Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!! so i just got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and youch!!! my right cheek is swollen, i look like a chipmunk! at least chipmunks are adorable, right? The surgery also made my jaw line all bruised and i keep playing with the stitches in my mouth with my tongue, which makes them bleed, which makes me very annoyed. I'm in some pain and have a lot of stiffness, but the meds i'm on are heavy duty, so i'm good. i'm also a bit loopy. Whoo-hoo-hoo!!!! i was supposed to just take it easy and sleep today, but i got bored so i played some dance dance revolution (ddr) and went shopping and played some soccer. now i'm looking up random blogs and leaving comments to see if they will start following my blogs. BTW, Thanx Ellie, for commenting!!! you rock. I'l tell the other regulars on my blog to check your blog out. YA hear that Scat, Samie, Dillon, and Aly? Go check out Ellie's blog!! lol. so today has been uneventful. I'm annoyed with Scat for not asking how i'm doing, since he knows i had surgery, but oh well. that's just me being vain and selfish. its fun to be selfish every now and again, though i feel guilty if i keep it up for too long lol. i guess i just don't have what it takes to be a brat. go figure.

so that's it for today!!!! i'm gonna go bug my sister. have fun reading this!! Byeeee!
Update: Ok, I am no longer annoyed at Scat!! lol, he asked how i was doing. my guess is that hes just distracted. he has a lot of homeworkd and a lot to think about. No worries Scat! i know ya care, i was just being whiny lol.


James said...

Omg, i thought i asked how u were doing today... I am SO SORRY!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! :( but i hope the pain is better.

Allison said...

how typical is it that james commented before i did? lol my poor clarice! Im holding in my hands a box that will make you all better to bad you cant get it! :P lol sorry bout that next surgery i'll get it to you ;) wow what a demented looking face thats looks half chiness and half normal. sorry i don't know how to spell chiness. just sound it out you'll get it eventually. hopefully. maybe. possibly. whom i kinding you'll never get what im trying to say! lol you need to read my hilarious blog. ugh this morning was horrible! lol go read it! go on go go on! awww look you feel on the ground and now your bleeding aww poor clarice! lol okay i'll stop