Saturday, September 27, 2008

How i became a fugitive: The story of one girl's brush with the law.

Hey Hey Hey!! So i'm gonna tell you about my weekend (so far) This ought be fun! Wait until you read my story on how i became a theif. It's exciting!

Friday: O joy i had no school friday! Yay!!!! *holds large parade in celebration* I spent the day at the mall, reading Brisingr (amazingly amazing book!), and eating hamburgers (yum!) I went to Chelsey's house for a while and we played the Wii, (it was my first time and my wrists still hurt) then we rode bikes (i haven't ridden a bike since i popped the tire's on mine, so that was great) and we played chess (shes in chess club so she beat me...3 times. grr lol) Shes fun to hand with and smart, so it was nice. My Sis spent the day with her "friend" (ya, just friends. whatever) LaVonne, who is her best guy "friend". He's Navajo and has the most punk style ever, so of course he's awesome. I spent the night playing on the computer, dancing to Queen songs, reading (of course) and texting.

Saturday: That's today! So today has been just dandy. I found my Halloween costume (I'm going as Bleeding Rose, Which is a poem i wrote. I have a dress and everything!) and i acidentally became a fugitive. Here's the story. My mom was buying my costume and by the register is one of those little stands with all the rings in it. I found one that matched my costume perfectly and picked up while waiting in line. I got distracted by the tattos that are by the entrance and while i was looking at them, i subconciously slipped the ring onto my finger. I went back to the register and when the dude was done ringing us up, we left. We were almost to the car when i noticed the ring. I gasped and showed my mom. I felt awful for accidentally stealing it, i totally forgot about it!!! My mom just laughed and since it was a 50 cents ring and we bought over $150 worth of stuff, she told me to just keep it. I declined at first but thought about how rude the guy at the register would be if i took it back and shuddered. I decided to do the cowardly thing and keep it. Man i felt guilty! but then i thought back to the year before, when the guy at the register gave me a $10 necklace for free and felt a little better. My mom told me how stores make shortage, which is basically the amount of money the store is okay to lose through things going missing. I still feel about it, so next time my mom donates clothes to Good Will, the ring is going with them! At least then some little, deserving girl will find it and it will make her day. Oh well, I'll feel guilty about it for awhile, but eventually it will be one of those things where years later you laugh about it. OOPS!!!! Lol, so thats how i became a fugitive, through Grand Theft Ring. Interesting, No? i should write a crime novel about it.

so anyways, after my brush with the law, i went down to the park near my house to play soccer with my sis, then we went home and played Guitar Hero. Whoo!

Sunday: i have no idea, since it hasn't happened yet. if only i were psychic!


Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

Well it sounds like a fun weekend, the ring part was great lol. And I actually know what will happen tomorow, because as a matter of fact, I am psychic. MUAUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! lol

Allison said...

lol yea lindsey did that once but it was more then 50 cents if ya know what i mean so brought it back.

Ellie said...

I must report u 2 the copps ASAP!
lol, jty.