Monday, December 29, 2008

NO, I don't know what the fat content of water is, STOP ASKING!

Hey Hey Hey! It's me again and me has stuff to say! Lots of stuff. Soooo muuuch stuff, me has absolutely no idea where to start! First off, HOLY GUACAMOLE ONLY 2 MORE DAYS AND I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TO BLOG TO MY HEARTS CONTENT! Without the risk of being caught and deported to the south east tip of Guam. Why Guam you may ask? I hear they have delicous fruit smoothies.

Now that i'm done being weird...well, weirder than usual, i shall explain the title of my post. As you may or may not have noticed (i mean, who actually reads post titles?) it states "NO, I don't know what the fat content of water is, STOP ASKING!" the reason it says this is my annoying aunt kept following me around on Christmas Eve, saying things like "O dear, do you know how many calories are in this? How about the sodium content of this?"

Yeah, it was annoying as it sounds.

And then her husband decided to lecture me on the audacity of wasting food sinc i insisted i don't like peas. "YOu know, the starving children in China would die to have those peas you refuse to eat? How about those poor kids in Taiwan? And what about the lack of food for wild animals? the more food you waste, the more food we need to take from nature, and the more food we take from nature, the less food for the wild beasts of our land!"

Needless to say, I got fed up (fed up, no pun intended), and retorted with "If you're so worried about the starving children in China, then pack up these peas and sent em to em! and if you loose sleep over the thoughts of starving wild animals, then why don't you pack yourself off to Africa and pay a friendly visit to the cute cuddly lions?"

Ya, i know that was really mean, but sheesh. Despite how it may sound, i actually very rarely get angry. But man, he just has a way of tap dancing on my last nerve that is just so ugh!

and btw, i do care about the starving children in China. I donate money. And i donated 50 cans to our local food drive where i live, so don't go saying i'm some sorta heartless, crude, rapid porcupine! Trust me, rapid porcupines are a lot fiercer than me and are not cuddly!

just trust me on that.

Other than that, my Christmas Eve was actually quite fun! Better than usual. I told y'all about the family problems we had, but for some reason they just weren't as prominent as usual this year. It was nice. Except for the naggy aunts and UGH-YOU-ARE-TAP-DANCING-ON-MY-LAST-NERVE uncles.

So, basic run down of Christmas Eve...

  1. Drive to grandma's house
  2. get out of car
  3. nearly die via falling on ice
  4. go inside of house
  5. wonder why the kitchen is filled with smoke
  6. wonder what that burning smell was
  7. wonder what was burning
  8. grandma just about has panic attack
  10. Grandma rescues turkey
  11. turkey looks like it has seen better days
  12. dinner
  13. second helping of dinner
  14. third helping..
  15. 4th...
  16. well, it is the hollidays
  17. gather in living room
  18. open presents
  19. do lottery (we each pick a number, when number is called, go pick a present out of a huge pile. Presents range from tea sets, to kitchen gear, to those special little items that no one really knows what the heck they are
  20. WE all barter with one another to exchange gifts
  21. 3 little cousins open presents my cousin Gia brought them
  22. guess what they got?
  23. Marshmallow guns
  24. I hate my cousin
  25. Marshmallow war ensues
  26. I trick em, trap em downstairs, don't release them until they give me their guns
  27. Get the guns, run
  28. hide behing corner
  29. shoot when i hear footsteps
  30. Sorry Grandpa!
  31. get ready to leave
  32. in the car
  33. forgot my phone
  34. run back in
  35. FIRE!!!
  36. Hit with about 8 marshmallows at once
  37. quickly put all my cousins on my hit list, right below Tom Cruise and my science teacher who forced the class to bow to me when i got the extra credit on our report of the history of Earth, who is right below the KFC dude who refused to tell me what were the secret ingredients that made their chicken so irresistable
  38. go look at Christmas lights
  39. go home

Hey, even teenagers get excited for Christmas.

Now, i'm gonna leave my post at that. I will tell you about Christmas Day next time!

and despite the kind words Natalie! gave me, i still feel bad that i havent commented in awhile, so I just wana say that i truly appreciate you guys who still comment on mine.

Love y'all!

Don't ever change!

Unless I ask you for change for a dollar.

Then you can change.

But only then.

right...well...ya....OOOOO just ONE MORE THING!









wow, there are almost as many ways to spell chanukah as there are days of it.

btw, i'm a quarter Jew.

Not too shabby.

now bye, and stop reading.

seriously, i've got nothing more to say

except maybe...


I know what you all are thinking, "What a waste of exclamation points!" and in response i simply say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so ha.

and HAPPY almost NEW YEARS!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm it again!

So my grounded time is almost over! Which means i must be extra surreptitious so as to avoid being caught and having to start all over. before I continue, just one thing:


How's that for catchy?

Seriously, thank you all so much! I really apprecaite it and I promise to comment on all your blogs right at midnight on Jan 1!!!

O and for the peeps who asked, the reason i iz grounded is because i keyed George Bush's car.

Ok, no, that was actually last month. This month it's cause i was caught texting at 1 in the morning. On school nights. Multiple times. Hehe. I probably should have caught onto the hint after the 1435th time my mom came into my room yelling "(insert my name here) YOU BETTER GET OFF YOUR BLEEPING CELL PHONE BEFORE I BLEEPING GROUND YOU!"

but oh well. she really should have warned me first before she just took my blogging priveleges away so suddenly! She's so high strung. Testy, testy. So unreasonable.

And now!!! I've been tagged again! (thanks to a certain blogger who's name shall not be mentioned *cough* *::♫♪♥'.victoria.'♥♪♫::*
1.Each blogger must post these rules first.
2.Each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
3.Blogger that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things.
4.At the end of your blog,you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
5.Don't forget to leave them a comment,telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog.

8. I don't ever use book marks. I just remember the page i'm on and presto! I never lose my page unless i lose my mind! Speaking of which, where is that pesky thing....

7. Whenever I read, i write down words i don't know then look up both their meaning and their etymologies. Call me a dork, i'll just call you a presumptuous bigot.

6. I once crashed a garden party. Long story. Don't ask.

5. I think the Joker is sexier than Batman. 'Nuff said.

4. I once took a challenge from a friend that earned me $10. The challenge? To see who could get the most strangers to answer the question "If the world was going to end tomorow, what would you eat for breakfast?"

3. I went into a store with a friend and tried on clothes until they kicked us out. I wonder how they felt when we took our money out of our pockets and used it as fans as we walked away. *snickers*

2. I suck at laser tag, but that doesn't stop me from immitating Charlie's Angels every now and again!

1. No, I don't have any gum. Stop asking!

and now i must tag eight people!


Red Hot Dili Peppers


Benji (Rafe) Pacheco





I would have tagged Victoria but i don't know if it's agains tag rules to do tag backs.

And to you people I didn't tag, I will give you all hugs instead. so hugs ***hug*** to Stella , Natalie! James,, Allison, Posh , Someone, *::♫♪♥'.victoria.'♥♪♫::* and every other blogger in the world!

And if you're a regular reader of my blog and i totally didn't mention you, you can now comment and say "Hey you idiot! Why didn't you give me a hug?" and i will promptly hit you with a virtual frying pan, but then i'd hug you. ;)

And now i must go and comment really fast on those people's blogs.

And if you didn't want me to tag you, then you should have ran faster! Wear more practical footwear next time. Sheesh.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Post? What Post? I'm not Posting. Ask the Title, it'll tell ya.

Hey Hey Hey! Sssshhhhh!!! Be quiet and no sudden noises. I'm not supposed to blog until January because I'm grounded, but what my parents don't know won't get me grounded until i'm in a retirement home playing bingo every Thursday. I'm really sorry I haven't posted or commented in...lets see...1...2...thursday....FOREVER!!!! I have to make like a super spy and sneak the computer, which is harder than it sounds! Speaking of sounds, Don't make any! and for goodness sake WHISPER!!! Unless you want me to get caught. *grumbles something about noisy, inconsiderent delinquents*

Quite a bit has happened this last forever, but I won't be able to type it all until i can do so without fearing for my freedom. so come January you will see a ginormously hugegantic post on my blog. DO NO BE AFRAID!!! Such a post is to be expected after the man has deprived me of the first amendment for a month. It's a conspiracy man!

Until then, I do wish to tell you I went to see Twillight last Saturday with Samie. Ya, I know, it's such an obscure movie, so few people have even heard of it, let alone seen it, so don't feel bad if you don't know what it is. *note sarcasm**now note end of sarcasm* IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF TWILIGHT GET OUT FROM UNDER THAT ROCK YOUR LIVING AND LET ME TAKE YOUR PLACE BECAUSE I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT!

Seriously, it's been out for 2 weeks and the theaters are still filled with screaming fangurllzz who kept glaring at me when i was laughing at "Serious" Parts, like the Part where Edward steps out into the sun and SPARKLES!! Seriously, it looked like he had some type of unfortunate skin disease. It made me pity poor Robert Pattinson. Poor guy must of had 20 tons of body glitter on him. to make matters worse, Bella (Kristen Stewart) says he's beautiful while he's being all glittery. Guess it makes sense. I mean, diamonds are sparkly, and diamonds are a girls best friend. The way he was shining, it would make any diamond dull with envy. Actually, that's probably why vampires sparkle in Stephenie Meyers world. They all suffer from Diamond-envy and therefore must cover themselves with body glitter at all times.

My biggest problem with the movie was how few lines the other characters had. Bella and Edward are fine, but come on. we get it. You are irrevocably in love with each other after knowing each other for a week and a half. Typical. It's the other characters that added to the movie and made it funny and interesting, but we barely heard from them! ugh. And another thing, I never realized how truly corny some of those lines were until after I heard them being spoken out loud in all seriousness. "Bella, you are my brand of heroine!" OOOKkkkaayyyy, that's exactly what you tell a girl on the first date. I bursted out laughing, and was rewarded with yet another fanguurll glare.

Before you get all mad at me for dissing the movie, i just want to say that on the whole i didn't hate it, in fact, i thought it was decent. They missed stuff of course, but as far as a book turned movie, i think they pulled it off well. I just don't like Bella is my biggest problem and i find overprotective, violent, impulsive, possesive, guys who constantly stare at people with angsty expressions are just not my type, no matter how cute they are. Other than that, i'm good.

That's all i dare type for now. Wait....quite for a second.....I HEAR FOOTSTEPS!!!! Uh oh. I better go! Don't make any noise and run away. NO NOT THAT WAY!!! O crap i'm running. every man for himself!!! I'll see ya on the other side. Be strong.

Ok, footsteps are now going the other way, but I dare not test my parents, so i'll blog ya later!

O, and until my grounding is over, all of these posts are going to self destruct.

In 5...4...3...2...KABLAM!!!

Message terminated.
and ONE MORE THING!!! Thank you for keeping me in the blogging loop by commenting on my blog even when i can't do the same for you. It means a lot, so thank you so much, especially, but not limited to, Natalie and Smorgan. Your comments are always so thoughtful!
Everyone else, you are just as super amazing and i love you all! Don't ever change! (great, i sound like a bad greeting card) But still, I really appreciate all of you, so heres a parade in all your names ****parade****. Wooo! that was fun! Parades make a mess but are CLEAN UP! I'd help but i'm too busy hiding from my parents.
Now, bye!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

‘Twas the Day after Monday
By: ChipotleChick

'Twas the day after Monday, or Tuesday we say
The alarm clock rings, tolling away.
It’s seven in the morning for goodness sake!
You know it’s too early when the sun’s not awake

Finally to school the students all meet
Ready to learn but more ready to sleep
The bell that starts classes soon begins ringing
Signaling headaches would soon be beginning.

First period starts, the students sit down
Except for the few who act like clowns.
Sitting on desks, standing on chairs
“Hey look I can see Russia from here!”

The teacher upon rising gets ready to lecture,
Standing in her rather stiff posture.
The students realize, quick as a flash
The best way to escape is grab the hall pass!

Pencils are writing, and pages are flipped
Notes are written but then are soon ripped
Daydreaming while the teachers instructing
Hey it’s not your fault floating dust is distracting!

Forgetting ones homework is a daily occurrence.
Just be creative and you’re sure to get clearance.
Just think clearly get your head out of the fog
Hey, what else could eat homework besides a dog?

The bell rings again, o joy! At last!
The students leap out of the room so fast.
O yes first period is out of the way!
Too bad you still have the rest of the day.
Have a great Day! Sure hope that cheered you up.
And sorry that i haven't commented on all of your fabulous blogs lately! I got caugh texting at midnight so my blogging time has been limited to whenever I can sneak the computer. Now I better get off before I get caught!
Due to classified information, this message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1....BAM!!!!
Message terminated.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why should I post a title? What have titles ever done for me?

Hey Hey Hey! The dreaded hour is upon us. The computer is on, the night has come, the moon is full, the terror awaits, for i am about to POST on my blog! So run while you still can, but don't bother hiding. My post will find you! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sooooo......Ya.....I feel another awkward silence coming on. 

Moving right along now...

I hope you're ready cause i'm about to post about my Thanksgiving, cause i'm sure you guys haven't read enough posts about that. 

Thanksgiving. A day of giving thanks. How appropriate. It is a day of family, a day of grace, a day of peace. It is a day to eat our fill, a day to share our fill, and a day to fill out ones waistline. It's a great holliday, one that represents generosity, peace, and thankfullness. God has blessed us and we thank him.

On the whole, i enjoy Thanksgiving quite a bit, but I don't like what it sometimes represents for my family. You see, I have A LOT *note cap locks. they are used to represent emphasis, so ya know, EMPHASIZE a lot. Do it!* of family problems. Luckily, they lie mainly in our extended family. Unfortunately, this makes Thanksgiving a very small gathering for my immediate family. Just my mom, dad, sis,our two dogs (you have to include the dogs. Even when i do interviews for charity work and they ask about my fam, i ALWAYS *theres that emphasis again* mention my dogs!) and myself. Everyone else in our extended fam goes to my grandma's house. We can't go because my aunt, (my mom's sister) was absolutely horrid to my mom growing up. It got to the point where now my mom has to take anxiety pills months in advanced when she knows she has to see her. It's that bad. It puts a heavy strain on our family, especially since now my aunt has cancer. Bad cancer. We get along with most everyone else in our family, even my druggie , abusive uncle who is starting to fix himself up thank goodness. 

Also, my family can't all be in the same room without the threat of world war III breaking lose. Seriously, i'm surprised we haven't become a threat to national security yet with how vicious my fam gets when they start arguing! They are so narrow minded and self-righteous at times. That's also why they don't like me. I speak my mind and my mind doesn't always agree with theirs. And i don't like telling my mind to shut up cause then my mind gets mad at me and gives me the cold shoulder until I send it flowers.

Honestly, i don't mind not being with the rest of the family that much for the reason they ignore me the best they can without being too blatant about it. They will start conversations with my sister, but should i dare speak i get a "O, you. Why are you still here?" glare. It would be nice if we could be a bit more united, but aw well. They're the Soviet Union and We're Switzerland. Not enemies, but also not best buds. Thankfully my uncle and aunt from Alaska visited us, so that was nice.


The atmosphere at my house was relaxed and comfortable. We all just cooked all day, laughing at each other and enjoying the tantalizing aroma of the roasting turkey. It was a great day, despite that guilty "we should be at grandmas house with everyone else" feeling we all had. The best (and most important part!) was the food! 

Our specials of the night were:

Roasted Turkey, stuffed with a unique and sensational cranberry stuffing.

Homemade Gnocchi (a delicous and textural Italian potato dumpling) topped with a traditional red sauce

Eggplant parmesana, topped with a rich, flavorful tomato sauce and garnished with fresh parmesan cheese, lightly burnt for a satisfying crunch.

Mashed sweet potatoes, whipped together with brown sugar, cream, and butter.

*18% gratuity will be added on to parties of 8 or more*

For dessert, a choice of a silky chocolate cream pie or creamy pumpkin pie topped with "real" whipped cream (is there really a such thing as fake whipped cream? Is it like a Hollywood form of whipped cream, made from 100% natural plastic? or is it perhaps just plain cream disguised as whipped cream? The world may never know)

So ya, that part was pretty fantabulous! Next post i shall tell you about some of the things i'm grateful for! 

Well, I'm going now. Don't worry! I'll be back. Don't cry! I promise I'll be back! O, wait, is that why you're crying? O, well then, I see i'm not wanted. I won't be back then! Fine. I'll just pack up my bags and go. I just need money for a taxi.

Ok, i'm done.


Gobble Gobble.

If i had a turkey
I'd name it Hungary. (get it? Turkey and Hungary are countries, and Hungary sounds like Hungry. Get it now? No? Think about it. It will come. You will get the joke at the most inconvenient time and burst out laughing like a madman. Then people will wonder what the heck is wrong with you and when you tell em the pun, they won't get it until their most inconvenient time, and then a disastrous chain of people laughing at inconvenient times will occur all due to this joke. 

And I will be honored for being such an important part of history. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

If you are reading this title, you may want to skip it and move on to the actual post.

Hey Hey Hey!!!! Woo! Sorry for not posting and commenting in sooooo looooong (it's been nearly a week for pete's sake!) but my computer was going through a rebellious stage. Thankfully some counseling and family time put it right back on track. Those computers. When they reach that time in their lives when things start changing, when their data starts growing, and other computers pressure them, things get tough. Talk to your computer early on in its life, let it know it can tell you anything. Help it feel secure and loved. 

Don't do drugs.

Now that i'm down being weird (well, weird-er than usual) I shall tell you about everything that has gone on. Well, not everything, just the stuff i can remember and find interesting enough to write. I know, you're just bursting with excitement. Please try to contain yourself. Last time I got complaints from your neighbors. 

SOOOO where to start where to start? How bout at the beginning? Nah, too predictable. I'll start at the end where i started blogging! Hmm... well since that's now, maybe that's not the best idea....O fine i'll start at the beginning! I always find that to be a nice place to...ya know...begin...

First off, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS!!! I shall comment as soon as I can!!! I WUV you! Ya, i know that's corny. Deal with it.

So since the last time I posted, not too many interesting things have happened. I ran the 5K at my school (roughly 3.1 miles) and my legs STILL hurt three days later. I had a two day week this week thanks to Thanksgiving! I am thereby thankful for Thanksgiving. Go figure. 

The absolute most exciting that happened was i was invited along with 20 other kids from my school to go to this Power in You field trip thing that First Lady Huntsman started three years back. It was on Tuesday, so I got to miss A.P Human Geography, Spanish 2, and part of Computer Tech. WOO HOO HOO!!!!!!! *yells to the world in great joy, throws delicious pastries at random passerby to express my glee* The field trip itself was actually not nearly as dull or pointless as i expected. I'd go so far so as to say it was fun and almost-kinda-sorta-semi-inspiring. It was basically a bunch of bad music and flashing lights that burned my retinas in the beginning. *AWWW my retinas!!!* (in case you didn't know, retinas are a part of the eye. Now you know. Consider your IQ raised.) But some of the performances were impressive. There was a group of break dancers (raise the roof!) an adorable group of little African American girls who were my favorite. They combined traditional African style of dancing with contemporary stylings. It was incredibly unique! O, and they had some of the feature dancers from High School Musical (AAWWWWWWW!!!!! My retinas are burning AGAIN!!!! Not to mention my bleeding ears. That High School Musical. Really helps make my day. Guess I shouldn't talk since i'm an extra in the third movie. My greatest shame, though I did get a cool t-shirt out of it)  

Finally the actual program began. There were many inspirational stories of rising above poverty, illness, grief, stories of forgiveness, stories of regret, and one story of a boy who couldn't quite rise above the challenges. It was moving, touching, meaningful, profound, and a bit dull. But on the whole i enjoyed and understood it. One story in particular, of a Utahn Bishop who in one tragic accident had is family of six reduced to one of three,caught my attention. A football player driving drunk after a big game crashing his car into the kind Bishop's, killing the Bishop's 6 year old daughter, 11 year old son, wife, and unborn child, leaving his 2 year old son in critical condition. Despite the grief, he, and his two sons never lost hope, kept their sense of humors, and lived the way they knew their family would have wanted them to. The 17 year old football player is doing what he can to make up for his tragic mistake, speaking out as an example of what drunk driving can do the lives of innocent people and the suffering of the families who were affected by It. I admit, this story made me cry, but it showed me the best lesson life can teach us. No matter what misfortunes befall us, no matter what we lose, we have something, we have a choice and a chance. Perseverance, forgiveness, and most importantly a sense of humor can get anyone through anything. 

And the biggest reality check of it was: If that bishop could forgive that football player for driving drunk and reducing the large, close, happy family, then shouldn't we be able to forgive the everyday wrongs others do to us? Shouldn't we be able to forgive someone for breaking our ipods? For losing our homework? For forgetting our birthdays? For saying the wrong thing? Think about it.

On a brighter not, the Utah Utes totally squashed BYU in the game last Saturday. Football. I swear in-state rivalries are so much mre intense than the Superbowl! The friday before my computer teacher, who supports BYU, had worn a spiky blue wig. When he called role, instead of saying here, we had to say what color we supported, red (for the Utes) or blue (for BYU) I'm first on the role due to my last name (why did it have to start with an A? Why?!) so I hopped right outa my seat and yelled "RED!!!!" and he was all "that's a detention for you!!" (he didn't mean it, he was joking, thankfully. I've never had detention and i would love to keep it that way. Not that i haven't broken rules, i've just never gotten caught. NOT that i have ever broken the rules.....errr...Who wants pie?) it was pretty funny. Anyone who said red he'd yell at them to sit right back down, and anyone who said blue he promised them extra credit. Of course when I heard this, i politely asked if i could change my answer. (who doesn't love extra credit?) of course, he just laughed and told me to get to work. Darn. Well, it was worth a shot. The kid next to me then got all up in my face. He supports BYU (grrrr) so he decided to bait me as to his hearts content. (he's lucky he's my friend or else i would have started speaking the language of intelligence A.K.A the utilization of big words. I find the best way to ward off obnoxious idiots is to whip out a couple three syllable words. Nothing freaks 'em out more. then again, the word "potato" would freak 'em out. It is, after all, more than one syllable. So it the word syllable. that's just odd. ) I don't actually know that many big words, but i do have this strange fascination with them. You know how some people have foot fetishes? I have a big word fetish.

As it was, i told him he's on my hit list, right above George Clooney and just under the dude who delivered my pizza in 31 minutes but wouldn't give it to me for free. 

Well, that's about as much as i can stand typing and about twice as much as you fantabulous bloggers can stand reading about my life. So i think i shall stop! How's that for a fine and totally original idea?

I will tell you about my Thanksgiving tomorrow, cause i'm sure no one else will think to do that *please note sarcasm* 

So I'll see y'all (or i guess write y'all, or better yet blog y'all) later!


O, and one more thing. 


I'm serious. He is my absolute favorite character in the Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. The books themselves are pretty could, a bit repetitive, but very well written with amazing characters. If you haven't read the City of Bones, then do. If you like fantasy, you will love it. 

Ok, i'm done. 

Now, BYE!!!

O, and ANOTHER THING!!! I just re-read my post and realized some parts sound a bit mordant. Sorry about that. I'll tell you why i'm in a bitter mood in my next post. I would now but then why would you come back to read my blog again? see, that sleazy marketing ploy really works hehe. 

O, and ONE MORE THING, sorry about my lame poll question. It's midnight and my mind doesn't work at this time. Not that it works particularily well the rest of the time, but it's even worse this late. But I had to change the poll, it was bugging me having an inactive poll just lurking around my blog. I had t change it, i just HAD too! 

I think that's it for good now.

O wait, just One last thing!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Ostentaious=show offy.

I think it's ridiculous when people use the word ostentaios cause isn't it a tad bit....ostentatious to use such a freakishly long word? Long words have one purpose in this world. To work together with fractions to give everyone in the known universe and even some of the unknown universes headaches. Fractions+Long words=HEADACHES FOR EVERYONE!!!!


De nos chocolate por favor means give me chocolate please in Spanish.

Don en muy, sil vou plai, bon bon means Give me candy please in French.

I know how to ask for candy in three different languages.

I can now rule the world.

Bow before the glory.


thank you.

Me gusta queso.

I like cheese.

I do.

It's a bird! It's a plane!!! It's........What the heck is it?

O! It's gas prices!

Silly me.

Hm. This is awkward.

Ever had an awkward silence via Blog?

Now you have.




Woo that's a lot of dots! That was fun. I'm gonna do it again!
......................... ha psych! not really. That suddenly got a lot less fun.

Wow!!!! This post is incredibly informative, interesting, and profound. I know you all learned a lot from it. It's a delicate post, amazing, and enlightening. Please. Don't be selfish. Share the knowledge and wisdom of this post with those around you. Use it to help the unwise. Use it help you get an A on your next math test. Anything. Just don't let it go to waste.

All who try to find sense in this post will be persecuted
All who try to find meaning will be exiled.
All who try to find thought will be shunned
Mark Twain is da bomb. Get used to it.
And yes, i know this post was lame. I'll try to do better in the future. I didn't mean to be a dissapointment. It's not my fault, no matter what mom says!!!!
OKKKKAAAAYYYY, i'm gonna stop typing right now! Ha, fooled ya! Maybe i'll stop typing NOW!!! nah, too soon Ok, ok, i'll stop right this moment. NOPE!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA-

Friday, November 14, 2008

AWWWW!!!! It's a blender!

yeah,that's right. Partay! Well, actually, it was a dance but still!
Yep, we had a school dance today, from 7 p.m to 10. Ok, i don't actually know why i told you the time. I guess now if you wana make an official record, you can now! Glad i could help.
ANYWAYS, I am now gonna tell you about the wild, crazy, and uhhhhh...well, ZANY event that was the dance.
I will tell you....
Jk. Don't you just hate when your watching a good show and they cut to break just as it's getting to the exciting part? it irks me. It irks me very much.

So ya! Now maybe i'll actually tell you about the dance. Maybe. I'm thinking about it. It's definatley a possibility. possible possibility.

I think i'll tell you now.

here it comes!

I'm about to tell you!

Alright, it's here!


Isn't that cool? O wait, i was supposed to tell you about the dance. My bad!

The dance was DA BOMB!!!! When i first arrived it was a bit awkward cause no one i was good friends with was there. I did say hi to Lena and Bob, but the rest of the people there were seniors. I'm only friends with a few seniors.

FINAllY people started showing up and the fun began! Within half an hour the place was packed, the ice was broken, and everyone was jammin' to the music! The excitement electrified the air, leaving it tingling with ecstasy and anticipation. The atmosphere was thick and pulsing, tangible with exhiliration. The theme was Back in Black (and white), and man! The lighting was perfect, the only things lighting the huge room was several strings of dim Christmas style lights and one of those machines that release flashes of pulsing light that make everything appear to be moving in slow motion. MAN!!!! It was so cool! They played amazing music. Some Ska, punk, rock, electronic, rap (puke ugh yuck. sorry gag rap makes me shudder with a unmatchable terror. It's only music, it's only music! AWWWW make the bad music go away! Sorry, i dislike rap with the burning passion of a thousand suns)

ANYWAYS!!!!! My friends and i went insane!!!! Hannah, Shawnie, Melanie, Derek, Emily, Annie, Tatsu, Cheyenne, Erica, and I all rocked out, head banging, jumping up and down, and just plain have a good time. At one point we all stood in a circle with Michael and Beji, holding hands and jumping up and down. I broke ranks and danced in the middle, which started a whole new pattern, with each of us taking a chance to rock out in the middle of the circle. WOOOOO!!!

I wondered from group to group, joining the Ska mosh pit during Streetlight Manifesto songs (Streetlight Manifesto=Best Ska band ever! O and in case you don't know what ska is, i am about to raise your IQ significantly Ska=punk+reggae=Awesome *now that's math i can understand!*) I also Spent time with Rennee, Bree, Jazzy, Dan, and Andy.

Now, here's the exciting part. Sometime in the middle of the dance, everyone formed a CIRCLE PIT. (circle pit=everyone forms giant circle, people go in middle and dance) I was getting in rank, when Annie FREAKIN' PUSHED ME INTO THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!! Not only that, but i was the first in the middle. I now have a deeper understanding of that expression "like a deer in the headlights" cuz that's what i felt like! Everyone laughed, until i got down on my feet and did the one break dance move i know! The Coffee Grinder (Coffee Grinder=crouch on one knee, straighten other leg, swing straightened leg under bent leg) Everyone cheered and i felt like a rock star! Will, i felt like a rock star deer in the headlights. (how's that for a mental image?) I was talking to my english teacher and she laughed at me, saying she never knew i could break dance!! I responded with "Neither did I!"

The downside was the dance played 3 slow songs. I don't have a boyfriend (and i have no desire to!) but i did slow dance with one of my guy friends, which was fun. i'm immensely uncoordinated and gravity has a mean streak, but he managed to teach me how to spin, so that was enjoyable.

Well, that was my dance!!!! It was psycho, crazy, fun, crazy, highly enjoyable, crazy, wacky, insane, uber-amazing, da bomb, and uhhh.....i'm running out of adjectives. O ya! and CRAZY!!!

Woo! I hoped you enjoyed that incredibly long winded post. My hand hurts from typing so much. OOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Ok, i'm better. OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i'm done. OUCH!!! OUCH!!!! OUCH!!!!! Ha, seriously, i'm finished. ow.

Ok, bye.

I WUV you!!!


Now, can i have $1?


Sorry for how annoyingly happy this post is. I just ate eight brownies. (hey, they were going to go stale soon!)
Seriously. Sugar+Delicous treat=Catastrophic event.
I found a baby turle
I named it Tiny Tim
I but him in the bath tub
To see if he could swim
He drank up all the water
He ate up all the soap
And now he's sick in bed
with a bubble in his throat. hiccup!!!!
That's one of those annoying songs everybody knows but nobody knows where the freak it actually came from. Enjoy!
Sing it in elevators to annoy everybody. That's a sure fire way to make enemies!

Aw crap i left the toaster on!

Never told, only written
Never written only whispered
Never whispered only laughed
Never laughed only cried
Never cried only fell
Never fell, only cried
Never cried only laughed
Never laughed only whispered
Never whispered only written
Never written only told. 

Never told, never cried, never lived, only died. 


Why is it so easy?
Why is it so plain?

Why is it so simple?
To bring to others pain.

Why can't we be healers?
Why can't we end strife?
Why is it harder to be the bandage
than the knife.

Why is it so easy
to wash away the pure

When we find it difficult
to wipe away the tear

Why can't we be peace makers
in a war of black

Instead of soldiers with long guns
Tied onto our backs.

Why is it so hard to conjure
The words to a melody

Yet so easy to forget
A soft and lovely memory

Why can't we admit our song
is one that we are singing wrongs.

So ya!!! I was thinking last night, and when i think, strange things happen. Strange, unexplainable, terrible things.These poems are an example of those strange, terrible things!

Hey! I'm a poet and i didn't know it

I can crack a rhyme any time!

I can sing song all day long




Seriously. Maybe i shouldn't post right after i wake up. 

I'm getting some baad vibes maaaaaaan. Peace out, my groovey blogger buddies. 

O look! a canary on a sugar high! 

(if you didn't get that last line, refer to the post before this one)


Thursday, November 13, 2008


AWWWWW!!!! I've been tagged! What do i do? Where do I go? What do i say? WHO'S LEFT SHOE IS THIS?????????

Wait? What's that? i just have to say random facts about me, then pass along the tag? Well that's what Stella did (i'm gonna get you for that Stella! ;) so that's what i'm gonna do! I've never been virtually tagged be for. This is a special moment for me! I'd like to thank all the little people, my family, Stella, and......MYSELF for being so spectacular.

O, and humility is a virtue.

Ten amazing facts about me!

1. I hate potatoe salad. Who ever thought that diced tomatoes and mayonnaisse would go together? Whoever thought ANYTHING would go with mayonnaise? What the heck is mayonnaise anyways? These are the questions that haunt me.

2. I hate mayonaise.

3. I won my first fencing tournament this year!

4. I write poetry then paint pictures to represent that poetry. I'm an artist! never mind my poetry sucks and my pictures look like they were painted by a canary on a sugar high.

5. I like to think deeply, but talk lightly.

6. My day isn't complete unless i've made at least 7 people laugh.

7. I'm Catholic (and proud of it!)

8. I hate my hair! It's shoulder lenght, wildly wavy, dark brown, and uncontrollable! I have purple in it now though, which makes it a bit better.

9. I'm not a bookworm, i'm a book cockroach! Er.....that doesn't sound flattering. hmph.

10. Evertime i take one of those online personality quizzes, i'm always hovering between every single possibility, and even then it doesn't describe me! How am i supposed to know who i am if the internet can't tell me? I'm so lost!

Well, that's it!

I will now tag


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Politics=Poly ticks=many blood sucking bugs

Are you ready to hear about my amazingly odd day? You're not? Well that's just too bad for you!

For those of you who want to hear about the strangeness that was my day, READ ON
Those of you who could care less GO MILK A COW!
That's right, i went there.

Take that. Raar.

ANYWAYS, now that i'm done being pointless, i'll tell you about my pointless day!

The morning started off normally enough. I woke up, got ready, ate breakfast. BORING! I was grateful when the first of the strange things started happening. The first odd event was while i was brushing my teeth. I had turned off the faucet, went to put the tooth paste away, and the faucet turned back on BY ITS FREAKIING SELF! I know there is a reasonable explanation for it, but what was so peculier was that in order to turn on the faucet you have to pull up on the handle. Freaky.

Second odd thing happened in first period! We had started our perception drawings and we had them all piled up in a corner. When i say pile, i mean MOUNTAIN! There were probably 100 papers all piled together. Well, there was a kid who was getting impatient looking for his, so he threw one behind his back, right at me. I caught it and guess what? IT WAS MINE! Coincedence? maybe. You be the judge.

Second period, i was thinking about how i haven't heard from Kat, one of my really old friends, in a few weeks. Just i was thinking about texting her, i got a text. I checked it. It was, of course, from her! Whew!

Third period, things were as strange, but they weren't exactly normal. The teacher had left to go make copies, so Ajl and Tyler stood up and start to pretend to dirty dance. Ok, disturbing, but i laughed for about 27 minutes straight. (Annette timed me hehe. We are so scientific!) Also, Anthony had been dissing Brighton, so of course Brighton got pissed off. When the bell rang, he went out into the hall, punched the nearest locke, and DENTED IT! *note to self: Do NOT piss Brighton off.

Last but not least, 4th period. We are watching iRobot (Will Smith=Swoon and pass out). Right in the middle of the movie, the cieling starts leaking! goodness. My table had to move one table over to avoid getting sprinkled on. Lame.

So schools over, you'd think the strange stuff is over, right? WRONG! you fail. Just be glad you have No Child Left Behind or else i'd be force to hold you back. Now go stand in the corner. No snack for you.

ANYWAYS, around midnight (i have insomnia, so i usually stay up pretty late, or i guess early if you think about it) i was reading a book by Graham Masterton, a horror writer on the same level as Stephen King. The book was pretty creepy, and while i was reading this especially eerie passage, my giant math book fell off the top shelf of my book shelf! It landed with spoof and scared me half to death! (btw, i've always wondered. What happens if you've been scared half to death....twice?) Anyways, the book fell, i jumped, just about died from the sudden shock, and ended up laughing... that is, until ANOTHER BOOK FELL! I stopped laughing pretty quick. Either gravity is holding a grudge against me or my house is haunted. Either way, i'm thinking i should move to Wisconsin (why Wisconsin you may ask? Simple. It's the cheese state. Yum.)

So that was my odd day. I'm guessing tomorrow i'm gonna find out Darth Vader is my Dad's third cousin's unlce's sister's Grandpa twich removed. If that's even possible.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Twilight Blog. Join us next week for the astonishing concluison!


Well that's it! uhhh, ya! Man, i never know how to end these. O! i know! I have the perfect idea. It's witty and original


LoSt WhALe, iF fOuND, PlEaSE cOnTaCT


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Neology:Science of making up new words

Hey Hey Hey! dude. I had a straaaaange day. I'm talking Twilight Zone weird. I'm talking South Dakota weird! But because i'm tired, i'll tell ya about it later.


I'm leaving you in suspense. Take that!! Now you'll have to come back and read more

It's a sleazy marketing ploy. Clever.

I will tell you that it involved fried chicken, God, and sheep. Lots of sheep. Not to mention several awesome realizations.

One of these realizations is.....

If i had a burrow
I'd name it burrito.

How awesome is that!

You may ask how i arrived at such a realization.

And the answer is simple

I'll tell ya about it later. HA!!!

But, because today involved so many random aspects, i did come up with a few rhymes that for
some reason just seem to fit into my day and life in general. They won't make any sense now, but hey, one day, when your old, weak, and wise, you'll look back and say "I sure wish i hadn't wasted 30 seconds of my life reading those stupid Rhymes ChipotleChick put on her blog. Now get off my lawn you crazy kids!"

and then i'll feel honored for being such a big part of your life.

Okay! heres those rhymes. Prepare yourself!

The glow at the end of the tunnel used to seem so bright
but now all i see is an artificial light.

The moral of the story is apparent to all
the race for the sun
will be your downfall

Live life, forget the past
for ever day
could be your last

and last but not least...

Looking back at life to see what's been done
is similar to looking up and straight at the sun
it's interesting and enlightenting
but stare too long and it's blinding.

O! And an incredibly wise, intricate, and delicate quote. For all those looking for the meaning of life, here it is...


Yep. why ouch? cause i just stubbed my toe on the desk that my computer is on and it hurt like...
well it hurt a lot. I repeat. OUCH!

O, and i forgot to give a write out to SOMEONE! so I LOVE YOU SOMEONE!

and also, MY PROFILE!

She just commented on my last post soo.....I LOVE YOU MY PROFILE!

But maybe you should get a username, so i don't sound narcissistic or schizophrenic when i say my profile lol.

Keep looking for order on Earth
I'll be watching the randomness of the stars.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!!!! GUEEEEESSSSSS WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT???????????????????????

You'll never guess.

Try to guess. 

I dare ya!!!! 


I command you!

have you guessed yet???

Well hurry up!!!! 


Think about it.

I'll wait....

OK i'm done waiting!!!

The answer to " Guess what" is...

Envelope please

I got a 4.0 first term of school!!!! And i got invited to this speech by Mary Kay Huntsmen and i get to miss school to go to it. AND I can't wait to see the musical my old school is doing tomorrow so i can go support people. AND.....o. well, that's it. What a let down

O! WAIT!!! I have more to share! 













Holy cap locks batman! That's a lot of capitals! I hope you appreciated that, cuz i sure appreciate you!!!


Just thought you should know that.

Ok, down to bussiness. I do need to tell y'all about something that really creeps me out! You see, i met this boy in 7th grade and we were pretty good friends. I liked him, he was nice. Unfortunately, he started to get a tad bit too friendly, showing up at my house, (i have no idea how he found out where i lived! *shudders* *don't open the closet!*) and sending me...err...strange texts. My dad got tired of it, as any dad would, and the last time he stopped by my dad kicked him off the property! (hehe, like anyone actually has property these days). Anyways, it was all good, until he started dating my friend who lives across the freaking street from me! Now i see him every and he freaking hates me and to be honest it's a bit unnerving. I will admit it adds some excititment into my life, but i'd prefer an Indiana Jones style adventure, personally. Point is, if you ever meet a creeper (that's Cheyenne's nickname for such people) Do not let them date your friend who lives across the street!

Also, if at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Now that's is for my words of wisdom, until next time!!!

See ya!

Well, i guess i won't see you, so uhhhh....Blog you later! That isn't catchy. Ummm....BYE! Ya, that works!

O and one more thing! Check out my new profile Pic! It's a picture of a caffiene Nebula from the hubble space telescope! A nebula is basically a stellar nursery. Those are millions of baby stars in the making! The reason the clouds in the nebula (nebula is latin for cloud, just so ya know!) is due to the massive gravity of each individual star! When the stars are born, they will be blue, not red. Isn't it pretty?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sauna, Mama, uhhh Obama?

Hey Y'all! I'm not gonna tell you who i wanted to win, instead i'm gonna give you you a basic run down for each candidate, as well as words that rhyme with their name!


1. Doesn't support abortion
2. Very experienced
3. Understands war
4. Wants to cut taxes
5. Tax policies are realistic

1. Doesn't have plans for helping poor
2. Firmly supports war 
3. Would die in a week and we'd have Palin
4. Not a very good speaker
5. Graduated485 in a 488 person school. 


1. Law degree from Harvard
2. 3rd African American elected into senate
3. Very good speaker
4. Plans to cut taxes for middle class, give upper class taxes, use money to help poor
5. Has great teeth

1. Supports abortion
2. May raise taxes
3. Wants to negotiate peace with other countries
4. No war experience
5. Wants to make new amendments to constitution

McCain, rain, main, lane, ordain, sustain, (candy)Cane, sane, insane, dame, contain, anything else that ends with ain. 

Obama, sauna, mama, rama, uhhh McOma?

P.S! Obama won, he is first Black man president, we should all feel honored for being a part of such a huge milestone in our history! 

Also, just need to vent for a sec. Ok, we all know Obama won. It's history. It's over. That's it. This is for all you people who feel the need to insult, slander, and disrespect him. I'm all for stating your opinion, but at least try to sound intelligent while stating it, instead of just saying "Obama is gay!" Say something that actually gives you merit. He's our president and there isn't anything that can be done. How can someone say he's a bad leader when he hasn't even started his term yet? He may be the best President we have ever had, he may not. Maybe McCain would have been better, maybe not. The point it, America has spoken. WE got to to chose and we did. No one should strike, no one should start a riot, because they feel cheated in this election. He one both popular and electoral college vote. We worked hard for our rights, and the right to vote is one of the most important ones. WE voted, he won, accept it.
Sorry about that whole little rant, but it was fun!  
So go ahead! tell me what you think,  I NEED TO KNOW!!!!! WAAAA! Ok, panic attack over.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy is a band-aid, no matter what they say

Hey Hey Hey!  Are you all ready for a run-down of my Halloween night out? If you're not then that's just too bad for you cuz i'm gonna blog about it anyways so ha!!!

Well, the day was pretty boring. My sister's boyfriend came over. Ugh. I got my costume ready, went shopping, went to the elementary school to help out but didn't stay long cuz the person i was there for didn't show up. Raar. 

Anyways, i went back home and stuck my costume on. I was going to Dillon's murder mystery party and i was going to be Jacqueline Hyde, Supernatural Investigator! I wore green cargo pants with a pair of skinny, knee high, brown pleather boots pulled over them, a dark red shirt with a brown button down shirt which instead of buttoning i tied the ends together. (who says Supernatural investigators can't be stylish? I also had an Indiana jones style hat! Boo-ya!  I wore a few crosses, red lipstick (very tacky hehe), eyeliner, and i brought a bag that said Classified on the front, in which i put in a photo of the Loch Ness monster that i had printed out to add some depth to my character. I also brought a mirror (ever heard that vampires don't have reflections? Of course a Supernatural Investigator would want to check hehe) and a notepad. 

Once i was ready i waited impatienntly for four o'clock to come around. That's when the fun would begin.

Woo! so i arrive at Dillon's house and BAM!!!! He had decorated the dining room in which the mystery would take place so elaborately it looked straight out of the Adam's Family. I found my name tag (the brilliant Jacqueline Hyde) and set my props down. All at once everyone started showing up. Kylie was Ivanna Bitesneck, a Romanian Princess and T.V Presenter, Chloe was Dinah Gruesomeway, a horror writer, Scat was Shabby, Robert was Constable Painting, Lane was Vlad Tire, a motorist, and so on. Someone didn't show up so i got to do two parts, Jacqueline and Tilly Screams, a Dentist. It was all strangely eerie, straight out of a game of Clue. Everyone had dressed for the part. Man it felt like i was in a soap opera. 
During dinner, Kylie and I started getting into character, talking about what it was like to be a Romanian Princess and me talking about where i had been as an investigator. it was so hard to keep a straight face but once i got into it it was fun to make up my character's history.

Finally the game started. Back and force the dialogue went, everyone interrogating one another, dropping hints as to why they may or may not be the murderer, back and force, accusing and denying. It was well-planned and the dialogue was actually pretty good! There were two people who wouldn't stop playing around, and were ruining it for everyone. I got fed up so while i was pretending to take notes, i turned to Kylie and asked "How do you spell 'idiot?'"She laughed. She knew exactly who i was talking about.

Finally the final round came. Now was when we had to say who we thought the murderer was. My first guess was Dinah Guressomeway, but when Lane (who was playing Vlad Tire) kept being an idiot, i stood up in a flourish, all dramatic and said "It was you, Vlad! Throughout this entire investigation you have been obnoxious, clearly trying to distract us! Obviously you have something to hide!" I meant it as a joke but guess what?


Whoever thought teasing someone would turn out to be a good thing? 

Don't to drugs.

ANYWAYS, in the middle of all this, Spencer, being the genius he is, stuck a sponge in the microwave. it caught fire the whole house smelt of burning sponge. O joy. 

Also, before the game started, Dillon, Kylie, and Chloe had gone upstairs to talk about something. It bothered me. I mean, couldn't the drama be put aside for just one night, instead of leaving everyone else out in the cold. Sigh. I just hope they got everything worked out, whatever that was.

But i wasnt the only bothered by that little conference. Scat, Robert, Lane, and I got our revenge by hiding the snacks. Hehehehe. 

After the game ended, we went trick or  treating for a spell. I don't eat a lot of  candy so i gave my plunder to Kylie and Chloe. 

so that's it! OH, and my fantabulous friend Aly came over to my house when she went trick-or-treating and my dad gave her two bags of candy. She's special! 

It was fun to see Scat again and also Dillon. I also met a bunch of new people and they were all very nice, especially Robert and Kylie. Gotta love 'em!

Ok, now that's it! wow that was long. very long. Sooooooooo loooooong. wow. long. Like one of those foot long hot dogs. 

now those are long.

O i forgot to mention! When i made it home I got a call from a friend i haven't seen in ages! I was so excited to finally talk to her. We talked forever until i had to go help put Christmas lights up. IN THE RAIN! NEVER AGAIN SHALL I DO THAT! IT WAS TERRIFYING! 

Friday, October 31, 2008

Samhainophobia: Fear of Halloween

HEY EVERYONE! TODAY WAS HALLOWEEN (if you didn't know that, please refer back to title of this post)

HALLOWEEN IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE HOLLIDAYS! TO HELP CELEBRATE, I DECIDED TO GIVE Y'ALL A LIST OF PHOBIAS! (I'll post about my Halloween expierience tomorrow. That's one story you can't miss!)

1. Alliumphobia: Fear of Garlic (vampire anyone?)
2. Allodoxaphobia: Fear of opinions (everyone in politics has this one)
3. Alektorophobia: Fear of chickens (may result in fear of KFC)
4. Aulophobia: Fear of flutes
5. Barophobia: Fear of gravity (I have this one)
6. Caligynephobia: Fear of beautiful woman (better stay away from me! Jk)
7.Cathisophobia: Fear of sitting. (that would just suck)
8. Cenophobia: Fear of new things or ideas (Now we know how to scare teachers!)
9. Dextrophobia: Fear of things on the right side of the body
10. Deopnophobia: Fear of dining and dinner conversation 
11. Epistemphobia: Fear of knowledge ( you kow somebody like that?)
12. Euphobia: Fear of hearing good news (what the rest of us call pessimists or Presidents)
13. Geliophobia: Fear of laughter (oh yes, i've met people like that)
14. Geniophobia: Fear of chins (and the three little pigs said "no, not by a hair on our chinny chin chins")

15. Hellenologophobia: Fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terms ( Who doesn't have that fear?)
16. Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables (we all have a bit of this in us)
17. Octophobia: Fear of the figure 8 (it would really suck if you had that while you were 8 years old)

18. Pogonophobia: Fear of beards (watch out Santa Claus)
19. Porphyrophobia: Fear of the color purple 
20. Polyphobia: Many fears

And my personal favorite

21.Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words (no i am not kidding)

So there ya have it! a list of random phobias. I find it incredibly interesting to see these and it makes me wonder: Why? Usually phobias are the consequence of an unfortunate relation or experience. It's strange, and very interesting.

And sorry about all that stuff in parenthesis. Those are all just thoughts that ran through my mind while typing that.

Source of all these interesting phobias: 

It's incredible how many there are! this is a very small portion. Go look so more up and tell me your favorite! 

Until then, Happy Hallows Eve! 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look a bird!

Hey Hey Hey what up my peeps? What's that? you don't know what's up? Well then, let me give you some responses for when someone asks you what's up!

1. The sky (typical)
2. The opposite of down
3. UPS without the S
4. Mars
5. Mercury
6. Pluto
7. Any planet
8. God ( i used this one until someone glared at me and said they were an Atheist. Darn)
9. Look a bird!
10. Look a dead bird!
11. Time. See? it's flying
12. Well, I would look and see, but i'm afraid of getting blinded by the sun
13. The empty void of space
14. Where do you get off asking such impertinent questions?  Back in the day, we didn't get asked such questions. What's up? Hmph. Corrupted youth of America.
15. P.U. backwards.
16. Nothing

Ok, i meant to make it to 20 but i can't think of any. How bout y'all give me some ideas? the best response gets a virtual hug ****hug***** and a virtual parade thrown in their name ****parade**** and maybe even a virtual cookie of their choice! ****cookie****

Well, I had a very crazy day today, but i have a headache so i'll tell you guys tomorrow! I will also have a special Halloween post. Mwhahahaha! Well. i have nothing meaningful to say, so i'm gonna say bye!

So ya...bye. Hehe. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

I iz a monkey!!! Hearz me raaaar!!!

Don't you just love my post heading? i know, genius. Delicate and intricatley detailed. Beautiful.

ANYWAYS...i think i shall post today about my least favorite word.


I hate that word, i think it's the dirtiest, most awful word in all the spoken lanugages and in 4 of the written ones.

The reason i hate it so much is because of what it implies. It's usually a terribly shallow word, but it cuts deeper than ever before, due to todays society. We simply put waaaay too much emphasis on looks and why? All they are is a bunch of random strings of DNA working together to form our outer appearance. Our outsides are meant to protect our insides, so why do we care so much about what they look like? Scientifically, it's just ridiculous.

Using "that word" to describe an appearance is one thing, but another that is even crueler is using it to describe a piece of art, or a poem. That's basically saying a person's soul is ugly and thats just cruel.

The reason for my intense hatred towards this word is also personal. i have been called ugly so many times i flinch at the word. Now no matter what i look like, that's all i'll ever see in the mirror thanks to all those stupid people who thought it necessary to inform me on their opinion of my appearance. I could look like Tyra Banks and still think i'm ugly!

so anyways, a good thing came out of all those comments. Eventually, i realized that there is so much more to life than looks. Appearance is just that, appearance. it holds no profound meaning or glimps into a person's soul. They are simply what people see, nothing more.

it's nearly impossible for a perosn to forget looks entirely though, so of course i notice when a hot guy walks by. (woo-h0o!) and i put effort into the way i present myself, but i don't let it take over my life or inhibit them from doing what i know i can do.

So never judge a book by its cover, or you will miss out on one good story.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm gonna take a page out of Dillon's book and write about stuff that bugs me in a secret post that no one will understand! I already feel so mysterious. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cough cough. Darn allergies. HAHA! HA! heh. Ok, i'm done. Sorry, brief evil moment over. (or is it? MWAHAHA!)

Actually, i change my mind. I think instead i will write about how much I hate potato salad. Nah. Hmmm, what should i write about? O! I'll write o geez. How bout i give you a list of my fav words?

1. Platitudinous
2. Abysmal
3. Insouciance
4. Pusillanimous
5. Magnaminous

Well, I'm bored of that.

Lets write about my constant battle with gravity!

You see, it all started when i was born. It all went down hill from there. Literally. I have serious balance issues. Today, i was sitting on the couch, acting all chillaxed. That is until Chris came over, got behind me, yelled "Pickle!!!" and made me flip backwards off the back of the couch. Smooth, right? Then on my way home, i was walking backwards, didn't realize how close i was to the curb, and fell off. O, and while i was walking around the neighborhood, i tripped on FREAKING NOTHING! As you can see, i can't walk on a flat steady surface without finding something to trip on, including air. I had three near death expieriences today! Graceful. Like a gazelle.

And while we are on the subject of absolutely nothing important, i might as well tell you about my intense hatred of straight line. For one thing, I can't walk in a straight line to save my life. I can't draw a straigh line with a freaking ruler! Straight lines are just too predictable. I am so wild and cool that i subconciously shy away from all none crooked, curved, or zig zaggy lines. Either that, or im just immensely uncoordinated and ruler-ly challenged. I prefer the first.

O I also have reached a profound understanding of how baked potatoe's feel, but that's a story for another day. I'll have to tell you one day. It's the stuff of legends. Seriously. Cough.

erm. bye.

see ya.


hasta la vista.

later alligator.


just bye.


stop reading!

Are you seriously still reading?

Go watch American Idol.

Or smoke some salmon

Just stop reading.

Heaven forbid the youth of America become educated.

Are you still reading?

I command you to stop!

Don't do drugs

I hope you listen to concience better than you listen to me.



I said bye!

Didn't i tell you to stop?



Ew. Mayonaise. Yuck.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Look im a post title!

I've been thinking about some stuff (i know, scary, right?) but so much has been going on, i decided to state what i live for. Ok, i know that sounds a bit pointless and RANDOM! but hey, randomness rules the world! Alas, so does Oprah, so ya know. ANYWAYS, i'm gonna post my list now. Ill try not to get off topic. I'm just so easily distrac-oooh look! a butterfly! 
1. Family
2. Friends
3. A chance to change the world
4. Challenge
5. Laughter
6. Nature
7. Hope
8. Relaxation
9. Fun
10. A chance to be immature
11. Education
12. Reading
13 Adventure
14. Discovery
15. To see the world change
16. Curiosity
17. God
18. Wonder
19. Goals
20. Dreams
21. Wisdom (what's the point of dying dumb?)
22. Individualism 
23. Cheese (why not?)
24. Fulfillment 
25. Study
26. Humor
27. Emotions 
28. Blogging (duh!)
29. Improvement
30. Enlightenment
31. Chocolate (when all else fails, chocolate is heaven on Earth.) *gives everyone a virtual piece of chocolate cake*
WEll, that's that. I enjoyed typing that, even though i hate typing numbers (they are just so much higher up than the less of the keys) I think i'm gonna boycott number keys on keyboards. Who's with me? I also want to boycott the pythagorean theorym, because it favors triangles and discriminates against all other shapes, but my math teacher got mad at me when i tried. Oh well. Can't blame a girl for trying. At least, I hope you can't. eh. Sorry. i tend to me ADHD around midnight, so i'm gonna go to bed before i accidentally post my plans for world domination...I mean my plans to open a bakery shop and spread sugary pastry goodness throughout the world! 

What is real? (If you say Santa Claus then you are my hero)

It's midnight, i'm bored, so i'm gonna post! I have no idea what i should post about. I don't really feel like posting about my day. I have the attention span of a toaster so that gets boring for me after awhile lol. O i know! I'm gonna tell you what is real. 

Ok, so for an Earth Science quiz, we had to answer a question. One question. It was the freaking hardest question i have ever had to answer! The question was: What is Real? Sounds like it should be simple, but when you are as nerdish as me, it can really give you a headache. I mean, how are we to know that we aren't all just figments of our imagination? That what I think is happening right now is only my perspective,that all the people i have ever met are just a part of my own world. Wow. Dreams, thoughts, memories, hallucinations, whose to say which are real and which aren't? Maybe right now what we think is conciousness is actually a dream and what we think are dreams are actually glimpses into reality. Maybe parrallel universes are created everytime a dice is rolled, everytime a thought is made, everytime probability chooses one path and all the other paths are chosen in the parrallel universes. Maybe order is the essesnce of randomness. 

In the end, i decided that reality has a basic construct, with a foundation and middle that constanly warps and bubbles and distorts to fit around the ever changing contours of realities basic outlines. I say quantum mechanics display the chaos of reality more purely than the order of what we believe to be life. I say gravity, energy, and atomic forces are the most  basic portrayals of reality. Emotions, thoughts, ideas, they are all the pressure that causes our universes design to shift a trillion times every billionth of a second, so fast and sudden that our eyes see the unstable design as solid. 

That's all my scientific stuff. Now how about religion? i won't get too much into it for fear of offending somebody (though if you are that over sensitive then maybe you should go read up on the first amendment. JK!!) But if we were to mix in some faith with the rest of realities strange ingreidients, then we would end up back to perspective. Some people believe God exists, so He is real to them. Does that prove He is real? Some would say yes. I say He is, but i can't prove it, so you have every right to doubt that He isn't. See how confuzzling this is? I think i need an aspirin. or four. 

So now that you have my view, i want yours. Tell me. What is real? 

Friday, October 17, 2008

This post is dedicated to Ally!

Hey Ally! I'm bored so i'm gonna take a minute to thank you publically!!

Ally saved my General Science grade!!

LOL I'm not even kidding! In my General Science class we have to write a paper on the show The Island! we are watching it in class but i won't be there on Monday for the end so i had to watch it at home. I looked everywhere for it, even Blockbusters, but couldn't find it! I was telling Ally that, when she offered to let me borrow her copy. At first i declined, but she convinced me and boy am I glad she did! Not only was it a great movie (if you haven't seen it, watch it!) but now i can finish my paper! thank you soooo much! 

So to really thank you, i have a bunch of Ewan McGregor facts, just for you! 

1. He is an Aries!

2. He is a U.N.I.C.E.F ambassador. (how sweet!)

3.He is Scottish. (and he rocks at an American Accent. He's so worldly!)

4.He played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first three Star Wars films.

5. He's hot.

6. He's exactly 5 foot 10 and 1/2.

And just so you know, my favorite Ewan McGregor quote is "I really want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now that would be interesting."

O, and in case you didn't know, Ewan McGregor is the main character in The Island. 

So ya! i have now posted twice today. You  better read em both! lol jk. 


SIGH. That pretty much sums up how i'm feeling right now. I'm in the mood for whining so that is just what i'm gonna do. You see, my parents, grandparents, sister, and friends remebered my bday, but that's it. NONE of my aunts, uncles, cousins, or other grandparents so much as called. It wouldn't bother me if it wasn't for that fact they all remembered my older Sisters. My cousin even got my sister a desighner one of a kind bracelet. Thoughtful. She didn't even call me. I know it shouldn't bother me. My mom's family just likes my sister more than me. I'm very opinionated and they don't seem to like that much. I defend myself so they do stuff like ignore me at family parties while they talk up a storm with my sister. I'm not mad at my sis. She tries to help but there is only so much she can do. I try to fix it but my aunts and cousins, espeically steph and her kids, are da bomb when it comes to holding grudges. They used to do the same thing to my mom, so she understands, but instead of sympathizing, all she does is go on and on about how much worse she had it. GRRRR! Maybe she thinks it helps me but it doesn't. Oh well, at least she tries. I do all i can to make sure everyone is happy because that is how it should be. They should all be happy. In the end, if everyone else is doing good, then my happiness just doesn't matter than much. It's perfect for me. I love to have fun but i always feel guilty for being happy. Why should i be happy? I have done nothing to deserve it.

So that's enough of my whiny post!! O, but i just have to say i feel bad for my friend. The legiments in her leg are tearing so she has to walk on crutches. Her bag is heavy so i carry it to the bus stop for her. She is a grade older than I so i don't see her much, but when i do i carry it for her. Hey, That's what friends are for!!

So that's it. I'm done whining. Sorry about that. 

EDIT: My whining worked! lol. Ok, so almost everyone forgot, but guess what arrived in the mail? A present form Steph. Sure, it may just be one aunt, but it feels good to know not everyone in my fam hates me! Yay! It was the best present ever. You see, my fam on my mom's side is Italian. My aunt went to Italy for a summer to hunt down our family tree. For my b-day, she made book marks with out fam's history on it! They also have pictures of the town's our family is from. Amazing. It took a lot of work and it was the most thoughtful gift a person could have ever given me. Beautiful. Thanks Steph! just for remembering.

And now i feel so selfish for whining. Dang it. Grr. 

Aw well! at least i don't feel quiet so hated lol! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!! today was my Birthday! I am officially *ya like i'm gonna tell you* years old! Isn't that great? I discreetly reminded everyone it was by birthday by walking into all classrooms and saying "hey Y'all! It's my Birthday! Bow down to my awesomness!" Sneaky, huh?Marty and Lauren made everyone sing for me during General Science, so i will of course be getting her back by singing to her in all her classes on her Birthday! So i finally got an ipod! it's just a classic but it's amazing! I've been dying for one and now it is officially mine! I also got a Family Force 5 CD (one of the best bands ever!)

Anyways, today all in all was fine. first period was sorta boring. It's art, but right now we are just doing tesstlations, so it's sort of monotonous. Oh well! So is cheese but it still love it.

Earth Science was fine. We had some college students come in to talk to us about their expieriences. I have no idea what that has to do with Earth Science, but hey? Who am I to judge.

English was fun. We were learing about the elements fiction. We split into groups and were each assigned a topic. I was stuck with Brad and Jason. Luckily Sara was in our group. Jason was terribly annoying though. Think about the most annoying perosn you know, multiply it by 1,456, and you have Jason. I'm Italian so i talk with my hands a lot. Unfortunately Jason finds great joy in making fun of people, so he kept copying my hand motions while i was talking, until i "accidentally" Hit him in the face during my speech. Haha! I mean oops. lol.

General Science i was tortured by having everyone sing to me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Ok i'm done.

O, and I more thing. My friend was dating this one guy who shall remain unamed. She broke up with him and reccommened that he should go out with me. I declined but he was sorta stalking me yesterday. he's part of a differnt school so he gets out an hour earlier than, but he stayed until i was out of class, and stared at me throught the window. Sweet i guess, in a creepy sorta way lol. Anyways, i told him i Can't date until i'm 16, so that was solved. Also, i think my friend had a talk with him because she is the coolest that way.

BTW!!!!! Thank you Shawnie for the chocolate! What do you want for your B-day? I'm gonna buy you a llama unless you tell me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy B-day James!!!

Today was James's B-day!!!! Whoo!!! I'm dedicating this entire post to James in celebration of his 15th!!!

And just so you all know, James is one of my best Male friends. I follow his blogs! He's an awesome dude with awesome hair! lol.

So For your special day, i have some fun B-day facts for you!

1. More people (about 9%) celebrate their birthday in August than any other month@

2. The least common B-day in the U.S is May 22nd.

3. The most common B-day is October 5th. This isn't so surprising because conception would have fallen on New Year's Eve.

4. Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday, April 23, 1616.

5. The largest Birthday cake ever made 128,238 Lbs., 8 oz. and used 16,209 lbs of frosting!

So there you have it! Some fun Birthday trivia. Hope you enjoyed it!
James you meanie! I dedicate an entire post to you and you don't even comment! Bad you.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How bout some more Poetry?

Loneliness is a path without and end and a hall without hope
it is a starless night
a whispering wind that fills you with fright
it is a barren field, a snowy day
a long staircase, and a flower that's gray
it is a crouching tiger waiting to eat
a single lone person admitting defeat.

Life is sort of like a dare
perfomed by people everywhere
someone simply spun the bottle
and we end up here in full throttle
life is more than just a wager
something big, something major
Life is a greater chance
a time to prove onself and dance the dance
of ups and downs and twists and turns
until you are given what you have earned
So don't back out, don't be a coward
complete the dare, keep moving forward.

Holly Smokes i forgot to title this!

Hey Hey Hey! So i haven't posted in forever, so there is a lot for you all to catch up on!

Because i can't actually remember half of the event that have happened between last time i posted and now, i will just tell you about my weekend!

Friday: Friday was as Friday is. School was pretty schoolish. First period was fun, We finished painting our Aborigine Art and all the while Brighton, Steven, Parth, and I decided which artist each of us were. Brighton is Picasso, Steven is Van Goh, Parth is Da Vinci, and I am Leonardo...Decaprio!! (he's an actor, in case you didn't know lol!) Second period was boring (my teach spent the whole period talking...about himself! Grrr.) Third was fine, we spent it taking notes. Kaitlyn brough a lunchable and Bottle of water in and when she finished eating she pored her water into the lunchable container and shook, saying, "Earthquake!!!!!" It was....interesting. LOL! I took it from her, put Chloe's pencil in it, shook it and said "Titanic!!!!" We fought over it until Chloe stole it from both of us to get her Pencil back. Dang it. Anyways, Fourth period was fun. WE finished Jurrassic Park and discussed. We are Gonna watch The Island next, (best genetic cloning of babies to make them grow faster movie ever! Not that i have actaully seen it)

During lunch was social hour at the Seminary building. I'm not Mormon but I went anyways to get a free Root Beer Float. I know, I know, it was a chance to understand a religion differnt from my own, an oppurtuinity to access a deeper, more profound view of the world through another's eyes. But no, I was too busy eating delicous root beer floats to do any of that. bad me. lol. I went with Lexie, Mel, Shawnie, Emily, And Annette. I saw Dillon there and talked to him for awhile (Hi Dillon!)

Saturday: I went to the mall to finally buy......a new CELL PHONE!!! It was about time! My old one turns itself off randomly and resets all of my hard earned settings. Stupid phone. My new one is a simple LG flip phone, but it's purple and shiny so boo-ya!!! It took me forever to find the space button it because i'm challenged that way. Anyways, i texted everybody in celebration and found out Aly (Hi Aly!!! I love ya!) was sick. (Get Better fast!) She insists on getting me something for my b-day, (which is this Tuesday!) so i'm gonna buy her something for her b-day as payback. How's that for an awesome revenge? Mwahahahahahahahaha! On my way out of the mall, i bumped into Dillon (Hi Dillon...Again!) and we talked for a spel.

After that i went home and my G-ma called. She had ordered a bunch of shirts for my aunt (mu aunt is running For Attoney General, her name is Jean, vote for her if you live in Utah!) anyways, my G-ma ordered all these shirts (600 to be exact) and now she has to fold them! She asked for help and i couldn't leave my poor G-ma to do it all herself, so of course i volunteered my sister, who volutneered my mom, who volutneered me. We went over to her house, folded for an hour and a half, then had to leave so i could make it to my friends B-day party.

PAAAAAAARTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAY! (partay) It was Annettes B-day yesterday. It was a fun party! I met a couple of new people and we danced and talked and sang and played improv games, it was awesomely random! her mom is Italian and she made us home made pizza! Yuuumm. All in alll, it was fun and crazy and random, my three favorite things!

so now today is sunday. I went to church and now i'm typing. woo. and now i'm gonna stop typing right NOW! Ha i fooled ya! I'm gonna stop typing NOW! no, not really, ok ok, now i'm really gonna-