bird!
10. Look a dead bird!
11. Time. See? it's flying
12. Well, I would look and see, but i'm afraid of getting blinded by the sun
13. The empty void of space
14. Where do you get off asking such impertinent questions?  Back in the day, we didn't get asked such questions. What's up? Hmph. Corrupted youth of America.
15. P.U. backwards.
16. Nothing

Ok, i meant to make it to 20 but i can't think of any. How bout y'all give me some ideas? the best response gets a virtual hug ****hug***** and a virtual parade thrown in their name ****parade**** and maybe even a virtual cookie of their choice! ****cookie****

Well, I had a very crazy day today, but i have a headache so i'll tell you guys tomorrow! I will also have a special Halloween post. Mwhahahaha! Well. i have nothing meaningful to say, so i'm gonna say bye!

So ya...bye. Hehe. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

I iz a monkey!!! Hearz me raaaar!!!

Don't you just love my post heading? i know, genius. Delicate and intricatley detailed. Beautiful.

ANYWAYS...i think i shall post today about my least favorite word.


I hate that word, i think it's the dirtiest, most awful word in all the spoken lanugages and in 4 of the written ones.

The reason i hate it so much is because of what it implies. It's usually a terribly shallow word, but it cuts deeper than ever before, due to todays society. We simply put waaaay too much emphasis on looks and why? All they are is a bunch of random strings of DNA working together to form our outer appearance. Our outsides are meant to protect our insides, so why do we care so much about what they look like? Scientifically, it's just ridiculous.

Using "that word" to describe an appearance is one thing, but another that is even crueler is using it to describe a piece of art, or a poem. That's basically saying a person's soul is ugly and thats just cruel.

The reason for my intense hatred towards this word is also personal. i have been called ugly so many times i flinch at the word. Now no matter what i look like, that's all i'll ever see in the mirror thanks to all those stupid people who thought it necessary to inform me on their opinion of my appearance. I could look like Tyra Banks and still think i'm ugly!

so anyways, a good thing came out of all those comments. Eventually, i realized that there is so much more to life than looks. Appearance is just that, appearance. it holds no profound meaning or glimps into a person's soul. They are simply what people see, nothing more.

it's nearly impossible for a perosn to forget looks entirely though, so of course i notice when a hot guy walks by. (woo-h0o!) and i put effort into the way i present myself, but i don't let it take over my life or inhibit them from doing what i know i can do.

So never judge a book by its cover, or you will miss out on one good story.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm gonna take a page out of Dillon's book and write about stuff that bugs me in a secret post that no one will understand! I already feel so mysterious. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cough cough. Darn allergies. HAHA! HA! heh. Ok, i'm done. Sorry, brief evil moment over. (or is it? MWAHAHA!)

Actually, i change my mind. I think instead i will write about how much I hate potato salad. Nah. Hmmm, what should i write about? O! I'll write o geez. How bout i give you a list of my fav words?

1. Platitudinous
2. Abysmal
3. Insouciance
4. Pusillanimous
5. Magnaminous

Well, I'm bored of that.

Lets write about my constant battle with gravity!

You see, it all started when i was born. It all went down hill from there. Literally. I have serious balance issues. Today, i was sitting on the couch, acting all chillaxed. That is until Chris came over, got behind me, yelled "Pickle!!!" and made me flip backwards off the back of the couch. Smooth, right? Then on my way home, i was walking backwards, didn't realize how close i was to the curb, and fell off. O, and while i was walking around the neighborhood, i tripped on FREAKING NOTHING! As you can see, i can't walk on a flat steady surface without finding something to trip on, including air. I had three near death expieriences today! Graceful. Like a gazelle.

And while we are on the subject of absolutely nothing important, i might as well tell you about my intense hatred of straight line. For one thing, I can't walk in a straight line to save my life. I can't draw a straigh line with a freaking ruler! Straight lines are just too predictable. I am so wild and cool that i subconciously shy away from all none crooked, curved, or zig zaggy lines. Either that, or im just immensely uncoordinated and ruler-ly challenged. I prefer the first.

O I also have reached a profound understanding of how baked potatoe's feel, but that's a story for another day. I'll have to tell you one day. It's the stuff of legends. Seriously. Cough.

erm. bye.

see ya.


hasta la vista.

later alligator.


just bye.


stop reading!

Are you seriously still reading?

Go watch American Idol.

Or smoke some salmon

Just stop reading.

Heaven forbid the youth of America become educated.

Are you still reading?

I command you to stop!

Don't do drugs

I hope you listen to concience better than you listen to me.



I said bye!

Didn't i tell you to stop?



Ew. Mayonaise. Yuck.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Look im a post title!

I've been thinking about some stuff (i know, scary, right?) but so much has been going on, i decided to state what i live for. Ok, i know that sounds a bit pointless and RANDOM! but hey, randomness rules the world! Alas, so does Oprah, so ya know. ANYWAYS, i'm gonna post my list now. Ill try not to get off topic. I'm just so easily distrac-oooh look! a butterfly! 
1. Family
2. Friends
3. A chance to change the world
4. Challenge
5. Laughter
6. Nature
7. Hope
8. Relaxation
9. Fun
10. A chance to be immature
11. Education
12. Reading
13 Adventure
14. Discovery
15. To see the world change
16. Curiosity
17. God
18. Wonder
19. Goals
20. Dreams
21. Wisdom (what's the point of dying dumb?)
22. Individualism 
23. Cheese (why not?)
24. Fulfillment 
25. Study
26. Humor
27. Emotions 
28. Blogging (duh!)
29. Improvement
30. Enlightenment
31. Chocolate (when all else fails, chocolate is heaven on Earth.) *gives everyone a virtual piece of chocolate cake*
WEll, that's that. I enjoyed typing that, even though i hate typing numbers (they are just so much higher up than the less of the keys) I think i'm gonna boycott number keys on keyboards. Who's with me? I also want to boycott the pythagorean theorym, because it favors triangles and discriminates against all other shapes, but my math teacher got mad at me when i tried. Oh well. Can't blame a girl for trying. At least, I hope you can't. eh. Sorry. i tend to me ADHD around midnight, so i'm gonna go to bed before i accidentally post my plans for world domination...I mean my plans to open a bakery shop and spread sugary pastry goodness throughout the world! 

What is real? (If you say Santa Claus then you are my hero)

It's midnight, i'm bored, so i'm gonna post! I have no idea what i should post about. I don't really feel like posting about my day. I have the attention span of a toaster so that gets boring for me after awhile lol. O i know! I'm gonna tell you what is real. 

Ok, so for an Earth Science quiz, we had to answer a question. One question. It was the freaking hardest question i have ever had to answer! The question was: What is Real? Sounds like it should be simple, but when you are as nerdish as me, it can really give you a headache. I mean, how are we to know that we aren't all just figments of our imagination? That what I think is happening right now is only my perspective,that all the people i have ever met are just a part of my own world. Wow. Dreams, thoughts, memories, hallucinations, whose to say which are real and which aren't? Maybe right now what we think is conciousness is actually a dream and what we think are dreams are actually glimpses into reality. Maybe parrallel universes are created everytime a dice is rolled, everytime a thought is made, everytime probability chooses one path and all the other paths are chosen in the parrallel universes. Maybe order is the essesnce of randomness. 

In the end, i decided that reality has a basic construct, with a foundation and middle that constanly warps and bubbles and distorts to fit around the ever changing contours of realities basic outlines. I say quantum mechanics display the chaos of reality more purely than the order of what we believe to be life. I say gravity, energy, and atomic forces are the most  basic portrayals of reality. Emotions, thoughts, ideas, they are all the pressure that causes our universes design to shift a trillion times every billionth of a second, so fast and sudden that our eyes see the unstable design as solid. 

That's all my scientific stuff. Now how about religion? i won't get too much into it for fear of offending somebody (though if you are that over sensitive then maybe you should go read up on the first amendment. JK!!) But if we were to mix in some faith with the rest of realities strange ingreidients, then we would end up back to perspective. Some people believe God exists, so He is real to them. Does that prove He is real? Some would say yes. I say He is, but i can't prove it, so you have every right to doubt that He isn't. See how confuzzling this is? I think i need an aspirin. or four. 

So now that you have my view, i want yours. Tell me. What is real? 

Friday, October 17, 2008

This post is dedicated to Ally!

Hey Ally! I'm bored so i'm gonna take a minute to thank you publically!!

Ally saved my General Science grade!!

LOL I'm not even kidding! In my General Science class we have to write a paper on the show The Island! we are watching it in class but i won't be there on Monday for the end so i had to watch it at home. I looked everywhere for it, even Blockbusters, but couldn't find it! I was telling Ally that, when she offered to let me borrow her copy. At first i declined, but she convinced me and boy am I glad she did! Not only was it a great movie (if you haven't seen it, watch it!) but now i can finish my paper! thank you soooo much! 

So to really thank you, i have a bunch of Ewan McGregor facts, just for you! 

1. He is an Aries!

2. He is a U.N.I.C.E.F ambassador. (how sweet!)

3.He is Scottish. (and he rocks at an American Accent. He's so worldly!)

4.He played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first three Star Wars films.

5. He's hot.

6. He's exactly 5 foot 10 and 1/2.

And just so you know, my favorite Ewan McGregor quote is "I really want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now that would be interesting."

O, and in case you didn't know, Ewan McGregor is the main character in The Island. 

So ya! i have now posted twice today. You  better read em both! lol jk. 


SIGH. That pretty much sums up how i'm feeling right now. I'm in the mood for whining so that is just what i'm gonna do. You see, my parents, grandparents, sister, and friends remebered my bday, but that's it. NONE of my aunts, uncles, cousins, or other grandparents so much as called. It wouldn't bother me if it wasn't for that fact they all remembered my older Sisters. My cousin even got my sister a desighner one of a kind bracelet. Thoughtful. She didn't even call me. I know it shouldn't bother me. My mom's family just likes my sister more than me. I'm very opinionated and they don't seem to like that much. I defend myself so they do stuff like ignore me at family parties while they talk up a storm with my sister. I'm not mad at my sis. She tries to help but there is only so much she can do. I try to fix it but my aunts and cousins, espeically steph and her kids, are da bomb when it comes to holding grudges. They used to do the same thing to my mom, so she understands, but instead of sympathizing, all she does is go on and on about how much worse she had it. GRRRR! Maybe she thinks it helps me but it doesn't. Oh well, at least she tries. I do all i can to make sure everyone is happy because that is how it should be. They should all be happy. In the end, if everyone else is doing good, then my happiness just doesn't matter than much. It's perfect for me. I love to have fun but i always feel guilty for being happy. Why should i be happy? I have done nothing to deserve it.

So that's enough of my whiny post!! O, but i just have to say i feel bad for my friend. The legiments in her leg are tearing so she has to walk on crutches. Her bag is heavy so i carry it to the bus stop for her. She is a grade older than I so i don't see her much, but when i do i carry it for her. Hey, That's what friends are for!!

So that's it. I'm done whining. Sorry about that. 

EDIT: My whining worked! lol. Ok, so almost everyone forgot, but guess what arrived in the mail? A present form Steph. Sure, it may just be one aunt, but it feels good to know not everyone in my fam hates me! Yay! It was the best present ever. You see, my fam on my mom's side is Italian. My aunt went to Italy for a summer to hunt down our family tree. For my b-day, she made book marks with out fam's history on it! They also have pictures of the town's our family is from. Amazing. It took a lot of work and it was the most thoughtful gift a person could have ever given me. Beautiful. Thanks Steph! just for remembering.

And now i feel so selfish for whining. Dang it. Grr. 

Aw well! at least i don't feel quiet so hated lol! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!! today was my Birthday! I am officially *ya like i'm gonna tell you* years old! Isn't that great? I discreetly reminded everyone it was by birthday by walking into all classrooms and saying "hey Y'all! It's my Birthday! Bow down to my awesomness!" Sneaky, huh?Marty and Lauren made everyone sing for me during General Science, so i will of course be getting her back by singing to her in all her classes on her Birthday! So i finally got an ipod! it's just a classic but it's amazing! I've been dying for one and now it is officially mine! I also got a Family Force 5 CD (one of the best bands ever!)

Anyways, today all in all was fine. first period was sorta boring. It's art, but right now we are just doing tesstlations, so it's sort of monotonous. Oh well! So is cheese but it still love it.

Earth Science was fine. We had some college students come in to talk to us about their expieriences. I have no idea what that has to do with Earth Science, but hey? Who am I to judge.

English was fun. We were learing about the elements fiction. We split into groups and were each assigned a topic. I was stuck with Brad and Jason. Luckily Sara was in our group. Jason was terribly annoying though. Think about the most annoying perosn you know, multiply it by 1,456, and you have Jason. I'm Italian so i talk with my hands a lot. Unfortunately Jason finds great joy in making fun of people, so he kept copying my hand motions while i was talking, until i "accidentally" Hit him in the face during my speech. Haha! I mean oops. lol.

General Science i was tortured by having everyone sing to me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Ok i'm done.

O, and I more thing. My friend was dating this one guy who shall remain unamed. She broke up with him and reccommened that he should go out with me. I declined but he was sorta stalking me yesterday. he's part of a differnt school so he gets out an hour earlier than, but he stayed until i was out of class, and stared at me throught the window. Sweet i guess, in a creepy sorta way lol. Anyways, i told him i Can't date until i'm 16, so that was solved. Also, i think my friend had a talk with him because she is the coolest that way.

BTW!!!!! Thank you Shawnie for the chocolate! What do you want for your B-day? I'm gonna buy you a llama unless you tell me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy B-day James!!!

Today was James's B-day!!!! Whoo!!! I'm dedicating this entire post to James in celebration of his 15th!!!

And just so you all know, James is one of my best Male friends. I follow his blogs! He's an awesome dude with awesome hair! lol.

So For your special day, i have some fun B-day facts for you!

1. More people (about 9%) celebrate their birthday in August than any other month@

2. The least common B-day in the U.S is May 22nd.

3. The most common B-day is October 5th. This isn't so surprising because conception would have fallen on New Year's Eve.

4. Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday, April 23, 1616.

5. The largest Birthday cake ever made 128,238 Lbs., 8 oz. and used 16,209 lbs of frosting!

So there you have it! Some fun Birthday trivia. Hope you enjoyed it!
James you meanie! I dedicate an entire post to you and you don't even comment! Bad you.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How bout some more Poetry?

Loneliness is a path without and end and a hall without hope
it is a starless night
a whispering wind that fills you with fright
it is a barren field, a snowy day
a long staircase, and a flower that's gray
it is a crouching tiger waiting to eat
a single lone person admitting defeat.

Life is sort of like a dare
perfomed by people everywhere
someone simply spun the bottle
and we end up here in full throttle
life is more than just a wager
something big, something major
Life is a greater chance
a time to prove onself and dance the dance
of ups and downs and twists and turns
until you are given what you have earned
So don't back out, don't be a coward
complete the dare, keep moving forward.

Holly Smokes i forgot to title this!

Hey Hey Hey! So i haven't posted in forever, so there is a lot for you all to catch up on!

Because i can't actually remember half of the event that have happened between last time i posted and now, i will just tell you about my weekend!

Friday: Friday was as Friday is. School was pretty schoolish. First period was fun, We finished painting our Aborigine Art and all the while Brighton, Steven, Parth, and I decided which artist each of us were. Brighton is Picasso, Steven is Van Goh, Parth is Da Vinci, and I am Leonardo...Decaprio!! (he's an actor, in case you didn't know lol!) Second period was boring (my teach spent the whole period talking...about himself! Grrr.) Third was fine, we spent it taking notes. Kaitlyn brough a lunchable and Bottle of water in and when she finished eating she pored her water into the lunchable container and shook, saying, "Earthquake!!!!!" It was....interesting. LOL! I took it from her, put Chloe's pencil in it, shook it and said "Titanic!!!!" We fought over it until Chloe stole it from both of us to get her Pencil back. Dang it. Anyways, Fourth period was fun. WE finished Jurrassic Park and discussed. We are Gonna watch The Island next, (best genetic cloning of babies to make them grow faster movie ever! Not that i have actaully seen it)

During lunch was social hour at the Seminary building. I'm not Mormon but I went anyways to get a free Root Beer Float. I know, I know, it was a chance to understand a religion differnt from my own, an oppurtuinity to access a deeper, more profound view of the world through another's eyes. But no, I was too busy eating delicous root beer floats to do any of that. bad me. lol. I went with Lexie, Mel, Shawnie, Emily, And Annette. I saw Dillon there and talked to him for awhile (Hi Dillon!)

Saturday: I went to the mall to finally buy......a new CELL PHONE!!! It was about time! My old one turns itself off randomly and resets all of my hard earned settings. Stupid phone. My new one is a simple LG flip phone, but it's purple and shiny so boo-ya!!! It took me forever to find the space button it because i'm challenged that way. Anyways, i texted everybody in celebration and found out Aly (Hi Aly!!! I love ya!) was sick. (Get Better fast!) She insists on getting me something for my b-day, (which is this Tuesday!) so i'm gonna buy her something for her b-day as payback. How's that for an awesome revenge? Mwahahahahahahahaha! On my way out of the mall, i bumped into Dillon (Hi Dillon...Again!) and we talked for a spel.

After that i went home and my G-ma called. She had ordered a bunch of shirts for my aunt (mu aunt is running For Attoney General, her name is Jean, vote for her if you live in Utah!) anyways, my G-ma ordered all these shirts (600 to be exact) and now she has to fold them! She asked for help and i couldn't leave my poor G-ma to do it all herself, so of course i volunteered my sister, who volutneered my mom, who volutneered me. We went over to her house, folded for an hour and a half, then had to leave so i could make it to my friends B-day party.

PAAAAAAARTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAY! (partay) It was Annettes B-day yesterday. It was a fun party! I met a couple of new people and we danced and talked and sang and played improv games, it was awesomely random! her mom is Italian and she made us home made pizza! Yuuumm. All in alll, it was fun and crazy and random, my three favorite things!

so now today is sunday. I went to church and now i'm typing. woo. and now i'm gonna stop typing right NOW! Ha i fooled ya! I'm gonna stop typing NOW! no, not really, ok ok, now i'm really gonna-

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm not in the mood to type a ridiculousy long and tedious post about my day, so instead, i'm gonna post a poem!!!


We sit here safe and warm yet nobody knows
out in the meadow there's a Bleeding Rose.

With a cut down the side it's just a thin crack
But i widens when we turn out back.

One by one they form a bouquet 
Yet we still insist that all is okay.

Like a disease they start to spread.
Painting the entire world red.

When they turn into a weed we all will obsess.
We are trapped so we might as well confess.

We were blind to what we should fear most.
We didn't see that one Bleeding Rose.

Well, that's that! i Hope you like it. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HaHa i tricked ya! Wasn't that post just remarkable?Anyways, yesterday was just fine. I had to lead another discussion in Earth Science, with was just short of torture. Ew. lol. We played a game of categories in English. i was the scribe because i can write fast, unfortuantely my handwriting isn't exactly legible. My team still won though, despite my incompetence, So yay!!! *throws confetti into air* In Earth Science we are now watching Jurrassic Park, which is Hollywood Genius if you ask me! best genetically cloned through dino-mosquito DNA dinosaur movie ever! O, and btw, my poor, poor phone has officially died so i can't text until friday! I had a funeral for it and everything!

On to today. Today was....ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. to the third degree. AP Human Geography was boring. dull. dead. bleh. whatever you wana call it. Although we did watch on cool video clip about population growth. In the past century, populaion has literally exploded! I'm surprised India doesn't blow up from the amount of people who live there. Other that that, it was Bleh. I passed notes with Aeris because i'm a horrible student that way, but we sit right next to eachother, so it's actually not that destracting. And since i'm a kinescetic learner, it helps me concentrate, or at least that's what i tell the teachers when they catch me lol. Spanish 2 was ok, except for Marty was having Boy friend trouble (again) and Steph and I did what we could to try and cheer her up. poor girl. Her Boy friend is such a dick. Ugh. Bleh. Ick.

so on to Computer tech! This class just about drove me crazy! I finished my frames so i went to help Emily, then Julliet kept asking for my help, then Kayla, then Ricardo, then some jerk who kept stealing my chair until i figured out how to put text into frames for him. Shawnie and Daniel were doing the same thing, running around, helping who they could. It was sooooooo frustrating! But also sorta full filling. Just sorta. Lol! Anyways, Algebra was fun. we had a sub who pretty much let us do what we wanted after we were done with notes. I finished half my homework then joined in the Gossip Corner. (not kidding. almost all the girlsl in the class sat in a corner and gossiped. I personally hate Gossip, but i just couldn't resist. Bad me! but don't worry, it was mainly about comforting Mary about her Dickish Boy friend.

So that's it for now!!! I know, you are all disapointed that this post must end, but i'll be back! *say that in your best Arnold Schwarteneggar vioce.*
Yo Yo Yo wat up fellow bloggers? I didn't post yesterday so no w i must post for two days. Beware of looooooooooonng post. ( i know all my posts are long, but this one is gonna be epic!)

I went to school. Came home. Slept. Went to school. Came home. Blogged. Bye.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yo Yo Yo What up my dawgs???? My o my what a craaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy weekend! *say my o my what a crazy weekend in your best talk show host voice*

Friday: Was a long day and an even loooonger night. One of my friend's moms called me at school twice, but i had my phone on silent so i didn't noticed. It was the mom of my really depressed friend, so i was anxious to hear what she left on my voice mail. Well, on my way to my last period i listened to it and it said it was important and to call her A.S.A.P. Now i was really worried. Then, to top it off, i got a note from the office saying i was being checked out. I didn't have any appointments and my mom had said nothing about picking me up early, so now i was on the verge of a panice attack. I literaly sprinted out the door to see wat was wrong. To my great relief, the reason my mom had come to pick me up early was because my sister was sick and she needed my help. I only missed 10 minutes of class, just so you know. Anyways, i was so relieved!! i thought for sure something had happened to my friend, so man, i was happy. so i called his mom, asked what was up, and that was it. he was O.K, she just needed to ask me something.

so on to the long night. My friend had a sleep over for her b-day. First, it took forever to find her house because when it comes to the city, i suck with directions. I find it easier to find my way in the mountains when i can use the sun and mountains and odd looking rocks as landmarks, instead of numbers. I dislike numbers with a passion (except for number 1,422 because that is the best number ever. duh ;) When i finally arrived, mostly everyone was there. I didn't know half of the people, but luckily Bethany, Ally, and of course the B-day girl where there. Luckily the people i didn't know where also way fun and nice, except for one glaring exception who shall not be named. *cough cough* The pary sort of split into two groups, the girls who just wana goof off, run around, crazy, and the group that wanted to gossip, dance to music, and show-off that they can sing. Guess which group i was in? if you guessed Crazy group, you are correct!! You may collect your million dollar prize after this post. Eventually we all morphed into one big group and had fun. There were three girls who wouldn't stop talking all night and just glared at me when i tried to join in, so i of course hid their shoes. (haha i just couldn't help myslef.) Unfortunatley it took me forever to find my shoes also, so i didn't feel all too triumphant. Grrr.

Saturday: i Was supposed to get a call from James (friend of mine who's on vacation) but guess what? Just as his call was coming in, my poor old phone froze and wouldn't let me answer!!! Ugh i wanted to kill it but it was already dead. it took an hour to unfreeze. The next time he called i was in the shower, and the time after that i was downstairs where i get bad reception so the call was dropped. Ok, he has horrible timing. Stupid phone. i spent the rest of the day catching up on my sleep and babysitting three little devil children. (just playing, they weren't so evil today)

Sunday: Alas, my lack of psychic powers prohibit me from telling you about Sunday until it actually happens. Aw well. Until then, later days!!!

O and Dillon!! I'm annoyed with you. Invite me onto your blog so i can keep up with your life. If you don't, i will be forced to strap you to a chair and force you to listen to opera music. Or i'll just block you from my blog. Whichever works. LOL Jk. But you better invite me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!! Today was Beyond weird. I'm talking Twilight zone Weird. A meteorite crashed into our school and we all got superpowers from the radiation!! Check out the 6 o'clock news. It will tell you everything! i personally got the power of invisibilty. Now you see me, now you don't! O, and it turns out Darth Vader is actulally my father. Go figure!

Ha i wish. Today was pretty averag. i had school, filled with all it's schooly wonder. I had to lead a discussion in Earth Science today. Our job was to answer the question: What is real? It was fun. You see, Mr. Ramsey, the teacher, has a little foam rock that he throws at the students who talk to much. He throw it at me and i wasn't talking, so i of course deffended myself. he then told me i was to lead the discussion, therefore was in charge of throwing the rock at people. Sweet!!! So we all moved our tables together and started coming up with ideas on how to answer the question. It was total choas, it was hard to get control and when i did i didn't know what to say, so i simply grabbed the rock, chucked it at a random person, and told them to tell me what they think. It actually worked pretty good. We talked until the end of class and we are going to continute the discussion on Monday. I can't wait!!! wait, i mean, i can totallly wait. wait, do i wana wait? wait, i'm confused....

so anyways that was the exciting part of my day. Lunch was fine, my classes were bleh, and thats that. I walked home with Emily and found out that Anthony takes the bus to and from school.....even though he lives a block away!!!!! some people are just lazy. Then again, i made Brighton sharpen my pencil because he was an inch closer...but hey! an inch can really make a difference.

Well,, thats that!! I know, i know, how terrifically exciting. please, hold your applause. I'm flattered, really.

Good night everybody!!!!!!!