Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Napoleon!!! I'm back. I was reading some past blogs and thought maybe you faithful blog readers would like to know a little bit about the people in my life!!!

MOM: My mom is a very good person. i love her to death. Something that bugs me about her though is her tendencey to overreact. i complained aboout a teacher once, so she called the principal to arrange a meeting with him, my mom, and the teacher involved. Thankfully i managed to talk both her and the principal out of it. WHeW!!! Major relief. Anyways, my mom is currently looking for a job. She has a learning disability that cheated her out of a master degree she worked so hard for, a fact that has made her very depressed. Shes smart, caring, and a quick learner. shes easy to get along with. i hope she finds a job soon, just to cheer her up.

DAD: My dad is the funnies, hardest working, most laid back guy around. He knows how to make a joke out of anything, rarely complains (even though her works 5 days a week, 10 hours a day at a lumbermill, working with poisonous woods, dangerous machines, and annoying co-workers) and almost never gets mad. (though when he does, watch out. he once through a giant piece of wood at a very disobedient and obnoxiou co-worker. Go dad!) I really look up to my dad. Hes jsut really easy to get along with. hes a popular guy at his work and everyone just seems to love him (or hate him, if they are poo-heads)

SISTER: My sister is as smart and silly as you can get. shes punk and obsesed wtih all things music. she has Alztiemers, so she tends to obsess over specifice things. I love her. She insults me every other word, but she is still one of my best friends. she is currently editor of the newspaper and is looking for the job of Editor-in-Chief. I hope she gets it. She deserves it.

Annette: Annette is my friend from Italy. I met her at AMES and she is outspoken but caring. She has a sort of dark vs. light style that suits her personality. She awesome!

Lexie: Lexie is a spastic ball of energy i met at the Hale Center Theatre. She goes to AMES with me now and i love her to death. She is silly and hyper and very creative. shes an amazing mathematician.

Melanie: melanie is another friend from AMES. She is perpetually happy and goofy. She is the cutest little thing you will ever meet. She has a sparkly personality that really makes her stand out. She rocks!

Chris: Chris is one of my first AMES friends. Hes sarcastic, quick-witted, and popular. Hes on the newspapter staff with me. Im actually textin him just as im typing this!!!

Scat: Scat is a friend from B-ville. He is one of my top male friends and i love him for his sense of caring. it is hard to find guys as sensitvie as him. He is a very depressed person, though i try to help him best i can. Sometimes i wonder if he truly hears what im saying. Hes a thoughtful person, one of the kindest people i have ever met.

Truffle: Truffle is one of the best actors/singers i have ever met. shes amazingly talented and fun to be around. She is a bit uncaring, but i love her all the same.

Detective Small: Detective Small is simply one of the funnies, randomnest, and hyperist people i have ever met. Shes empathetic and strong. Sometimes i wonder if she would really be there for me when the going gets rough, but in the end, she is stilll a good person.

Chloe: Chloe is the quietist perosn i have ever met, but when she talks, its funny and intersting. She has awesome hair and a sort of glow about her. she loves to read and is very kind. She is another AMES buddy.

Ajl: Ajl is more of an acquintence than a friend, but he is so odd and different, i had to metnion him. He i a jr. from AMES and the T.A for my English class. I talk to him on A-days. His reputation for being funny, random, mischievious, and just plan weird is well known around the student body and staff.

Allison: Allison is one of my best friends. She is pretty, funny, and kind. She is the kinda friend where you have the most fun just sitting and talking about life. we have shared laughs, memories, and stories. She is one of my most trusted friends.

Samie: Hey Samie!!! Samie is the most Unique person i have ever met. She has a punk style, yet loves Miley Cyrus, shes quiet and funny and sarcastic and has pink hair, which is, of course, awesome. Shes a good friend and a good person.

Chelsey: I have known Chelsey since 3rd grade. I sometimes dont treat her right, and i feel bad about it. I love her though. she deserves the best in life and i know she will go far. She is smart and giggly. you gota love that!!

Emily: Emily is another friend from AMES. She is a very...interesting person. Shes hard to describe, but suffice to say she puts on a quiet persona, but once she relaxes, wow, shes wonderfully strange. lol shes amazing.

Lauren: Lauren is a confident and popular friend of mine. She was one of my first friends at AMES. She has a totally preppy/casual style that is very reminescent of her. She is happy and cool. she is very fun to talk to.

Marty: Marty is Laurens best friends, which is funny because lauren is peppy and Marty is outright punk. Marty isnt a very close friend of mine, but she is very fun to talk to. Shes in love with batman, a love we both share, so with varying passion.

Stephenie: Stephenie is a friend from B-ville who has joined me at Ames. She is a good friend and is nice and funny. she is very tomboyish, yet has a strangely girly quality about her. She is very knowledgable of pressure pionts.

WEll thats it. there are a million othe people in my life, but that will do for a start ;)


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James said...

U are too nice clairice, and i mean it. Very nice words u have to say about people. :D Ty, u really just made my day! :D