Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Politics=Poly ticks=many blood sucking bugs

Are you ready to hear about my amazingly odd day? You're not? Well that's just too bad for you!

For those of you who want to hear about the strangeness that was my day, READ ON
Those of you who could care less GO MILK A COW!
That's right, i went there.

Take that. Raar.

ANYWAYS, now that i'm done being pointless, i'll tell you about my pointless day!

The morning started off normally enough. I woke up, got ready, ate breakfast. BORING! I was grateful when the first of the strange things started happening. The first odd event was while i was brushing my teeth. I had turned off the faucet, went to put the tooth paste away, and the faucet turned back on BY ITS FREAKIING SELF! I know there is a reasonable explanation for it, but what was so peculier was that in order to turn on the faucet you have to pull up on the handle. Freaky.

Second odd thing happened in first period! We had started our perception drawings and we had them all piled up in a corner. When i say pile, i mean MOUNTAIN! There were probably 100 papers all piled together. Well, there was a kid who was getting impatient looking for his, so he threw one behind his back, right at me. I caught it and guess what? IT WAS MINE! Coincedence? maybe. You be the judge.

Second period, i was thinking about how i haven't heard from Kat, one of my really old friends, in a few weeks. Just i was thinking about texting her, i got a text. I checked it. It was, of course, from her! Whew!

Third period, things were as strange, but they weren't exactly normal. The teacher had left to go make copies, so Ajl and Tyler stood up and start to pretend to dirty dance. Ok, disturbing, but i laughed for about 27 minutes straight. (Annette timed me hehe. We are so scientific!) Also, Anthony had been dissing Brighton, so of course Brighton got pissed off. When the bell rang, he went out into the hall, punched the nearest locke, and DENTED IT! *note to self: Do NOT piss Brighton off.

Last but not least, 4th period. We are watching iRobot (Will Smith=Swoon and pass out). Right in the middle of the movie, the cieling starts leaking! goodness. My table had to move one table over to avoid getting sprinkled on. Lame.

So schools over, you'd think the strange stuff is over, right? WRONG! you fail. Just be glad you have No Child Left Behind or else i'd be force to hold you back. Now go stand in the corner. No snack for you.

ANYWAYS, around midnight (i have insomnia, so i usually stay up pretty late, or i guess early if you think about it) i was reading a book by Graham Masterton, a horror writer on the same level as Stephen King. The book was pretty creepy, and while i was reading this especially eerie passage, my giant math book fell off the top shelf of my book shelf! It landed with spoof and scared me half to death! (btw, i've always wondered. What happens if you've been scared half to death....twice?) Anyways, the book fell, i jumped, just about died from the sudden shock, and ended up laughing... that is, until ANOTHER BOOK FELL! I stopped laughing pretty quick. Either gravity is holding a grudge against me or my house is haunted. Either way, i'm thinking i should move to Wisconsin (why Wisconsin you may ask? Simple. It's the cheese state. Yum.)

So that was my odd day. I'm guessing tomorrow i'm gonna find out Darth Vader is my Dad's third cousin's unlce's sister's Grandpa twich removed. If that's even possible.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Twilight Blog. Join us next week for the astonishing concluison!


Well that's it! uhhh, ya! Man, i never know how to end these. O! i know! I have the perfect idea. It's witty and original


LoSt WhALe, iF fOuND, PlEaSE cOnTaCT



James said...

Hmm wow quite the day! Maybe you are going to be the super ruler of the Twilight zone! Who knows!? The power to control odd random things that happen and are freaky and all related!!! Hahahahahahahah! Evil laugh! Also, that phone number does not work at the end i tried it! U should check your sources.

Macy said...

Wow! What an exciting day.

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

Hahaha, thanks!
You got involved with it, something rarely seen...

Haha, you should make a song...the rhyme isn't bad