Thursday, November 27, 2008

If you are reading this title, you may want to skip it and move on to the actual post.

Hey Hey Hey!!!! Woo! Sorry for not posting and commenting in sooooo looooong (it's been nearly a week for pete's sake!) but my computer was going through a rebellious stage. Thankfully some counseling and family time put it right back on track. Those computers. When they reach that time in their lives when things start changing, when their data starts growing, and other computers pressure them, things get tough. Talk to your computer early on in its life, let it know it can tell you anything. Help it feel secure and loved. 

Don't do drugs.

Now that i'm down being weird (well, weird-er than usual) I shall tell you about everything that has gone on. Well, not everything, just the stuff i can remember and find interesting enough to write. I know, you're just bursting with excitement. Please try to contain yourself. Last time I got complaints from your neighbors. 

SOOOO where to start where to start? How bout at the beginning? Nah, too predictable. I'll start at the end where i started blogging! Hmm... well since that's now, maybe that's not the best idea....O fine i'll start at the beginning! I always find that to be a nice place to...ya know...begin...

First off, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS!!! I shall comment as soon as I can!!! I WUV you! Ya, i know that's corny. Deal with it.

So since the last time I posted, not too many interesting things have happened. I ran the 5K at my school (roughly 3.1 miles) and my legs STILL hurt three days later. I had a two day week this week thanks to Thanksgiving! I am thereby thankful for Thanksgiving. Go figure. 

The absolute most exciting that happened was i was invited along with 20 other kids from my school to go to this Power in You field trip thing that First Lady Huntsman started three years back. It was on Tuesday, so I got to miss A.P Human Geography, Spanish 2, and part of Computer Tech. WOO HOO HOO!!!!!!! *yells to the world in great joy, throws delicious pastries at random passerby to express my glee* The field trip itself was actually not nearly as dull or pointless as i expected. I'd go so far so as to say it was fun and almost-kinda-sorta-semi-inspiring. It was basically a bunch of bad music and flashing lights that burned my retinas in the beginning. *AWWW my retinas!!!* (in case you didn't know, retinas are a part of the eye. Now you know. Consider your IQ raised.) But some of the performances were impressive. There was a group of break dancers (raise the roof!) an adorable group of little African American girls who were my favorite. They combined traditional African style of dancing with contemporary stylings. It was incredibly unique! O, and they had some of the feature dancers from High School Musical (AAWWWWWWW!!!!! My retinas are burning AGAIN!!!! Not to mention my bleeding ears. That High School Musical. Really helps make my day. Guess I shouldn't talk since i'm an extra in the third movie. My greatest shame, though I did get a cool t-shirt out of it)  

Finally the actual program began. There were many inspirational stories of rising above poverty, illness, grief, stories of forgiveness, stories of regret, and one story of a boy who couldn't quite rise above the challenges. It was moving, touching, meaningful, profound, and a bit dull. But on the whole i enjoyed and understood it. One story in particular, of a Utahn Bishop who in one tragic accident had is family of six reduced to one of three,caught my attention. A football player driving drunk after a big game crashing his car into the kind Bishop's, killing the Bishop's 6 year old daughter, 11 year old son, wife, and unborn child, leaving his 2 year old son in critical condition. Despite the grief, he, and his two sons never lost hope, kept their sense of humors, and lived the way they knew their family would have wanted them to. The 17 year old football player is doing what he can to make up for his tragic mistake, speaking out as an example of what drunk driving can do the lives of innocent people and the suffering of the families who were affected by It. I admit, this story made me cry, but it showed me the best lesson life can teach us. No matter what misfortunes befall us, no matter what we lose, we have something, we have a choice and a chance. Perseverance, forgiveness, and most importantly a sense of humor can get anyone through anything. 

And the biggest reality check of it was: If that bishop could forgive that football player for driving drunk and reducing the large, close, happy family, then shouldn't we be able to forgive the everyday wrongs others do to us? Shouldn't we be able to forgive someone for breaking our ipods? For losing our homework? For forgetting our birthdays? For saying the wrong thing? Think about it.

On a brighter not, the Utah Utes totally squashed BYU in the game last Saturday. Football. I swear in-state rivalries are so much mre intense than the Superbowl! The friday before my computer teacher, who supports BYU, had worn a spiky blue wig. When he called role, instead of saying here, we had to say what color we supported, red (for the Utes) or blue (for BYU) I'm first on the role due to my last name (why did it have to start with an A? Why?!) so I hopped right outa my seat and yelled "RED!!!!" and he was all "that's a detention for you!!" (he didn't mean it, he was joking, thankfully. I've never had detention and i would love to keep it that way. Not that i haven't broken rules, i've just never gotten caught. NOT that i have ever broken the rules.....errr...Who wants pie?) it was pretty funny. Anyone who said red he'd yell at them to sit right back down, and anyone who said blue he promised them extra credit. Of course when I heard this, i politely asked if i could change my answer. (who doesn't love extra credit?) of course, he just laughed and told me to get to work. Darn. Well, it was worth a shot. The kid next to me then got all up in my face. He supports BYU (grrrr) so he decided to bait me as to his hearts content. (he's lucky he's my friend or else i would have started speaking the language of intelligence A.K.A the utilization of big words. I find the best way to ward off obnoxious idiots is to whip out a couple three syllable words. Nothing freaks 'em out more. then again, the word "potato" would freak 'em out. It is, after all, more than one syllable. So it the word syllable. that's just odd. ) I don't actually know that many big words, but i do have this strange fascination with them. You know how some people have foot fetishes? I have a big word fetish.

As it was, i told him he's on my hit list, right above George Clooney and just under the dude who delivered my pizza in 31 minutes but wouldn't give it to me for free. 

Well, that's about as much as i can stand typing and about twice as much as you fantabulous bloggers can stand reading about my life. So i think i shall stop! How's that for a fine and totally original idea?

I will tell you about my Thanksgiving tomorrow, cause i'm sure no one else will think to do that *please note sarcasm* 

So I'll see y'all (or i guess write y'all, or better yet blog y'all) later!


O, and one more thing. 


I'm serious. He is my absolute favorite character in the Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. The books themselves are pretty could, a bit repetitive, but very well written with amazing characters. If you haven't read the City of Bones, then do. If you like fantasy, you will love it. 

Ok, i'm done. 

Now, BYE!!!

O, and ANOTHER THING!!! I just re-read my post and realized some parts sound a bit mordant. Sorry about that. I'll tell you why i'm in a bitter mood in my next post. I would now but then why would you come back to read my blog again? see, that sleazy marketing ploy really works hehe. 

O, and ONE MORE THING, sorry about my lame poll question. It's midnight and my mind doesn't work at this time. Not that it works particularily well the rest of the time, but it's even worse this late. But I had to change the poll, it was bugging me having an inactive poll just lurking around my blog. I had t change it, i just HAD too! 

I think that's it for good now.

O wait, just One last thing!



Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

"I find the best way to ward off obnoxious idiots is to whip out a couple three syllable words."

I wish there was a way to express how great something is without using 'lol', 'lmao', or 'hahaha'.

Oh well..great post
it kept my interest
and ignited my laugh

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

Realistically, one life can be worth more than another...ones happiness equated with one's sorrow..determination, happiness and survival harmful. Consciences are built, then ignored. It's sad, but true. Although, it doesn't need to be that way...

"Where is the line one must cross to reach a side to another?"

Natalie! said...

Basically your entire post made me laugh hysterically :D I can always count on your blog to raise my mood (:

Hahaha, when those darn computers reach that time when their data starts growing and other computers pressure them.... :D Wow, 3.1 miles! Your legs must be really sore! I am thankful for Thanksgiving too (; Two day weeks are the best! Especially if you get to go that field trip thing, it sounds like even though it was a bit dull at times it was eye-opening. And not just because your retinas were burned by the lights and High School Musical, hahaha. Even though I'm not a HSM fan either, that sounds cool about being an extra in the movie. And that is good that you didn't actually get a real detention!

And the last bit really cracked me up, with the "then again, the word "potato" would freak 'em out" part and the "just under the dude who delivered my pizza in 31 minutes but wouldn't give it to me for free" part. Hehehe, you are such a great writer!

Happy late Thanksgiving! (:

James said...

Aw Ice! U keep having such good days, and u keep learning so much! Thanks for all the comments and the helpfulness of the posts. Also, good stories from the field trip. (I pods are evil!!!! They will rule the world one day!!!!!! Good thing it broke!) Hmm... that run sounds fun. I wish I could have gone. I wish i had some classes with ya, but no you just had to go to the fancy charter school didn't ya? ;)