Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy is a band-aid, no matter what they say

Hey Hey Hey!  Are you all ready for a run-down of my Halloween night out? If you're not then that's just too bad for you cuz i'm gonna blog about it anyways so ha!!!

Well, the day was pretty boring. My sister's boyfriend came over. Ugh. I got my costume ready, went shopping, went to the elementary school to help out but didn't stay long cuz the person i was there for didn't show up. Raar. 

Anyways, i went back home and stuck my costume on. I was going to Dillon's murder mystery party and i was going to be Jacqueline Hyde, Supernatural Investigator! I wore green cargo pants with a pair of skinny, knee high, brown pleather boots pulled over them, a dark red shirt with a brown button down shirt which instead of buttoning i tied the ends together. (who says Supernatural investigators can't be stylish? I also had an Indiana jones style hat! Boo-ya!  I wore a few crosses, red lipstick (very tacky hehe), eyeliner, and i brought a bag that said Classified on the front, in which i put in a photo of the Loch Ness monster that i had printed out to add some depth to my character. I also brought a mirror (ever heard that vampires don't have reflections? Of course a Supernatural Investigator would want to check hehe) and a notepad. 

Once i was ready i waited impatienntly for four o'clock to come around. That's when the fun would begin.

Woo! so i arrive at Dillon's house and BAM!!!! He had decorated the dining room in which the mystery would take place so elaborately it looked straight out of the Adam's Family. I found my name tag (the brilliant Jacqueline Hyde) and set my props down. All at once everyone started showing up. Kylie was Ivanna Bitesneck, a Romanian Princess and T.V Presenter, Chloe was Dinah Gruesomeway, a horror writer, Scat was Shabby, Robert was Constable Painting, Lane was Vlad Tire, a motorist, and so on. Someone didn't show up so i got to do two parts, Jacqueline and Tilly Screams, a Dentist. It was all strangely eerie, straight out of a game of Clue. Everyone had dressed for the part. Man it felt like i was in a soap opera. 
During dinner, Kylie and I started getting into character, talking about what it was like to be a Romanian Princess and me talking about where i had been as an investigator. it was so hard to keep a straight face but once i got into it it was fun to make up my character's history.

Finally the game started. Back and force the dialogue went, everyone interrogating one another, dropping hints as to why they may or may not be the murderer, back and force, accusing and denying. It was well-planned and the dialogue was actually pretty good! There were two people who wouldn't stop playing around, and were ruining it for everyone. I got fed up so while i was pretending to take notes, i turned to Kylie and asked "How do you spell 'idiot?'"She laughed. She knew exactly who i was talking about.

Finally the final round came. Now was when we had to say who we thought the murderer was. My first guess was Dinah Guressomeway, but when Lane (who was playing Vlad Tire) kept being an idiot, i stood up in a flourish, all dramatic and said "It was you, Vlad! Throughout this entire investigation you have been obnoxious, clearly trying to distract us! Obviously you have something to hide!" I meant it as a joke but guess what?


Whoever thought teasing someone would turn out to be a good thing? 

Don't to drugs.

ANYWAYS, in the middle of all this, Spencer, being the genius he is, stuck a sponge in the microwave. it caught fire the whole house smelt of burning sponge. O joy. 

Also, before the game started, Dillon, Kylie, and Chloe had gone upstairs to talk about something. It bothered me. I mean, couldn't the drama be put aside for just one night, instead of leaving everyone else out in the cold. Sigh. I just hope they got everything worked out, whatever that was.

But i wasnt the only bothered by that little conference. Scat, Robert, Lane, and I got our revenge by hiding the snacks. Hehehehe. 

After the game ended, we went trick or  treating for a spell. I don't eat a lot of  candy so i gave my plunder to Kylie and Chloe. 

so that's it! OH, and my fantabulous friend Aly came over to my house when she went trick-or-treating and my dad gave her two bags of candy. She's special! 

It was fun to see Scat again and also Dillon. I also met a bunch of new people and they were all very nice, especially Robert and Kylie. Gotta love 'em!

Ok, now that's it! wow that was long. very long. Sooooooooo loooooong. wow. long. Like one of those foot long hot dogs. 

now those are long.

O i forgot to mention! When i made it home I got a call from a friend i haven't seen in ages! I was so excited to finally talk to her. We talked forever until i had to go help put Christmas lights up. IN THE RAIN! NEVER AGAIN SHALL I DO THAT! IT WAS TERRIFYING! 


Stella said...

For some reason I always get your posts the day after they are published. Today is the seacond, and I checked your blog this morning and nothing new was posted. I just checked it now, and it says this was posted yesterday. Either your computer clock is messed up or.....I don't know! Do you live on the other side of the world or something? LOL I'm not sure how that would make sense tho.

ANYWAY, I love this post! Especially the part about the sponge catching on fire. I started giggling really hard at that point.

Ellie said...

Sounds like u had a good time!

Allison said...

Scat lied to me. I was like what did you do for Halloween and he goes i went to a party and i said o luck you and he said i really didn't. And then i said ugh huh and he said no really i didn't so i was like okay but what a liar! Ugh i wonder what else he has lied about hmmmmmm quite a quenumdrum don't you think? Ugh how can he expect people to trust him hmmm! well i shall yell at him for this lie!!! NOBODY LIES TO ALLISON! Ugh i have to see you soon like i have a lot of stuff to tell you and they are very depressing just so's you know. But you don't have to listen to me so bleh (i know say bleh instead of blah if you havent noticed in which case makes you a bad listener!) lol okay bye

Natalie! said...

The murder mystery party sounds like it was a blast! I've never been to anything like that, it sounds like loads of fun. Aw, I wish you had pictures of your costume, it sounds really awesome looking! Cause you're right, who says supernatural investigators can't be stylish? Everyone's names sound so creative too! And haha, nice job at figuring out who the murderer was without even trying! (;

And ahaha that's hilarious about the sponge catching on fire, that sounds like something my friends would do ;D

James said...

I loved the party. Spencer is such a genius isn't he? You know, his first instict is to light the sponge on fire in the microwave! I loved your super natural investigator, and I loved the part where I was accusing you for incredibly long amount of time and you gave in ;) Sigh I miss ya too we need to hang out more.

Krosemarie said...

Your costume sounds absolutly amazing!! I love it! I love your posts, you really have a great talent for writing!!

btw, thanks for your comment on my blog, and I agree with you, "You're Hot" is NOT sincere at all, in fact I think it's kind of disrespectful.....Thanks!!


Allison said...

Sigh you see that right? how james told me the party wasn't good and he really wasn't there now look hes just totaly loving how it was. Im so confused clarice. Why does he keep lieing to me and making me feel i don't exsist? does he feel sorry for me? am i that bad really?