Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was just reading my blogs and realized that i make my life sound waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to perfect. TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSST me. It ain't so. My life is similar to that of a Spanish Soap Opera, the kind of like Oprah would have some fun analyzing. Seriously!!!! i swear if i go to school tomorrow only to find out that Darth Vader is actually my Second cousins Aunt Judice's twin brother twice removed, i will not be surprised. So here's some of the drama that goes on in the topsy-turvy t.v show that is my life. Hold onto your hats and other valuables and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. I am not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

*also, i'm gonna change the names of people so as to respect their privacy, so no, I don't actually have a friend named the Dodo , that's just his hidden identity.

So first, Dodo and Smarty are/were dating until Dodo says he doesn't wana girlfriend because he's "too busy." This made Smarty sad. So then Monster and Pooh Platypus went out, then broke up and when they broke up, Dodo said it was because the only reason Pooh Platypus went out with Monster is because sheanted to make Dodo jealous, which wasn't true. So now Monster, Pooh Platypus, And their friends are mad at Dodo, which makes it hard on Smarty because she still likes him.

So that's just a small taste of what goes on. There's much more, but i think i shall leave it at that because personally. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeee drama. i think all this making up and breakin up, rumors and lies are all so stupid and pointless. I choose to remain nuetral. Like Switzerland. It's a good thing Switzerland has good skiing, cause i'm gonna be stuck there all year if this stuff keeps coming up. GROWL! lol

Shoot i forgot to title this

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!!!! So i promised a catastrophe and boy, did i deliver! Actually, it wasn't so much a catastrophe as a truly crazy day. First off, let me tell you what happedened last night. I'm on the newspaper and my job is doing book review, random polls, and filler articles. SOOOOOOOOOOOO the book i was doing my review on was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy long and i hadn't finished it yet. bad news is the article is due today, so last night, while i still had 100 pgs left, I decided to screw it and write the review. I decided this at midnight. I went downstairs, typed it up, printed it out, and gratefully dived into bed. The next day (today) I rushed over to the Editor-in-cheif and turned it in. I was feeling all proud of myself for having racing against time and accomplishing the impossible when my friend informs me that due to lack of articles, the due date had been Postponed to Oct.15. All that rushing for nothing! I could have finished the book. Forturnately I have had practice writing reviews on books i have never even read, so the review was fine, if not great. I could do it again, but instead i'm going to do a filler article to help fill up the newspaper. (get it? filler, fill, it's punny)The moral to this story is...procrastination is your friend until you have to type up your book review at midnight only to discover you could have procrastinated for two weeks longer. Inspiring, isn't it?

So on to today. I live one block away from my school, so i can get home in 3 minutes by car, 7 by walking, 4 if i run. Basically, i live really close. Well today my mom decided to take advantage of this and surprise My sis and I by showing up to take us home for lunch. It was pretty great to go home and kick back for awhile before going back to school. It was a bit too nice. i ended up arriving back at school 4 minutes before the next class started. I ran through the hall bumping into EVERYBODY! i finally made it to my class, where Kirby and Chelsey and Shawnie were having a game of jumpstart tag, which i promptly joined in on until the teacher came in. We were watching the movie and everybody was falling asleept, so the teach turned it off, made us stand up, and took us outside for a walk. It was sweeeet! i walked around with Mel, Lauren, Maryt, and Mason, walking backwards and talking about how God made the heavens, the Earth, and Tissue paper. How random can you get? lol so onto English, where Ajl ate 3 sugar cookies in 1 minute. Amazing. now that's talent! We did peer reviews on our personal essays and read the short story "Black Cat" by Edgar Allen Poe. I like that class because the teach is so laid back and headbangs to her NIN CD's. I also like the students in that class, especially Kimmee, Annette, and Chloe, who i sit by. I also hate Anthony, Dillon, (not you Dillon who reads my blog Dillon, different Dillon) and Jose because they are total dicks/idiots/incredibly annoying and frustrating Butt Munches!!!!! GROWL! LIKE A BEAR EATING STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!! Sorry. Hehe. Random moment. I'll control myself. ;) So on to my last class, General SCience!!!!!!! Me likey this class because we watch sci-fi movies and analyze them. we have debates about ethical issues and Scientific concepts in the film. Its soooooooooooooo fuuuunnnnnnn if you're a total nerd case, like me. Snort! I was late to this class because i was waiting for Lauren-the-slow-poke. but when I ran in, he was facing other way. I quietly slipped into my seat and acted totally innocent. BINGO!!!!!! I do not belive he noticed, because he sure didn't say anything.

So that was my day. I came home, tried skateboarding again (only fell 17 times so i'm getting better!) and now i'm blogging. (obviously) How fun!!!!!!!!

Well that's it for now!!! Join me next time on LIFE AND TIMES OF ME!!!!!!! To find out what happens next. (but next time, don't take so long to get the popcorn!)

Monday, September 29, 2008

YAY!! once again i succeeded in giving this a title. Feel free to applaud!

Hey Hey Hey!!! so are you ready to know just how the rest of my weekend went? it's gonna be great, so grab some popcorn and sit on down, i'll wait while you get the refreshments.....Ok, im tired of waiting, so here we go!

Sunday: So Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. I went to church (i like church, but it sometimes gets a wee bit boring) and then my dad and i went to breakfast. After that my dad and mom started dinner, which was gonna take awhile and i was bored so i went outside and tried something i never have before. skateboarding. DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!! I grabbed my sister's Skateboard and gave it a try. Good news! i only fell down 23 times. Yay me!! So after my life and death battle against the skateboard i had dinner then we all went for a little walk in the mountains. I personally love all things outdoors, from little hikes to weekend long camping trips (and by camping, i don't mean staying the night in a trailer surrouned by a million other little trailers just trying to "get away from it all" i mean spending the weekend in an isolated, quiet, tranquil, forgotten piece of land surrounded by nothing but trees in a little flimsy tent. Now that's camping!)

Today!!!!!!! So today was just another school day. I got my geography test back and BAM!!!!!!! 101% (i have no idea where the extra 1% came from but i'll take it!) Spanish we just watched a movie...in spanish. ugh. Luckily there was subtitles, or else i would have had trouble "building the bridges of understanding" (that's what my awesomely psycho Maestro de Espanol says) Computer tech we just finished with out web pages and Daniel (you all know the Daniel, the dude who says guys are better than girls) just kept going on and on about how he understands the universe. I told him if he understands the universe, why doesn't he build a time machine so he can go back in 3 seconds ago and punch himself in the face so he keeps from pissing me off as much as he did. I know, mean, but hey, he annoys me. Finally, in my lovely Algebra class, we played a game, won candy, and no homework *jumps up and down in great joy*

so that was my day/sunday!!! i know it's not very interesting but what can i say? tomorrow i'll make sure to cause a catostrophe so i'll have something more interesting to write.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!! I'm having another one of those bored moments in the middle of typing my Enlgish Essay, so i'm gonna talk to you all about proper oral hygiene! NOT! I'm gonna write a rant on Breaking Dawn because i was reading the reviews and forums, what with all the squealling reviews and disapoined negative ones, and i wanted to do one last thing before moving on for good ( I have pretty much already moved on, i just wanted to do this one last thing because, well, im bored, its late, i cant think of anything else to do)

First off, just let me say, in the first 2 chapters, the word chuckled was used three times, and all of them involved Edward. To give you an idea of how annoying this can occasionally be, please refer to the following sentence:

Edward: "Aw Bella, love, i'm so filled with glorious burning love for you, i just chuckle with joy," said Edward, Chuckling.

And let the record show, that Renee also chuckled, as noted in Chapter one, Engaged. Too much chuckling!! When will the madness end?

Secondly, specific adjectives like glorious, beautiful, dazzling, and perfect have their place and their place is not every other word. Refer to following sentence if you wish to know what i'm talking about.

Bella: "Aw Edward! You are so bright and dazzling that your perfect glorious self is just too much for my mere mortal eyes. I shall go on and on for the better part of a rather large novel explaining to everyone just how dazzling and beautiful you are!"

Stuff like that just fills me with angst and chagrin. ';)

Thirdly, it has been said that consistant mumbling, muttering, and grumbling can give a person the wrong impression, for instance they may believe you to be slightly unstable. Bella and Edward (especially Bella) seem to mumble, muttering, and grumble more than they actuallly speak. for example:

Edward: "O Bella you are my life and soul, reason and life, water and air, Opera and Obama!" Edward muttered.

Bella: "Says you" Bella grumbled in a mumbling tone.

See? It isn't healthy to grumble, mumble, and mutter. Just say what you mean! It will make you feel better on the inside.

And Lastly, if i had a dime for everytime one of the characters tensed, froze, winced, grimaced, cringed, winced, or raised an eyebrow, i'd be rich enough to buy a pony. Or two. Maybe i could replace the pillows Edward Bit ( i loved that part, i will admit.)

O! and one more thing. if i had a dime for every consistency in the whole saga, i'd end up owing whoever was giving out the dimes.

*Disclaimer: These are my views, opinions, and observations alone. In truth, i actually loved every single book in the series, i just noticed these things that irked me. i still thought it was a good read, just inconistant. Long live Jacob!

How i became a fugitive: The story of one girl's brush with the law.

Hey Hey Hey!! So i'm gonna tell you about my weekend (so far) This ought be fun! Wait until you read my story on how i became a theif. It's exciting!

Friday: O joy i had no school friday! Yay!!!! *holds large parade in celebration* I spent the day at the mall, reading Brisingr (amazingly amazing book!), and eating hamburgers (yum!) I went to Chelsey's house for a while and we played the Wii, (it was my first time and my wrists still hurt) then we rode bikes (i haven't ridden a bike since i popped the tire's on mine, so that was great) and we played chess (shes in chess club so she beat me...3 times. grr lol) Shes fun to hand with and smart, so it was nice. My Sis spent the day with her "friend" (ya, just friends. whatever) LaVonne, who is her best guy "friend". He's Navajo and has the most punk style ever, so of course he's awesome. I spent the night playing on the computer, dancing to Queen songs, reading (of course) and texting.

Saturday: That's today! So today has been just dandy. I found my Halloween costume (I'm going as Bleeding Rose, Which is a poem i wrote. I have a dress and everything!) and i acidentally became a fugitive. Here's the story. My mom was buying my costume and by the register is one of those little stands with all the rings in it. I found one that matched my costume perfectly and picked up while waiting in line. I got distracted by the tattos that are by the entrance and while i was looking at them, i subconciously slipped the ring onto my finger. I went back to the register and when the dude was done ringing us up, we left. We were almost to the car when i noticed the ring. I gasped and showed my mom. I felt awful for accidentally stealing it, i totally forgot about it!!! My mom just laughed and since it was a 50 cents ring and we bought over $150 worth of stuff, she told me to just keep it. I declined at first but thought about how rude the guy at the register would be if i took it back and shuddered. I decided to do the cowardly thing and keep it. Man i felt guilty! but then i thought back to the year before, when the guy at the register gave me a $10 necklace for free and felt a little better. My mom told me how stores make shortage, which is basically the amount of money the store is okay to lose through things going missing. I still feel about it, so next time my mom donates clothes to Good Will, the ring is going with them! At least then some little, deserving girl will find it and it will make her day. Oh well, I'll feel guilty about it for awhile, but eventually it will be one of those things where years later you laugh about it. OOPS!!!! Lol, so thats how i became a fugitive, through Grand Theft Ring. Interesting, No? i should write a crime novel about it.

so anyways, after my brush with the law, i went down to the park near my house to play soccer with my sis, then we went home and played Guitar Hero. Whoo!

Sunday: i have no idea, since it hasn't happened yet. if only i were psychic!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey Hey Hey! I'm bored so I'm gonna rant about things that bug me!

*disclaimer: if you do any of the things that bug me, don't worry, even i do the stuff that bugs me, so don't take any offense, please!*

1. People who snap their gum in the middle of class. Please. we all see you are chewing gum, we don't need to hear it!

2. People who stop txting in the middle of a conversation. Seriously!! Would it kill you to say "sorry g2g ttyl?"

3. People who use txting lingo...when they aren't txting! omg inbd!!!! it iz so un kewl! Lol g2g! c u l8tr!

4. People who just glare at you when you say hi. If you can't say hi back to someone just cuz they aren't your friend, then you have been missing out. Some of the most interesting people are strange and if they are strange enought to wave at a stranger, then they are worth waving back to!

5. People who devote the whole of their concentration to watching a fly buzz around the room while the teacher is giving a lecture, then ask if they can copy your notes. Trust me, its been scientifically proven that learning won't kill you! amazing, huh?

6. Seeing a piece of trash on the ground....right next to a garbage can. Ok, did you walk over to the garbage can just to say "Nah, that's too much effort" then drop your trash on the ground?

7. Don't you just hate it when someone answers a question with a "Wouldn't you like to know"? For example
Person A: "Can i have pickles with this?"
Person B: "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Well of course i wana know! i wouldn't have asked if i didn't. Wouldn't i like to know? well, wouldn't you like to know.

ok, so thats it for now! theres plenty of other stuff that bugs me, but i dont want you to think im just a whiner. hehe.

One more thing i hate. People who rant about things they hate. They just bug me!
Hey hey Hey!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo today was amazingly crazy. Cottonwood had an A.M assembly so A.M.E.S (my school) did co-corricular (a.k.a clubs). we didn't have a meeting for newspaper because we had one last week and Improve club was closed, so Shawnie, Tia, Emily, and I went around the halls doing our Useless Polls newspaper. My poll was asking what do you prefer, Chocolate, Coffee, or Carrots. Shawnie did favorite genre of music. It was crazy, going around, asking random people random questions, and it was also incredibly fun! I gotta a lot of weird looks and laughs. it was sooo enjoyable! 

after co-curricular, i had art. i had put my binder down so i could wonder  around more freely, but i forgot where i put it (i know, smart me.) so i had to hunt it down and run to Art class! i ran in literally just as the bell rang. crazy.

after art is lunch, which was fun. i grabbed some pizza and a hawaiian punch and plopped down on the couch with my other lunch buddies. we had a wacko debate about why singing takes the same amount of skill as playing an instrument. i was, of course, all for singing. 

so then i go over to Earth Science for another stimulating discussion about the string theory. whoo!!! it gave me a headache, but man, it was interesting!!! it was  made all the more interesting by the people who sit with me. I arm wrestled Mel when the teach wasn't looking, until he caught us and teased us, saying he would take us both on. Hilarious!!!

Then onto English we go. It was pretty bleh. bleh bleh bleh. we were split into groups to evaluate our essays, and my group me, Krista, and two dicks. ugh. 

General science was fun. We finished the movie and had a discussion about the ethical issues portrayed in said movie. i Love analytical discussions so it was fun. for me. You know, a nerd. lol. while we were waiting for everyone else to finish the worksheets we were doing, Allie, Emily, and i told eachother animal-related stories. It was entertaining. Allie was telling us about how one time, she put on out a flyer that said Lost Giraffe: Responds to name Jeffrey, Weighs 3456 lbs, and has a quite personality. I laughed so hard, then we discussed the making of a flyer for a lost whale. it was all so random and pointless and really didn't make any sense, my favorite type of conversation!

On a very very very sad note, i did not make student council. Its because Ms. Pierson, the person in charge, doesn't take a lot of Freshman in. I was all sad, but its ok, i still have newspaper and i'm thinking about getting back into fencing.

so that was my day!!! it was pretty interesting. But then again, school is always pretty similar to a Spanish Soap opera! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I finally remebered to title this!

Hey hey hey....note how unenthusiastic i sound. thats because my A.P Human Geograpny teacher, the lovely Mrs. Hatch, decided to give us a test. It wasn't that hard, but the way she words things is weird!! and she gives us such little space to write our answers, you would think she though we all had magic microscopic writing powers. seriously!

Luckily, tomorrow is the last day of this week. (No school friday! Yay! i'll have more time to make plans for world domination....i mean....to spread peace and harmony throughout the land. ya. hehe) So today was uneventful. I went to class, did work, listened to boring teachers, left class, went home, and accidentally blew up the microwave. (Ha! i wish, at least then my day would have had some excitement.)

O!!!! I forgot to mention, during lunch, i was sitting on the head of the couch, when someone pushed me and i went toppling down! i landed on top of Annette, who sprang up, spilling Emily's soda all over the couch. It was absolutley hilarious! Shawnie and Mel helped me up, then we got to work on cleaning up Emily's soda. we spent the rest of lunch laughing like maniacs and trying to get Shawnie to wear Mel's hat. Whoo!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!! so today was.....well it was a school day, so what can i say? i did school stuff. Yawn. in first period, i just did the kinda stuff you do i art, in second i did the stuff you do in Earth Science, in third i did what you do in English, and in 4th i did the things you do in General Science. Exciting, i know, but don't worry kids, if you work hard, your life will be just as exciting as mine. whoo! ha. ya. sure. lol so i wore these clip in hair color extension things, they were purple and blue, and everyone commented on them It was fun because everyone thought i had died my hair, so they were all "Dude!!!! What the heck did you do? are they real? wow!!!!" it was so hilarious! and sorta silly. pssh. O ya, Marley, a senior at AMES, adopted me as her freshman. she just came into the my English class, stared at me, and said she was analyzing me. weird. I just stared back, raising my eyebrows (im a brow at raising one eyebrow, the the other. its fun.) i did that whole im watching you thing you do with hand motions. she just laughed and declared me her adopted freshman. it was wonderfully random, so of course i laughed. everyone at my table just sorta stared at me, apparently not sure how to react, so their expressions made me laugh even harder. after about 5 minutes, all returned to normal. Man, as im typing this, i just realized how odd that entire scene was. Ha! it was great

so that was the first part of my terribly long day. the 2nd part included Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Actually, it wasn't too tortorous. I have Mostly A's and 3 A-'s. My big problem is how much i talk in class, but i do pay attention, so the teachers pretty much let it go, thank goodness. All in all, today was just a another day, complete with random moments, odd scenerios, and all the stuff that comes with wearing colored highlights to school. O, and my friend Chris ran up behing me, pulled on of my highlights, gave me a random hug, and ran off. it scared me to death, and i as i whipped around to get him back, i acidentally hit Brighton with my scarf! whoops. aw well, he just teased me and moved do on in his life. i like people who dont make a big deal outa things. 

so thats it!!!! Have fun reading this magnificent blog (did i say magnificent? I meant....well ya, magnificent. Jk!) Good night! 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yo Yo Yo wat up my blog? So today i'm gonna tell you about my day. (i know, shocker!) So today was actually a pretty good day. I some interesting conversations revolving around teeth, chocolate, and more. To learn more, continue reading. ;)

1st period! o joy. i have a test in this torture class on Wendsday, so thats just gonna be great. ha! not. WE just did reviews the whole period, then we got into groups and did rotations. I liked the group i was in, since it was composed of Alex, Noah, A.J, Kathryn, Annette, and Chris. We were supposed to be discussing different maps, but instead we talked about how i got my wisdom teeth out, and about braces and cavities and whatnot. Interesting. and Random. I love Random. My friends Aly and Samie are both wonderfully random. speaking of which, Samie! Write in your blog more often!! its been a week since your lost entry!!

2nd period was bleh. i love the hyperactive teacher and the goofy people i sit by (namely Marty, Steph, and Tanner) but today was boring. we spent the entire 1 and a half translating this lame passage into English. AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! TORTURE!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! WHY NOT JUST MAKE ME EAT THUMBTACKS? we also had a pop quiz, which i got 11 outa 15 on. Not ghastly, but not great either.

3rd was fine. Its my least favorite class, computer Tech, and right now we are working on web pages. the codes are so freaking confusing! i finally figured some of it out, thanks to Mr. Webster, Shawnie and Daniel. I didnt get very far, but i have all next class to work on it. UGH! Daniel pissed me off though. i was asking him for help, so he said i met that stupid stereotype that boys are smarter than girls. well, that made me so mad i said "PEJORATIVE, CONSPICUOUS, PLATITUDINOUS, SERENDITOUS, CHARLATAN, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE MEAN?" when he didn't answer i smiled all vehenmetly and said "soooo, do you still believe boys are smarter? i suggest you shut your mouth before you stick your other foot in it." he started saying something about The Theory of Relativity, but i quickly shut it up with "If you were relatively as smart as you think you are, then you would know that i'm pissed and would stop talking before i knock you into next thursday."

4th was algebra and that was just fine. Its a funny class, 'cuz Ms. J is constantly picking on A.J. shes so straight forward and funny. I sit next to Kimmee, and shes so sweet and odd. We had a pencil sword fight everytime Ms. J wasn't looking. LOL! We are just working on the basics, so its pretty easy, and Ms. J is an amazing teacher. I also like this class cause Lauren, Anthony, Lexie, and Annette are in it. O joy!

so that was my incredibly....odd day. i have parent teacher confrences tomorroe. Yay. (note sarcasm) now thats a cause for celebration. *end sarcasm*

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!! Wats up fellow bloggers? so today is Sunday and what a beautiful Sunday it is!!!! It started at 5 A.M. I stayed up all night Saturday (until 5 A.M, to be specific) blogging, watching youtube videos, and posting reviews on Amazon under my secret identity. (my secret identity is Angela, which is my moms name. haha) so i was finally tired out and was settling down in bed with a good book, when i felt a sudden, sharp pain in one of areas where i had my wisdom teeth removed. it was such a huge jolt, i actually started shaking. the pain kept coming, aching and throbbing so much it felt like someone was trying to pound a dull nail through my gums into my skull. (sorry about that disturbing discription, but there really was no other way to describe it.) i immediatly ran to the kitchen for a pain pill, waking my mom on the way. i downed an ibuprofen and some over the counter stuff my oral surgeon had prescribed in hope of dulling the pain quickly. by this time, my tongue had actually started tingling and going numb. weird. The pain was unberable and relentless, so of course i panicked a little, though compared to my mom,  was calm as a cucumber. my mom immediately thought dry socket, an after effect of the surgery i went through. she was really panicking, so i put on a brave front, telling her it wasn't too bad and smiling, despite how i could feel a migraine coming on, thanks to the great pain. it was 5 A.M, so there wasnt much we could. i could tell my parents felt helpless, as did i. 

i was so thankful when the meds started to kick in. i fell asleep and woke at 12 p.m. i was groggy and had a headache, but i noticed, with great relief, that the pain was gone. i laughed with relief as i though back to a few hours earlier. man,  it sure felt nice to be outa of the crippling grasp of pain. 

well ok! thats it. today started off just dandy, and got even better as it progressed. my friend try to kill himself via overdose and im starting to feel the dizzying affects of taking too many painkillers at once. isnt that lovely? ugh, idk what im gonna do about my friend. ive tried so hard to make him happy. ive given him advice and kind words, ive stayed up into the wee hours of the morning trying to make him realize wat a good person he is, but to no avail. ive tried and tried and tried, but nothing. hes still as depressed as always. he says he tries, but i know he doesnt. if he tried, hed realize how his happiness affects us all, hed realize how lucky and talented and good he is. hed realize that hes loved, and hed realize that a million and one solutions besides suicide lay right in front of him. but no, all he sees is suicide, because that is what he wants to see. he wants to go and i cant help him. ive tried, but ive made no difference. he means so much to me and so much to so many other people, but all he sees is darkness. i hate myself for not being any help, and i hate myself for how tired i am. its so emotionally draining, to constantly worry about someone. i wish i was stronger. oh well. no use in kicking myself for being what i am. 

so yay!!!!! im sorry about how lame this post is. i do have good news though!!!! i finally bought Brisingr, the third book in the inheritance cycle, and i cant wait to really read it!!! boo-ya! im a litle bit stressed, because i have a geography quiz tomorow and i have to write a book review and a usless poll for the newspaper, but its also nice to contribute, so its all good. a little bit of stress is actually healthy. And coke was originally green. ok, im done with the useless facts, lol. il post later!!! 

Live for the moment, forget the past, because you never know how long the future may last. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm bored, so i'm gonna post again. So lately, i have just been telling you about how my day is going, whats been going on, and complaining. I have decided i am now gonna tell you what i believe are the pros and cons of Stephenie Meyers Breaking Dawn (yes i read the Twilight SAga, and yes i'm still bringing it up. You gotta problem with that?)


1. Seth. Seth is my fav werewolf, hes young, brigh, open minded, accepting, and a breath of fresh air.

2. All the random vampires who arrive at the end of the book to protect Reneesmee. I thought they were all so colorful and interesting! i especially liked Benjamin.

3. Bella finally became a vampire! Her power is cool and subtle, making it all the more valuable. I like how she finally sees herself as Edward's equal.

4. Learning more about Tanya's family. that was very insightful and added depth to the story.

5. The ending. I loved how Edward finally got to hear Bella! it made me so happy, i actually squeeled like a fan girl. i know, disturbing. lol, jk! I just loved the finality of it. he heard her, he finally understand her love, he now knows just how strong her love is and that they will truly always be together. it finally relaxes him and allows him to have the peac of mind he so badly needed.

6. Jacob's blonde jokes. Hilarious.


1. One word: Reneesmee. i just thought that that little twist was too big of a jolt and totally contradicted many important aspects to the story, not to mention what a slap in the face it was for Rosalie.

2. How long it took Dr. Carlise to realize what the Bella's unborn Half-Vampire baby might want to eat. Hmm...Vampire.....eat....nope, i have no idea.

3. Jacob' s entire ending. i believe that Jacob would be much healthier for Bella than Eddy boy. He brought out the best in her and helped her when she really needed is. without him, Bella might have been lost forever in a catatonic slump. I don't think he should have ended up with Bella, but i do think he was deserving of a dignified and happy ending that didn't involve imprinting on the mutant child of the girl he used to have inappropriat thoughts about. to be brutally honest, i would rather have seen him die a romantic, heroic, dramatic death that redeemed him and portrayed him as a hero, than see him imprint on a newborn kid who he plans to marry when she has only been alive for seven years. ick.

4. The whole big build up to an epic battle, the suspense, the anticipation, only to have what should have been a huge battel turn into a friendly vote and tea party. ugh. major disapointment. I thought that we were gonna see the vultori get squashed, with casualties that added deep emotions to the book, but no, we get a spirited debate and everyone skips off happily ever after. well, everyone but Irina, but no one actually knew her so whatever.

5. The message of the book threw me off. I thought Stephenie Meyer originally said that the important theme of the book was that Bella was gonna have to make a choice and sacrifice something importatnt in her life, but no, She gets everything she wanted and more. the story just wraps up like a perfect gift with a big, pink bow. She sacrifices nothing, she even get Charlie to remain a part of her life. speaking of which, what the heck is up with Charlie? he finds out his daughter may or may not be human and that she's hangint out with werewolves, and all he says is "Need to know basis" thats just a bit too convenient.

6. Shapeshifters. what the heck? here we go, reading the series, all wondering about the Vampire vs werewolf feud, only to find out they aren't werewolves, but shapeshifters who take the shape of wolves!!! this was a pointless twist that left a million plot holes, like why the shapeshifters smell like werewolves. weird.

7. Renee. wtf happened to her? She just disapears. You think that after discovering her daughter was dying of some serious disease, she would come running down to Forks to see whats going, but instead, we never hear from her ever again. I mean, where did she go? suddenly she just doesn's care? there is a serious consistancy problem there.

8. What happened to Angela being Bella's BFF? We hardly see her Breaking Dawn. She and Eric both just sorta vanish. Poof!

Well, there ya have it. thats just a short little list of some of my pros and cons for that book. Feel free to comment and post your own opinions and add to my list. Everyone is welcome and i would love to hear what you think! COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!
Hey Hey Hey!!!!!! so i just got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and youch!!! my right cheek is swollen, i look like a chipmunk! at least chipmunks are adorable, right? The surgery also made my jaw line all bruised and i keep playing with the stitches in my mouth with my tongue, which makes them bleed, which makes me very annoyed. I'm in some pain and have a lot of stiffness, but the meds i'm on are heavy duty, so i'm good. i'm also a bit loopy. Whoo-hoo-hoo!!!! i was supposed to just take it easy and sleep today, but i got bored so i played some dance dance revolution (ddr) and went shopping and played some soccer. now i'm looking up random blogs and leaving comments to see if they will start following my blogs. BTW, Thanx Ellie, for commenting!!! you rock. I'l tell the other regulars on my blog to check your blog out. YA hear that Scat, Samie, Dillon, and Aly? Go check out Ellie's blog!! lol. so today has been uneventful. I'm annoyed with Scat for not asking how i'm doing, since he knows i had surgery, but oh well. that's just me being vain and selfish. its fun to be selfish every now and again, though i feel guilty if i keep it up for too long lol. i guess i just don't have what it takes to be a brat. go figure.

so that's it for today!!!! i'm gonna go bug my sister. have fun reading this!! Byeeee!
Update: Ok, I am no longer annoyed at Scat!! lol, he asked how i was doing. my guess is that hes just distracted. he has a lot of homeworkd and a lot to think about. No worries Scat! i know ya care, i was just being whiny lol.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey Napolean!! i'm back to blog my heart out some more. Ok, so today was pretty good. It  was a b-day so now you will get to know the other half of my block schedule!!

A.P. Human Geography: My teacher for this class is Mrs. Hatch and she is my least favorite teacher. She is so typical, old, crotchety old teacher. she just makes us do notes and lame text book work. And if we arent doing that, we are doing the same stuff we did in first grade. It's so boring and tedious! i'm now the only one who thinks this. everyone ive talked to about this agrees with me. 

Spanish 2: My teacher in this class is...eccentric. his name is Snr. Homer and hes so random and hilarious!! He will do stuff like jump onto the desks and try to pump us up so we wil actually listen. You cant help but smile and laugh in his class. I sit next to Steph and Marty, which makes the class even funner. 

Computer Tech: I like the teacher, Mr. Webster, but i hate this class. its tedious and boring. we were trying to make websites, but my stupid computer kept rejecting my commands, even after the teacher said it was all correct. I sit next to Danny, Tay, Jen, Shawnie, and Em, so at least that makes it funner.

Algebra: Ms. Jasumback is my teach in this class and she is AWESOME! She really helps me understand math, which is my worst subject! i also know a few ppl in that class, like Lexie, Lauren, Anthony, Kimmee, and Annette. MS. J lets us work together a lot, so thats really helpful. 

So now i just have to vent a little bit about Jadyn and Truffle. I wanted so badly to stay good friends with them after i went to AMES, but neither of them really text me, and when they do, they stop in the middle of a conversation. it bugs me so much! im making all this effort and they are all but ignoring me. i thought they would miss me, but they have each other, so maybe they dont need me. i guess i should move on, but i dont really want to. i just wish they would at least try. oh well, ive done wat i can. its there turn.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!!! Ok, so for this blog i am going to rant about life. You ready for this?

Ok, so life is our ultimate tests as human beings. depending on your beliefs, some believe that if we pass the test that is life, we get an ultimate reward. So lets say this is correct (which it could be, who knows?) What exactly is passing? well, here are my rules and standards. 

Rules! Listen up children, dont make me send you to the corner

1. Do what you can
2. Never assume you know the answer, assume you have got a good guess, that way, you have an open mind for learning.
3. Be determined
4. Be the best person you think you can be
5. Know that you have your whole life to improve, so never assume you are a failure
6. Wish all you want, but make sure you spend most of your time doing. Remember: Time spent wishing is time spent wasted.
7. Strive to be an inspiration. work passed those tough spots. the harder you have to work, the better the reward feels.
8. Depression is a mental condition, not an excuse
9. Bad days happen, so you might as well laugh at them. remember murphy's law: Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. if you wana live by ChipotleChick's laws, then do what you can to break Murphy's law, and dont worry about the consequences.
10. When you ask someone how they are doing, actually listen to the answer.
11. Everyone has problems, but then again, everyone needs oxygen. i guess its just a part of life. go figure.
12. Never assume your life is worse than someone else's. 
13. People care, they just care about their own problems.
14. Caring isn't always free. for someone to care for you, you must care back.
15. Everything gets worse before it gets better. The good part is, it does get better. live for that.
16. Suicide isn't an answer, its a cheap way out. Cheater. Remember, cheaters never win. 

So there you have it!!! some random rules on life!!!! Read em, consider em, then throw them all away and make your own rules! have fun and COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! Speaking of which, thank you  anastacio soberbo  for commenting!!! hope you are having fun in Portugal!!! Hugs from America!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey!! Wat up world? Ok, so im going to inform you on my weekend. Won't that be exciting? I'l wait while you go get some popcorn....ok, enough waiting. So on Saturday, my sis went to see Dark Knight with her friend Jason (she so wished he was her Boy friend, even though she wont admit it.) I spent the day arguing the rights of teenagers with my parents. suprisingly enough, it was kinda fun. it didnt get me anywhere though. they shoot down every argument i make. They just wont listen or take into consideration myself as an individual. they clump me together with every teenager out there. they dont seem to understand that we are all different. sigh. dam it. as in beaver dam. jk. Good news is i did manage to convince my parents to get the supplies needed for ice cream sundaes. Yay!! Jadyn invited me to a party, but it was a Mormon thing and everytime i go all i get is strange looks. i would have gone for her, but oh well.

On Sunday (today) i spent the day trying to get over this lousy cold i have. Man, i hate being sick. it must be going around because Aly had it, Truffle had it, Giggles had it, Mel had it, and now i have it. AARGH!! Im a pirate. jk. i finished my homework *holds small parade in celebration* so thats a huge rellief. i had a lot of it but i managed to spread it out. i even "went the extra mile" so hopefully il get some extra credit. O ya, i forgot to menion that yesterday, Scat told me he liked me. I already knew that, but i was still surprised that he said it. Oh well, at least he was straighforward. it sucks when guys try to be all mysterious and coy and what not. I use to sorta like him, but idk. Hes kind, caring, thoughtful, and smart, but hes not exactly my type. im more into hispanic men. (im totally kidding lol. well, sorta. rotfl!)

So ya. that was my weekend. i spent it doing homework, arguing, eating ice cream, and sneezing. doesnt that sound fun?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Napoleon!!! I'm back. I was reading some past blogs and thought maybe you faithful blog readers would like to know a little bit about the people in my life!!!

MOM: My mom is a very good person. i love her to death. Something that bugs me about her though is her tendencey to overreact. i complained aboout a teacher once, so she called the principal to arrange a meeting with him, my mom, and the teacher involved. Thankfully i managed to talk both her and the principal out of it. WHeW!!! Major relief. Anyways, my mom is currently looking for a job. She has a learning disability that cheated her out of a master degree she worked so hard for, a fact that has made her very depressed. Shes smart, caring, and a quick learner. shes easy to get along with. i hope she finds a job soon, just to cheer her up.

DAD: My dad is the funnies, hardest working, most laid back guy around. He knows how to make a joke out of anything, rarely complains (even though her works 5 days a week, 10 hours a day at a lumbermill, working with poisonous woods, dangerous machines, and annoying co-workers) and almost never gets mad. (though when he does, watch out. he once through a giant piece of wood at a very disobedient and obnoxiou co-worker. Go dad!) I really look up to my dad. Hes jsut really easy to get along with. hes a popular guy at his work and everyone just seems to love him (or hate him, if they are poo-heads)

SISTER: My sister is as smart and silly as you can get. shes punk and obsesed wtih all things music. she has Alztiemers, so she tends to obsess over specifice things. I love her. She insults me every other word, but she is still one of my best friends. she is currently editor of the newspaper and is looking for the job of Editor-in-Chief. I hope she gets it. She deserves it.

Annette: Annette is my friend from Italy. I met her at AMES and she is outspoken but caring. She has a sort of dark vs. light style that suits her personality. She awesome!

Lexie: Lexie is a spastic ball of energy i met at the Hale Center Theatre. She goes to AMES with me now and i love her to death. She is silly and hyper and very creative. shes an amazing mathematician.

Melanie: melanie is another friend from AMES. She is perpetually happy and goofy. She is the cutest little thing you will ever meet. She has a sparkly personality that really makes her stand out. She rocks!

Chris: Chris is one of my first AMES friends. Hes sarcastic, quick-witted, and popular. Hes on the newspapter staff with me. Im actually textin him just as im typing this!!!

Scat: Scat is a friend from B-ville. He is one of my top male friends and i love him for his sense of caring. it is hard to find guys as sensitvie as him. He is a very depressed person, though i try to help him best i can. Sometimes i wonder if he truly hears what im saying. Hes a thoughtful person, one of the kindest people i have ever met.

Truffle: Truffle is one of the best actors/singers i have ever met. shes amazingly talented and fun to be around. She is a bit uncaring, but i love her all the same.

Detective Small: Detective Small is simply one of the funnies, randomnest, and hyperist people i have ever met. Shes empathetic and strong. Sometimes i wonder if she would really be there for me when the going gets rough, but in the end, she is stilll a good person.

Chloe: Chloe is the quietist perosn i have ever met, but when she talks, its funny and intersting. She has awesome hair and a sort of glow about her. she loves to read and is very kind. She is another AMES buddy.

Ajl: Ajl is more of an acquintence than a friend, but he is so odd and different, i had to metnion him. He i a jr. from AMES and the T.A for my English class. I talk to him on A-days. His reputation for being funny, random, mischievious, and just plan weird is well known around the student body and staff.

Allison: Allison is one of my best friends. She is pretty, funny, and kind. She is the kinda friend where you have the most fun just sitting and talking about life. we have shared laughs, memories, and stories. She is one of my most trusted friends.

Samie: Hey Samie!!! Samie is the most Unique person i have ever met. She has a punk style, yet loves Miley Cyrus, shes quiet and funny and sarcastic and has pink hair, which is, of course, awesome. Shes a good friend and a good person.

Chelsey: I have known Chelsey since 3rd grade. I sometimes dont treat her right, and i feel bad about it. I love her though. she deserves the best in life and i know she will go far. She is smart and giggly. you gota love that!!

Emily: Emily is another friend from AMES. She is a very...interesting person. Shes hard to describe, but suffice to say she puts on a quiet persona, but once she relaxes, wow, shes wonderfully strange. lol shes amazing.

Lauren: Lauren is a confident and popular friend of mine. She was one of my first friends at AMES. She has a totally preppy/casual style that is very reminescent of her. She is happy and cool. she is very fun to talk to.

Marty: Marty is Laurens best friends, which is funny because lauren is peppy and Marty is outright punk. Marty isnt a very close friend of mine, but she is very fun to talk to. Shes in love with batman, a love we both share, so with varying passion.

Stephenie: Stephenie is a friend from B-ville who has joined me at Ames. She is a good friend and is nice and funny. she is very tomboyish, yet has a strangely girly quality about her. She is very knowledgable of pressure pionts.

WEll thats it. there are a million othe people in my life, but that will do for a start ;)

Hey Blog!!! Ok, so i have decided to name my blog. Are you ready for this? My blog is officially gonna be named........Napoleon!! Isn't that just amazing? LOL. So anyways, today was... interesting. I felt positivlely horrible for Annette. She moved here from Italy and last night she heard that one of her close friends there was ran over by a car. He was a hit by a truck and then again by a car following the truck. The person in the truck didnt stop, but thankfully car dude did and called an ambulance. The poor kid has been in the hospital all day, going through surgery. If he pulls through, he will be going in and out of surgery all next week. First to stitch up his insides, then for reconstructive surgery on his face. I spent all day trying to cheer her up. I did this by treating her like i would any other day, only i gave her hugs at random intervals. Lexie and I made up stupid rhymes and silly dances to help distract her. it seemed to help, but idk how shes holding up now that shes at home. i hope her family will comfort her. they will probably do a better job than Lex and I.

On a happier note, i hung out with Lexie today after school. She is so fun and energetic! We did all the random things random teenage girls randomly do.

On another sad note, Gabby had to go to a funeral today. Her friend was hit by a car last week. Srsly, cars are a problem. Now typically, people wear black to a funeral, but not Gabby. She thinks funerals are sad enough without all the black, so she wore a lime green dress instead. gotta love that girl.

On yet another sad note, i had a math test today, and stupid Ajay (Adolf if you wana piss him off) decided to be sneaky and copy off my paper. I caught him and made him change his visual aid so Mrs. Jasumback wouldnt find out he was cheating and give us both zeros. Now that would have sucked.

And on a happy note, a new episode of my fav show is on tonight. That little fact has sorta been my bouy in the sea of uncertainty that was my day. (and my life for that matter.) It undulated between good and bad, it was just a matter of keeping my head above the waves. I sure hope i succeeded. im not in the mood for drowning.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So this is A day!!!

hey bloggy old pal. im back! ok, so school today was pretty bleh. it started off good in art, but went down hill from there. dang it.

ART: We are working on a project in which we must do an abstract drawing that uses a variety of contour lines. its pretty fun. I have some friends in that class, which makes it all the more cool. The only problem is the teacher seems t be in love with piling on project after project before we even finish one!!! She also doesnt seem to like me much so growl. The kids in there seem to be split into three groups: Popular jock preps, Quiet talents, and the misfits. Guess which one im in? If you guess misfits, then ding ding ding we have a winner!!! its fine with me though. i dont like having a lable

Earth Science: Ramsey, my teacher , is amazing!!! We spent the entire 90 minutes today talking about space and time. I mentioned that space moved, so if wormholes exist, maybe its because the are made out of a material that moves faster than space, making an intergalactical highway. interesting, no? only now ever since i brought that up, Brighton keeps teasing me. lol, nerd. snort. I love the other people who sit at my table though. its a very entertaining group!!!

English: Ms. Freestone is my English teacher and newspaper advisor and she is about as cool as cool can get! shes obsessed with NIN and knows how to have a good time. Idk if she likes me, she seems pretty neutral. oh well. cant win over everyone. Good new is i have some friends in that class and Anthony, who is amazingly annoying but can distract a teacher better than anyone i know.

General Science: This is also known as Science through Science Fiction. We watch movies than compare and discuss the scientific concepts portrayed in that movie. its unbleivably entertaining!!!! right now we are watching War of The Worlds. Its fun to talk about theories and issues we see in the movie. i also have some friends in this class. Yay!

So anyways, today was just one of those bleh days. I got a lot of homework, my teachers seemed to give me the cold shoulder, and even Chris, a friend of mine, seemed to ignore me today. oh well. life goes down down down but eventually it comes back up. Im accustomed to days like that. My entire life just undulates, changing like the sea. you never know whats gona happen the next day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hella Ya!!! My first blog (or blog primer en Espanol.)

Hello World!!!! I am pleased to inform you that I, the exuberant Eclair, now have a blog!!! Its gonna be epic. Mwahahahahaha!!! so Before we get down to the nitty gritty of things, i just wana let you all know a little bit about me. first, my names Eclair (if you didnt get that by now, then how the heck did you learn how to read?) jk. I have a gazzillion random things i enjoy doing, including writing, fencing, reading, playing soccer, etc etc. I am Currently going to a Charter School and the teachers (well, most of them) are pretty darn cool!!! Also, i know words like Darn and heck annoy people, and i just wana say i have absolutely nothing against profanity (Hell Ya) i just choose to not use it every other word. I like to rant so expect some pretty passoinate blogs. Ummm, im Catholic (and proud hehe) and i know how to say "give me candy" in 3 differnt languages. (i know, impressive, right?) lol, so thats it for now. il be blogging later. comment and enjoy!!!

C ya!!!!