Thursday, September 11, 2008

So this is A day!!!

hey bloggy old pal. im back! ok, so school today was pretty bleh. it started off good in art, but went down hill from there. dang it.

ART: We are working on a project in which we must do an abstract drawing that uses a variety of contour lines. its pretty fun. I have some friends in that class, which makes it all the more cool. The only problem is the teacher seems t be in love with piling on project after project before we even finish one!!! She also doesnt seem to like me much so growl. The kids in there seem to be split into three groups: Popular jock preps, Quiet talents, and the misfits. Guess which one im in? If you guess misfits, then ding ding ding we have a winner!!! its fine with me though. i dont like having a lable

Earth Science: Ramsey, my teacher , is amazing!!! We spent the entire 90 minutes today talking about space and time. I mentioned that space moved, so if wormholes exist, maybe its because the are made out of a material that moves faster than space, making an intergalactical highway. interesting, no? only now ever since i brought that up, Brighton keeps teasing me. lol, nerd. snort. I love the other people who sit at my table though. its a very entertaining group!!!

English: Ms. Freestone is my English teacher and newspaper advisor and she is about as cool as cool can get! shes obsessed with NIN and knows how to have a good time. Idk if she likes me, she seems pretty neutral. oh well. cant win over everyone. Good new is i have some friends in that class and Anthony, who is amazingly annoying but can distract a teacher better than anyone i know.

General Science: This is also known as Science through Science Fiction. We watch movies than compare and discuss the scientific concepts portrayed in that movie. its unbleivably entertaining!!!! right now we are watching War of The Worlds. Its fun to talk about theories and issues we see in the movie. i also have some friends in this class. Yay!

So anyways, today was just one of those bleh days. I got a lot of homework, my teachers seemed to give me the cold shoulder, and even Chris, a friend of mine, seemed to ignore me today. oh well. life goes down down down but eventually it comes back up. Im accustomed to days like that. My entire life just undulates, changing like the sea. you never know whats gona happen the next day.


samiee<3 said...

Wow. What an interesting school day!
Haha sounds like you have a ton of homework to do! You better get to it!

James said...

Jeez u are more optimistic than I am :D