Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sauna, Mama, uhhh Obama?

Hey Y'all! I'm not gonna tell you who i wanted to win, instead i'm gonna give you you a basic run down for each candidate, as well as words that rhyme with their name!


1. Doesn't support abortion
2. Very experienced
3. Understands war
4. Wants to cut taxes
5. Tax policies are realistic

1. Doesn't have plans for helping poor
2. Firmly supports war 
3. Would die in a week and we'd have Palin
4. Not a very good speaker
5. Graduated485 in a 488 person school. 


1. Law degree from Harvard
2. 3rd African American elected into senate
3. Very good speaker
4. Plans to cut taxes for middle class, give upper class taxes, use money to help poor
5. Has great teeth

1. Supports abortion
2. May raise taxes
3. Wants to negotiate peace with other countries
4. No war experience
5. Wants to make new amendments to constitution

McCain, rain, main, lane, ordain, sustain, (candy)Cane, sane, insane, dame, contain, anything else that ends with ain. 

Obama, sauna, mama, rama, uhhh McOma?

P.S! Obama won, he is first Black man president, we should all feel honored for being a part of such a huge milestone in our history! 

Also, just need to vent for a sec. Ok, we all know Obama won. It's history. It's over. That's it. This is for all you people who feel the need to insult, slander, and disrespect him. I'm all for stating your opinion, but at least try to sound intelligent while stating it, instead of just saying "Obama is gay!" Say something that actually gives you merit. He's our president and there isn't anything that can be done. How can someone say he's a bad leader when he hasn't even started his term yet? He may be the best President we have ever had, he may not. Maybe McCain would have been better, maybe not. The point it, America has spoken. WE got to to chose and we did. No one should strike, no one should start a riot, because they feel cheated in this election. He one both popular and electoral college vote. We worked hard for our rights, and the right to vote is one of the most important ones. WE voted, he won, accept it.
Sorry about that whole little rant, but it was fun!  
So go ahead! tell me what you think,  I NEED TO KNOW!!!!! WAAAA! Ok, panic attack over.


James said...

I have to say, that I would have to support Obama. Obama has a good chance of raises taxes yes, but it would mainly be for people who make more than 250,000. Personally, I think that people who make per say 50,000 a year that have to pay lets say 7,000, and then have somebody who makes more money actually get a tax refund of 1,000 that is just ridiculous. Obama does support abortion, but i feel as though it should really be an option for the people. It should have its limitations. Obama does have a better understanding of the economy and even McCain has said that he does not understand the economy as well as he should. Palin is an idiot. She thinks because she lived in Alaska she has an understand of foreign policy because it is supposedly close to Russia. How the flip does that make sense? Thats like saying I know how Brazil works because Im kinda close to it from America. Wow amazing logic. Obama does have less experience that McCain, but Abraham Lincoln had just as much experience as Obama, and he such revolutionary ideas and the steps he took in abolishing slavery were used to help establish some of the main roots of destroying slavery. So experience is not necessarily everything. He also supports gay rights, which is something McCain does not. It bugs me because I know gay people, and they should be just treated as equal as everyone else. Obama wants to try to get out of the war in Iraq, and I feel as though it really is a war we can not win. We can not stay there forever and ever just to make them happy. Of course, these are just a few ideas and opinions of me. Still, I need to stop typing before I finally take up wayyyy too much space. So yea.

Allison said...

Ya i know everyone i know (bethany megan tara) wanted mcain oh and megan g. I was like how can you guys say that. I mean even tiffany said i hope he gets assainanated! how can you say that! i mean jeez stop being a poor sport i mean you didn't vote so shut your mouth! Stupid people. The only reason they want mccain is because their parents do i mean tara has this ridiclous idea in her head that we are dependent on oil because of Clinton. I said no it started with him but was under control Bush ruined everything. Tara said NO! Bush is trying to fix it we shouldn't vote for democrates! My god Bush is rebulican and most of the R party hate him! HE is the reason were so fricking bad! ugh and its all because her parents told her that bull. But oh well he didn't win by a landslid so all those ppl who hate Obama Suck IT! lol