Monday, September 29, 2008

YAY!! once again i succeeded in giving this a title. Feel free to applaud!

Hey Hey Hey!!! so are you ready to know just how the rest of my weekend went? it's gonna be great, so grab some popcorn and sit on down, i'll wait while you get the refreshments.....Ok, im tired of waiting, so here we go!

Sunday: So Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. I went to church (i like church, but it sometimes gets a wee bit boring) and then my dad and i went to breakfast. After that my dad and mom started dinner, which was gonna take awhile and i was bored so i went outside and tried something i never have before. skateboarding. DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!! I grabbed my sister's Skateboard and gave it a try. Good news! i only fell down 23 times. Yay me!! So after my life and death battle against the skateboard i had dinner then we all went for a little walk in the mountains. I personally love all things outdoors, from little hikes to weekend long camping trips (and by camping, i don't mean staying the night in a trailer surrouned by a million other little trailers just trying to "get away from it all" i mean spending the weekend in an isolated, quiet, tranquil, forgotten piece of land surrounded by nothing but trees in a little flimsy tent. Now that's camping!)

Today!!!!!!! So today was just another school day. I got my geography test back and BAM!!!!!!! 101% (i have no idea where the extra 1% came from but i'll take it!) Spanish we just watched a spanish. ugh. Luckily there was subtitles, or else i would have had trouble "building the bridges of understanding" (that's what my awesomely psycho Maestro de Espanol says) Computer tech we just finished with out web pages and Daniel (you all know the Daniel, the dude who says guys are better than girls) just kept going on and on about how he understands the universe. I told him if he understands the universe, why doesn't he build a time machine so he can go back in 3 seconds ago and punch himself in the face so he keeps from pissing me off as much as he did. I know, mean, but hey, he annoys me. Finally, in my lovely Algebra class, we played a game, won candy, and no homework *jumps up and down in great joy*

so that was my day/sunday!!! i know it's not very interesting but what can i say? tomorrow i'll make sure to cause a catostrophe so i'll have something more interesting to write.


Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

wow youre school days are alot less stresfull than mine, considering homework. ANyways, fun day!


hi! my name is margherita im fro italy...:-D come va la vita? io verry good!!!! sono passata di qua per caso e ho giusto pensato di lasciarti 1 mia traccia...i love albania :-D quando vuoi passa a visitare i miei 3 blog! ti aspetto kiss :-D

Ellie said...

*clap, clap, clap, clap*
Sounds like a cool day.