Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hella Ya!!! My first blog (or blog primer en Espanol.)

Hello World!!!! I am pleased to inform you that I, the exuberant Eclair, now have a blog!!! Its gonna be epic. Mwahahahahaha!!! so Before we get down to the nitty gritty of things, i just wana let you all know a little bit about me. first, my names Eclair (if you didnt get that by now, then how the heck did you learn how to read?) jk. I have a gazzillion random things i enjoy doing, including writing, fencing, reading, playing soccer, etc etc. I am Currently going to a Charter School and the teachers (well, most of them) are pretty darn cool!!! Also, i know words like Darn and heck annoy people, and i just wana say i have absolutely nothing against profanity (Hell Ya) i just choose to not use it every other word. I like to rant so expect some pretty passoinate blogs. Ummm, im Catholic (and proud hehe) and i know how to say "give me candy" in 3 differnt languages. (i know, impressive, right?) lol, so thats it for now. il be blogging later. comment and enjoy!!!

C ya!!!!


samiee<3 said...

Holy jaheez. And you said your blog was gonna be stupid. yea right. haha. this is freaking hilarious!! haha comment back here and we can talk on here. trust me it works!! ps. you better write everyday so i can read yours! :)

James said...

Lol nice Ice nice. Wow, u have many interests and are cool. Like we didn't already know that ;)