Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!!! Ok, so for this blog i am going to rant about life. You ready for this?

Ok, so life is our ultimate tests as human beings. depending on your beliefs, some believe that if we pass the test that is life, we get an ultimate reward. So lets say this is correct (which it could be, who knows?) What exactly is passing? well, here are my rules and standards. 

Rules! Listen up children, dont make me send you to the corner

1. Do what you can
2. Never assume you know the answer, assume you have got a good guess, that way, you have an open mind for learning.
3. Be determined
4. Be the best person you think you can be
5. Know that you have your whole life to improve, so never assume you are a failure
6. Wish all you want, but make sure you spend most of your time doing. Remember: Time spent wishing is time spent wasted.
7. Strive to be an inspiration. work passed those tough spots. the harder you have to work, the better the reward feels.
8. Depression is a mental condition, not an excuse
9. Bad days happen, so you might as well laugh at them. remember murphy's law: Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. if you wana live by ChipotleChick's laws, then do what you can to break Murphy's law, and dont worry about the consequences.
10. When you ask someone how they are doing, actually listen to the answer.
11. Everyone has problems, but then again, everyone needs oxygen. i guess its just a part of life. go figure.
12. Never assume your life is worse than someone else's. 
13. People care, they just care about their own problems.
14. Caring isn't always free. for someone to care for you, you must care back.
15. Everything gets worse before it gets better. The good part is, it does get better. live for that.
16. Suicide isn't an answer, its a cheap way out. Cheater. Remember, cheaters never win. 

So there you have it!!! some random rules on life!!!! Read em, consider em, then throw them all away and make your own rules! have fun and COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! Speaking of which, thank you  anastacio soberbo  for commenting!!! hope you are having fun in Portugal!!! Hugs from America!


James said...

Well, u are an amazing person ice. U seemed to direct this entire blog at me, or did u!?!?!?!?!?!?! j/k, but seriously some good advice. I will look back at this for future reference, when I feel i am having some hard times. Ty, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart ice.

Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

Haha those were great tips on life you should write more of these. =)

bee said...

its like reading a motivational poster and from me thats a good thing and it makes you feel happy sad and guilty you do that pretty well