Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I finally remebered to title this!

Hey hey hey....note how unenthusiastic i sound. thats because my A.P Human Geograpny teacher, the lovely Mrs. Hatch, decided to give us a test. It wasn't that hard, but the way she words things is weird!! and she gives us such little space to write our answers, you would think she though we all had magic microscopic writing powers. seriously!

Luckily, tomorrow is the last day of this week. (No school friday! Yay! i'll have more time to make plans for world domination....i spread peace and harmony throughout the land. ya. hehe) So today was uneventful. I went to class, did work, listened to boring teachers, left class, went home, and accidentally blew up the microwave. (Ha! i wish, at least then my day would have had some excitement.)

O!!!! I forgot to mention, during lunch, i was sitting on the head of the couch, when someone pushed me and i went toppling down! i landed on top of Annette, who sprang up, spilling Emily's soda all over the couch. It was absolutley hilarious! Shawnie and Mel helped me up, then we got to work on cleaning up Emily's soda. we spent the rest of lunch laughing like maniacs and trying to get Shawnie to wear Mel's hat. Whoo!


Macy said...

wow! Sounds like an interesting day.

Ellie said...

lol, u day sounds soooooo much better than would EVER have been! LUCKY! What school do u go 2? (lol, u don't need 2 answer that 1.) Anyway.........good luck w/ the "spreading peace and harmony throughout the world" thing.