Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey Hey Hey! I'm bored so I'm gonna rant about things that bug me!

*disclaimer: if you do any of the things that bug me, don't worry, even i do the stuff that bugs me, so don't take any offense, please!*

1. People who snap their gum in the middle of class. Please. we all see you are chewing gum, we don't need to hear it!

2. People who stop txting in the middle of a conversation. Seriously!! Would it kill you to say "sorry g2g ttyl?"

3. People who use txting lingo...when they aren't txting! omg inbd!!!! it iz so un kewl! Lol g2g! c u l8tr!

4. People who just glare at you when you say hi. If you can't say hi back to someone just cuz they aren't your friend, then you have been missing out. Some of the most interesting people are strange and if they are strange enought to wave at a stranger, then they are worth waving back to!

5. People who devote the whole of their concentration to watching a fly buzz around the room while the teacher is giving a lecture, then ask if they can copy your notes. Trust me, its been scientifically proven that learning won't kill you! amazing, huh?

6. Seeing a piece of trash on the ground....right next to a garbage can. Ok, did you walk over to the garbage can just to say "Nah, that's too much effort" then drop your trash on the ground?

7. Don't you just hate it when someone answers a question with a "Wouldn't you like to know"? For example
Person A: "Can i have pickles with this?"
Person B: "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Well of course i wana know! i wouldn't have asked if i didn't. Wouldn't i like to know? well, wouldn't you like to know.

ok, so thats it for now! theres plenty of other stuff that bugs me, but i dont want you to think im just a whiner. hehe.

One more thing i hate. People who rant about things they hate. They just bug me!


Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

Haha funny and random entries are always fun to read

James said...

Lol, how fun. Sounds like a nice thing to rant about :D

Macy said...


Ellie said...

I can't really think of anything 2 say 2 that but um..."lol". So....

samiee<3 said...

WOW!! dude your hilarious. that's preety much all the things that bug me too. I wish i could write like that. Now im jealous!! :)