Monday, October 27, 2008

I iz a monkey!!! Hearz me raaaar!!!

Don't you just love my post heading? i know, genius. Delicate and intricatley detailed. Beautiful.

ANYWAYS...i think i shall post today about my least favorite word.


I hate that word, i think it's the dirtiest, most awful word in all the spoken lanugages and in 4 of the written ones.

The reason i hate it so much is because of what it implies. It's usually a terribly shallow word, but it cuts deeper than ever before, due to todays society. We simply put waaaay too much emphasis on looks and why? All they are is a bunch of random strings of DNA working together to form our outer appearance. Our outsides are meant to protect our insides, so why do we care so much about what they look like? Scientifically, it's just ridiculous.

Using "that word" to describe an appearance is one thing, but another that is even crueler is using it to describe a piece of art, or a poem. That's basically saying a person's soul is ugly and thats just cruel.

The reason for my intense hatred towards this word is also personal. i have been called ugly so many times i flinch at the word. Now no matter what i look like, that's all i'll ever see in the mirror thanks to all those stupid people who thought it necessary to inform me on their opinion of my appearance. I could look like Tyra Banks and still think i'm ugly!

so anyways, a good thing came out of all those comments. Eventually, i realized that there is so much more to life than looks. Appearance is just that, appearance. it holds no profound meaning or glimps into a person's soul. They are simply what people see, nothing more.

it's nearly impossible for a perosn to forget looks entirely though, so of course i notice when a hot guy walks by. (woo-h0o!) and i put effort into the way i present myself, but i don't let it take over my life or inhibit them from doing what i know i can do.

So never judge a book by its cover, or you will miss out on one good story.


James said...

So true, so very true. I agree with ya, it hurts to be called that. I agree it does not matter what you look like, yet I care about how others think of me. It hurts to hear when somebody calls me plain or ugly. It really hurts and I still care what people think about me. I know i shouldnt but still... Anyway, loved the post ice.

Someone. said...

So true.

Love the last line.

Ellie said...

Hey, I'm BACK!!!
Sorry I've been out of it 2 soo long! I love what u said, and I TOTALLY agree! It's 2 bad words hurt so dang much! I finally read Twilight, so 2 c what I tohugh of t, plz go 2 eChat!

Macy said...

I totally agree. You shouldn't judge some one by how the look. There might be some really ugly people out there, but it doesn't matter what's on the outside what matters is what's on the inside. Some one that's ugly can still be a very nice person and an awesome friend.