Monday, September 22, 2008

Yo Yo Yo wat up my blog? So today i'm gonna tell you about my day. (i know, shocker!) So today was actually a pretty good day. I some interesting conversations revolving around teeth, chocolate, and more. To learn more, continue reading. ;)

1st period! o joy. i have a test in this torture class on Wendsday, so thats just gonna be great. ha! not. WE just did reviews the whole period, then we got into groups and did rotations. I liked the group i was in, since it was composed of Alex, Noah, A.J, Kathryn, Annette, and Chris. We were supposed to be discussing different maps, but instead we talked about how i got my wisdom teeth out, and about braces and cavities and whatnot. Interesting. and Random. I love Random. My friends Aly and Samie are both wonderfully random. speaking of which, Samie! Write in your blog more often!! its been a week since your lost entry!!

2nd period was bleh. i love the hyperactive teacher and the goofy people i sit by (namely Marty, Steph, and Tanner) but today was boring. we spent the entire 1 and a half translating this lame passage into English. AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! TORTURE!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! WHY NOT JUST MAKE ME EAT THUMBTACKS? we also had a pop quiz, which i got 11 outa 15 on. Not ghastly, but not great either.

3rd was fine. Its my least favorite class, computer Tech, and right now we are working on web pages. the codes are so freaking confusing! i finally figured some of it out, thanks to Mr. Webster, Shawnie and Daniel. I didnt get very far, but i have all next class to work on it. UGH! Daniel pissed me off though. i was asking him for help, so he said i met that stupid stereotype that boys are smarter than girls. well, that made me so mad i said "PEJORATIVE, CONSPICUOUS, PLATITUDINOUS, SERENDITOUS, CHARLATAN, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE MEAN?" when he didn't answer i smiled all vehenmetly and said "soooo, do you still believe boys are smarter? i suggest you shut your mouth before you stick your other foot in it." he started saying something about The Theory of Relativity, but i quickly shut it up with "If you were relatively as smart as you think you are, then you would know that i'm pissed and would stop talking before i knock you into next thursday."

4th was algebra and that was just fine. Its a funny class, 'cuz Ms. J is constantly picking on A.J. shes so straight forward and funny. I sit next to Kimmee, and shes so sweet and odd. We had a pencil sword fight everytime Ms. J wasn't looking. LOL! We are just working on the basics, so its pretty easy, and Ms. J is an amazing teacher. I also like this class cause Lauren, Anthony, Lexie, and Annette are in it. O joy!

so that was my incredibly....odd day. i have parent teacher confrences tomorroe. Yay. (note sarcasm) now thats a cause for celebration. *end sarcasm*


Anonymous said...

That post was hil-ar-i-ous!!!!!
I 4got 2 put in my post a "NOT" in that sentece. U know, the serious one. So..yeah...thnx 4 keeping up w/ me! I'll keep up w/ u! Oh, could u plz be a follower on my blog? Thnx!

Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

Ice I love your view on life, the computer class part was hilarious!

James said...

Lol! Good job ice! Smack it to that little biogiated scrumtemcuious mormon! (sorry for spelling mistakes!) Sounds like an awesome day! (See ur not the only one with mad vocabulary!) Let me talk to the boy, then we will see if he thinks that.

Macy said...

cool day!