Monday, August 17, 2009

Why is it that logic never makes sense?

*please enjoy the random pic. I'm famous for the neon glasses*

For the past month and a half, every time I tried to get onto my blog, that stupid ERROR, ERROR, SEVER NOT FOUND PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER message would come up. I would then carry on with my life, come back later, try again, and....ERROR ERROR, SERVER NOT FOUND, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. It was later! Maybe it wasn't exactly later o'clock, but it was definately close enough.

Error? Only thing that is ERROR is the brain of the dude who wrote that message! I swear it just mocks you. ERROR, YOU CAN'T COME ON THIS WEBSITE, HAHAHA LOSER! OOOO I'M CHIPOTLECHICK AND MY OWN BLOG REGECTED ME OOOOOHHH ERROR!! COME AGAIN LATER!

In case you didn't notice, i found that very frustrating. Apparently blogger likes to mess with me. Maybe it has something to do with that prank call and the pancake 'incident'...

Anyways! I feel so behind on all of your lives! what have my beautiful unicorns been up to? I guess i shall visit your blogs and find out! how's that for problem solving?

I shall now tell you updates on my life in an organized bullet point list:

  • Just so you know, this is what a bullet point looks like

  • I like bullet points

  • JUST IN: ChipotleChick to marry bullet point

  • Moving on

  • vacation to Colorado

  • Visited cousins in small town no one has ever heard of

  • You can only visit said town by train

  • There was no cell phone reception

  • I just about died

  • If I had died, I would have left my blog to successor, ChipotleTurkey

  • Went to Marine Biologist Camp

  • Am volunteering at an acquarium

  • it's an acquarium in a land-locked state, so you can see why i'm so excited

  • There are no dolphins at said acquarium, ruining all my plans to sneak in at night and ride them

  • Not that i would ever do anything so illegal

  • School starts in a week

  • I already need a vacation

  • Lots of other stuff I can't remember at the moment. Bad memory, i need to eat some more....huh, what foods help memory? I can't seem to remember...

I hope you enjoyed my bulleted list. Because i did. Because lists are cool. That's why my middle name is list. Chipotle List Chick.

O! one more thing. I now have a facebook!

Follow that link and you will discover not only my real name, but my real birthday, email, pics, and quiz results, not to mention friends and all that other facebook stuff. I just barely made it today, so don't laugh! It's empty. I haven't even joined any networks yet.

WELL, i shall leave you now with one last word destined to keep you up all night in deep contemplation:


P.S Natalie, i can't comment on your blog! Why does blogger hate me so much? oh well, i'll just say right here that i love the dress you bought, i love the pics, and you are destined to be the runner up on America's Next Top Model! woo!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spread the Word

I'm back and I've got some BIG news. Bigger than this word right HERE. And that word is pretty big. Just looked at it's hugeness. Admire it. Worship it. Lick it. No, wait, don't! DON'T LICK YOUR COMPUTER! 

You people always take things so literally.

Moving on.

So, my loveable little unicorns whom i love so much, because you are, you know, loveable. Recently (recently meaning about 10 minutes ago) a friend and I started a new political party that focuses on a minority group that gets little recognition in todays world. This new and enlightening party is non-biased in believes in equality between humans....and mannequins alike. Yes, i said Mannequins. No, you don't need to go back and reread that sentence because i will retype it right here. This new and enlightening party is non-biased and believes in equality between humans.... Mannequins. To learn more about this inspirational party, simply go to and watch a new world unfold as you look at todays issues through fresh eyes. The eyes of Mannequins. Read all about Proposition 9, Mannequins have the right to marry too. Join our support group by following the blog and leaving insightful comments. Come, share your opinions, and wonder what the heck my friend and I were smoking when we started this party. It's all apart of expanding your world view and improving your life....

Woo!!!!!!! O, and one thing i have to say before continuing this post. What i'm about to say is completely confidential: No one outside my select group of Loveable Unicorns must ever read this sentence:


I repeat


I know, i know, i'm  a month late. Better late than ever, I always say! Well, actually, i never say that, because it's sorta stupid. I can think of a lot of things i would rather never happen, late or otherwise. Like an invasion of rogue Beaver-like creatures. I think we could all do without that. Especially trees. Trees would be very upset if there was a sudden invasion of Beaver-like creatures.

Just saying.

I know it's been a month since i last posted. I 've been a bad, bad blogger. Very bad. If it weren't for my friend and mine's new political party and blog, I don't know when i would have come back. I've just been busy, ya know? Summer starts and suddenly BAM, KABLAST, KABOOM, PLATYPUS! (by the way, did you know the plural of platypus is platypi? now that's a weird flavor of pie. Get it? Platypi? PlatyPIE? Get it now? No? My clever word play is wasted on you people. ) There's just so much to go out there and do that I just resent the idea of sitting still long enough to type a simple email, let alone the thoughtful, insightful, profound, and serious blog that you all deserve to read. HEHE,, serious. that's a good one! 

Quick relay of my summer: California, skim boarding, hot guys, boogie boarding, hot guys, delicious pastries, hot guys, more delicious pastries, the occasional hot guy, lots of walking, having to walk down 120 stairs (i counted) any time i wanted to go outside of my hotel room, hot guys, stairs, yet another delicious pastry, stairs, 12 hour drive home, no hot guys, no stairs, no delicious pastries, home, epic water fight, bowling, one hot guy, hurt my knee doing a wicked awesome bowling move ( I bowl better when i'm acting like an idiot than when i actually try to do well) arcade, gave plastic fish to sad little boy (don't ask) Arts Festival, hot guys (hot as in HOT!!! it was 105 degrees) delicious smoothie, creepy old guy follows me and my friend around, we throw roasted almonds at him, friends family opens Italian Restruant, delicious food, friend of owners daughter so i get FREE delicious food.

and then yesterday. 

Went bowling and to an arcade with my friend (there was a lack of hot guys, pastries, and stairs.) We then went to the mall where i bumped into another friend (hi James!) we stood in front of a clothing store and talked about awkward topics and got many weird looks from passerby. Typical teenaged conversation. 

And then....the Mannequins. 

There were three of them. They were all dressed sorta...... errogenously, (ChipotleChick nerd speak, as my sister calls it when i use words more than 3 syllables long, for slutty) so we named them. One was Iris, the toe-dancer that taps, the other was Lucy, the Slut, and the last was Veronica the Not-Quite-As-Slutty-As-Lucy. Creative, no? We then got onto the subject of Proposition 9. MANNEQUINS HAVE THE RIGHT TO MARRY TOO! 

And so started the inspiration for the Mannequin Political Party. 

Anyways, our little group made our way down to Sears. We were standing in the women's shoe department (i've not idea how we got there) when Jame's little cousin accidently knocked down a couple of shelves of shoes. A young Dude who worked there came over to help us pick them up. This was the conversation that ensued:

ME: Thanks for helping! Now we should buy something to make up for that. Or he could just have my caramel apple.

JAMES: *holds out water bottle* ummm....want some water?

LEXIE: Why not just give him a lock of your hair?

WORKING DUDE: Ummm....I don't want anything *laughs because he's a good sport*

ME: We should tell him about Proposition 9.

JAMES, LEXIE, ME: Proposition 9, Mannequins have the right to Marry too!

LEXIE: Join our support group!

WORKING DUDE: *laughs* uhhh....

ME: I think we should go now, to someplace where.....nobody can recognize us...

*we all run out of store*

Ya.....I think we made that guys day! Group  of random teenagers asking for a pair of strappy high-heeled shoes in a size-15 mens and then knocking stuff over and offering him random items in payment for helping us. One thing's for sure.

He's got a great story to tell in therapy.

Thank you, my dear unicorns, for paying my neglected a blog a visit! I promise to post at least once a week from now on. I will definately go pay all of your blogs a visit tomorow, since right now i've got to make caramel apples for my uncles retirement after-party. (he doesn't have teeth, so how he's going to eat a caramel apple is a mystery to me, but i just do what my grandma tells me)

In reward for being beautiful, i give you all a virtual caramel apple 

*caramel apples for everyone!*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He's not dead, he's electroenephalographically challenged

Did you know an electroenephalographer is a device used to detect brain waves? Really. You would think they would set a law that states no word may be more than 5 syllables long! I mean, really, what is the point of big words when they are just small words that nobody understands? Like nugatory. You know what nugatory means? it means the same thing as picayune, trivial, or freaking UNIMPORTANT! Which is easier to say/remember? Honestly, their are over 50,000 words in the English language, but think about it. Counting all of those ridiculously humongo jumbo words that nobody can pronounce, you realize that their aren't enough definitions to go around!

Anyways! Like i said, (and yes, i WILL repeat myself. Take that stupid 4th grade English teacher who said redundancy would always make my papers 2nd best!) a lot has happened between now and 6 lifetimes ago. There is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
 much to put into one post, just like their is way tooooo many o's in my tooooo's. Hehe. I figure the best way to condense 7 lifetimes of stories into one easily read post is by making like condensed soup and squeezing them all into a can and adding a gallon of salt. Since i don't have a gallon of salt at hand (left it in my other pants, silly me) I think i'll will split them up into several posts. It took me all night to come up with that solution. I think it's genius. Yes, that's right, admire the genius-ness. (yes, i just created a new word, take that Oxford Dictionary) 

First off, I'm a very clumsy person. We've already covered this, i know, but i feel since clutziness is such an important part of my life, it deserves to be relived. I fall. A lot. I run into things. A lot. I break things (sometimes people). A lot. Knowing this about me, in the two months i didn't post, i attained SIX new scars (one for every lifetime!) I will now tell you some of the stories as to how i got them.

*curtains pull back from stage*
*Stage lights turn on (Awww my retinas!)*
*The audience falls into a hush (Would you morons shut up?!)*
*dramatic tension fills the room(Look! an electoenephalographically challenged fly!)*

Here we go.

First scar: Nearly got ran over by a car while on my bike. While the car was immobile.*car, headlights, AWWW! swerve, Crash, scar* Ok, so the car was still like, 30 feet away. It doesn't hurt to be too careful! I did yell at the car, cause yelling at things that can't understand you is fun and great brain stimulus. The scar i got runs from my ankle to mid calf. AWESOME!

Second Scar: Ice skating. Clumsy. Sharp skates. Ankle. 'nuff said.

Third Scar: Easter Sunday, hiding eggs for little cousins. Look, clever hiding space! I'll just stick it here and BANG! O look, there's a little tree. And the little tree gave me three little scars on my poor little Shoulder! How cute.

That's enough scar stories and enough typing. I've been typing since I got home from school. Stupid Geography. Why o why do places have to be, you know, in PLACES? Just like all those people who went out an made history. I bet they wouldn't have been so keen to change the world if they knew it would only be more work for us future students. How shelfish!

So that's it for now, my beautiful little Unicorns. I have to go watch American Idol. GO ADAM YOU SEXY BEAST!!

I mean, may the best singer win!

Got a scar story? feel free to post it. I need to know i'm not the only terribly uncoordinated person in the world. CLUMSY PEOPLE UNITE!

Let me know i'm not alone.



It's dark in here.

O, maybe i should take off my sunglasses.

That's better.


Love you. 



Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk!!!

*note: Please say title in creepriest Freddy vs. Jason voice to get full affect*

Ya, that's right, feel free to applaud! and when i say feel free to applaud, i really mean APPLAUD NOW IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FUZZY SLIPPERS AGAIN! I'm back and am (hopefully) here to stay! Was that an exasperated sigh i heard? Ya, that's right, it better have been a sneeze.

And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for and most definately deserve...The INCREDIBLY LONG-WINDED AND THOUGHTFUL YET OVERALL LAME APOLOGY! are you ready? really? ya sure? I'm not. You know why? Cause, I'm about to get carpal tunnel from having to type the apology my beautiful unicorns deserve! Here it goes...right....NOW! Ha gotcha!!! Wasn't that just so....infuriating! hahahahahahahahahahah....Ow! ok, ok, no need to get testy.

I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been gone for, like 2 months, which in blogging time is like 650,235 years. Basic math. the first month i actually have a valid excuse. I had to give up something important to me, something i couldn't live without, for the 40 days of Lent. I was going to give up o' Sacred chocolate, but seeing as how that's necessary for my survival, i decided to give up blogging! I would have warned my beautiful unicorns, but i decided the day it started and couldn't. The second month? Well...I sorta maybe kinda forgot my password to get onto my blog and i sorta kinda maybe didn't think to write it down.....hehe. i had to do that "reset password" thingy and then it wouldn't show up on my email and i didn't want to contact my "local email provider", so i sorta gave up. Then a miracle happened. I REMEBERED MY PASSWORD! Thanks to a sequence of events that involved Open Mic Night at my school and several chinchillas, (i am NOT kidding) my memory was jogged!

And now, the brave ChipotleChick, against all odds, has made a triumphant return from her quest to the Place Where No blogging is Allowed For Lent and even the mythical land of My Email Providers Need an IQ Test. Many thought she wouldn't make it, but she rose above the adversary and stands today as a living testament that yes, we can all survive without blogging.

Beautiful, aye?

As i'm sure you have guessed, my dear friends, many things have happened in the time i've been gone. You think I just gave up? that i was hiding under my desk with my dust bunny friends and just waited for the terrible months to pass? Not I! I only did that for 2 weeks. (just so you know, my favorite Dust bunny is Philbert. he's very defensive. Just don't mention his "little Problem" and you'll get along fine)

Sorry to say i'm typing this in school and should probably stop before i get caught, so i will be back tomorrow to type another entry and comment on your charming blogs of joy that i have neglected so heartlessly.

So see you tomorrow! You better come, or i'll sick my dust bunny on you.

Ya, i went there.

Take that.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! Before we continue with the Adventures of ChipotleChick, i want to tell you all HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!!!!!! Yep, that's what we have the loveable unicorn clan call Valentines day, also it's the predominant holliday at the high school i attend. So to all you singles out there, i hope you had a great day pampering yourself with movies, soap opera, chocolate and bubble baths, cause i know i did!

Also, i think Friday the 13th is a much more note-worthy holliday. I went to a Friday the 13th party, where we had a jolly good time doing dares and making prank calls cause that's what annoying immature teenage girls do. Woo!

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for.........the winning story for this week is..........

This program is brought to you with limited commercial interuption by Ford. Built Ford tough.

and the winner is.....GARDEN PARTY CRASHERS! Here's the story that happened a couple summers back and is a great memory for all involved. It's a long story though, so if you require an intermission, i understand.

Once upon a time there were two girls. one lived in a regular old run of the mill neighborhood located near a 7-eleven cause 7-eleven is so heavenly. the other lived in a higher class neighborhood complete with manicured lawns, 3 story houses, white picket fences and backyard patios perfect for a social gathering, such as a garden party. The beautiful, clever, charming girl that lived in the normal neighborhood was named ChipotleChick, and the other equaly beautiful but not quite as charming girl named Tanya*name changed for privacy* lived in the more pretentious one.

These two gilrs were good friends and enjoyed spending lazy summer afternoons at one anothers' houses. one lovely day they decided to relax under the shady maple tree located in Tanya's backyard. As they were conversing, a pleasant breeze wafted through the tree and blew a leaf into the neighboring house's backyard. Moments later, Tanya's wicked step-neighbor's made-up salon head popped over the fence.

"You girls had better not be too loud out here today, and now wondering around my yard and tromping all over my freshly mown grass!" She snapped at the two astoundingly amazing girls. "I'm having a social gathering, a garden party really, over here on my backyard patio and i will not have it interupted by giggling and gossiping."

The two young girls nodded sheepishly as the concerned neighbor returned to her side of the fence and continued readying her yard.

"How rude of her not to invite us!" said Tanya. "I am, after all, her favorite neighbor!"

"Maybe it's a private party for people she works with or her book club or something. It's not like it would be any fun," stated the wonderousr ChipotleChick.

"True," sighed the lovely Tanya.

They continued wondering around Tanya's yard, chatting and laughing, but even the most boisterous laugh was half-hearted. Neither could get the thought of the garden party out of their head. the sounds of the urban equivelant of a rave were enticing; the chinking of glasses, loll of small talk, and occasional forced laugh.

"I can't take it!" snapped Tanya. "We cant' just meander along without knowing what the big fuss is!"

"I know what you mean. We have to find a way to get into that pary. I hear the security at these parties is tough though. It will take every ounce of resourcefullness we have to break the ranks of security and blend in with the crowd"

"Got it. First we need clothes. It seems everone over there is wearing either sundresses or khaki shorts. I have a sundress that may fit you."

"Let's go!" yelled ChipotleChick, ready to jump into action and satisfy her curiousity. besides, there was nothing good on T.V, so there really was nothing else to do.

10 minutes later, the two witty, intelligent girls were ready. After checking the status of the party goers, they went around to the gate on their side of the fence, and peered around the corner. Lucky Break. No one was facing the gate. The girls ducked, tumbled, and rolled so efficiently it would have made James Bond green with envy. They straightened up, smoothed the wrinkles in their dresses, and peered around. They gasped in suprise.

The backyard was swarmed with people. some were drinking from tea cups, others' enjoying tasty tidbits. Guests were constantly entering and leaving the house, bringing out heaping plates of food or taking empty ones in. the nonstop motion made it easy to blend in. The girls mingled with the crowd, chatting it up for a solid 30 minutes before SHE spotted them. The wicked step-neighbor started towards the two amazing girls, a scowl that would have made Severus Snape quial in fear clearly etched across her face. ChipotleChick and Tanya made a break for it, scrambling towards the gate. just as they were about to make their escape, SHE caught ChipotleChick by the arm and wheeled her around.

"What on Earth are you two doing here?" she puffed.

"uhhh.....we kicked our ball over your fence. we didn't want to disturb the party, so we thought we'd just make a quick entrance and grab it" stuttered ChipotleChick.

"O really? Is it normal for teenage girls to put on sun dressed before engaging in a game of soccer?"


"Of course! uhhh...we have a to a few minutes....we got tired of waiting for out ride so we decided to kick the ball around for awhile....and uhhhh...Tanya here accidentally kicked it a bit hard."

"right!" Squeaked Tanya. "and our ride is going to be here soon, so if you would kindly let ChipotleChick go, we will be on our way."

"Of course, sweeties. But if i catch you in my yard again, i will call your parents. got it?" she gave ChipotleChick's are one last squeeze before finally relinquishing her grip. the two girls scrambled into Tanya's yard, and collapsed under the maple tree in relief. After the initial shock wore off, they burst out laughing.

"did you see her face!"
"wow she has a strong grip"
"That was hilarious!"
"I thought was going to kill us with that look of hers!"
"I can't breath"
"Woo that was awesome"

after they calmed down, everything returned to normal. and they all lived happily ever after.

Even the wicked-step neighbor, who's party was a success, thanks to the two quirky, happy girls who honored the guests with their presence.

the end.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! Previously, on ChipotleChick's blog, you were asked to choose the story you wanted to hear, you voted, and now the votes are in! The winning story is......*drum roll*..............*dramatic build up*.........*wow that's a lot of build up*...............*look at that drum Roll!*.........And the winner is!!!!!!!

Found out, after these messages!

*commercial interuptions, Ford commercial, zoom zoom, Coke Commercial, Jessica simpson, something about weight loss and health insurance*

And we're back! *drum roll continues* the winner is.....#7!!!! Snow White and Seven Dwarves...why not to how this Movie to 9th graders.

Here's the story...

it all started on a normal day of school. Everyone is enjoying the freezing, bitterly cold day, students are frolicking through the hallways, lunch money being stolen in a most polite manner. Until last period came around and us Animation Students crowd into the projector room to watch an Animated movie so we can discuss the techniques used. All is well, until the Professor walks, thick glasses, lab coat, back humped from carrying the projector all the way from the science room to here. He announces the movie we are going to be watching that day.....SNOW WHITE!!!!! and the seven dwarves. The students gasp in unison, eyes widen in surprise and despair. The projector flashes on, the movie starts rolling. Amidst all the chaos, the following conversation occurs between Dave, Em, Mary, and me.

ME: Woo! Her mom specifically asked for a child with skin as white as snow? Is she racist or something? Seriously, this was made in, like, 1936 or something, right? Sheesh, she should had just joined Hitler to help him create his super race.

DAVE: Dude, why would you want a floating head in your bedroom mirror that can see you? The government could bribe it to spy on you and they could have total control over you life. It could totally ruin your weekend plans.

EM: her step mom reminds me of my mom, do you think that's a bad thing?

DAVE: Her step mom is totally hotter than Snow White! Snow white doesn't even have a nose! Do you think she's albino?

MARY: so she broke into their cottage, cleaned the house, and cooked dinner? How does she know the dwarves aren't Germophobes and go crazy when people touch their stuff? What if they're vegeterians? What if they were saving that soup for a special occasion, like Christmas or a Bar Mitzvah?

ME: Not only that, but she's letting the animals in the house. Think of all the hair. what if the dwarves are allergic to deer? Not to mention all the "presents they would leave."

EM: how's that for the newest trend in crime? Instead of criminals breaking into the house and stealing things, they clean instead!

DAVE: This is so prejudice. The humans are all sexy, and the dwarves all have potatoe noses! And the humans are all royalty and live in castles, but the dwarves just live in a cottage!! This is so pollitically incorrect.

ME: I think it's a metaphor of society. The little man is always ignored.

MARY: Snow White is a such a jerk. First she breaks into their house, rearranges everything, lets animals in, takes three of the dwarves beds, then she doesn't let them eat until they wash their hands! Control freak. it's not her house. She doesn't respect other people's cultures at all.

ME: Besides, look at how much work the animals do. It's definatly animal cruelty!

DAVE: I have one question. The stepmom hates Snow White cause the mirror thinks she's prettier,right? and then she makes a potion to make herself uglier so Snow White doesn't recognize her when she gives her the apple, right? Well, insted of trying to kill Snow White, why doesn't she just make a potion that makes her PRETTIER?

EM: She clearly didn't think this through.

MARY: Besides, what do floating heads in mirrors know? maybe he just prefers stupid, jerky chicks with pasty skin and have never heard of a tanning salon.

ME: And girls, we all know what we do to men who say other girls are prettier than us, right?

DAVE: (nervously) what?

MARY: Let's just say it leads to seven years of bad luck, if you know what i'm saying....

And that's one reason why you shouldn't show Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to 9th graders.

That's all folks!! See ya next time!!!!


*preview* Next time on ChipotleChicks blog, the runner up of the story contest. Keep voting!

This program made possible by: Loveable little unicorns!

Thanks for voting!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey Hey Hey!!!! Woo!!! i've got 4 minutes to post as much as i can, are you ready for this? Normally, as you know, i'd do my post in paragraphs and what not, but instead i had a sudden inspiration to day. I'm going to give you a bunch of phrases, titles, and sentences for stories that have happened in my life, and you are going to comment and tell me which one you want my next post to be about! So here's the list of phrases, titles, quotes, sentences and what not that represent an even or story that's happened in my life recently:

1. I'm in the newspaper?!?

2. Let's Dance! O, was that the Sprinkler you just did? Uh, on second though, i'll just go get some punch

3. Garden Pary Crashers

4. "E" is for "Ediot"

5. There's a wall there....and there

6. Hotdogs Vs. Hoagie Sandwhiches: The Perpetual Debate

7. Snow White and Seven Dwarves: 10 reason's why not to show this to your 9th grade class

8. Silence is golden, but remember, money doesn't buy happiness

That's all i can think of in 4 minutes, but monday after next, i will have a new headline entitled:

Beautiful historical building that have inspired the hears of millions....and school supplies

Friday, February 6, 2009

An entire dedicated to lists and stuff. Deep.

Hey Hey Hey! As you can see i've been inconsistant with my blogging. Meaning my blog now has the consistency of peanut butter. Ya, that's right. My blog is ooey gooey yum-ilicious.

Hehe! So, my loveable unicorns, i'm SORRY!!! (insert a 2324355 exclamation points) that's i've been so unreliable in the world of blogging. you must feel so underappreaciated! Because i feel bad for not commented or anything, i dedicate this post to my FAVORITE BLOGGERS!

This girl is sweet and funny! Read her blog for a quick, light hearted, and fun read!

I love this blog! This is one blogger with a thoughful mind and amazing since of humor. Read. OBEY.

Woo! I love this girl! not only is her blog interesting and entertaining, she awarded my blog as FABULOUS (thank you, thank you, i'd like to thank my fans) (ooo, more parenthesis!) Her blog is amazing and she is a devoted tagger!

•waLkiиg disasteя•
First off, i can totally relate to this blogger's title. Walking disaster. Love it. Her blog is one of the funnest of fun blogs to read! HAPPY BIRHTDAY! (ya, and it's her birthday, in case you didn't know.)

N a t a l i e.
Woo! I LOVES YOU NATALIE! Not only is Natalie's blog entertaining and you are guaranteed a laugh or two while reading it, her commetns are thoughtful and friendly. Definately pay her a visit!

I have only barely discovered this blog, what caught my attention was her unique name! This girl is as unique and cool as her name and her blog reflects that. Go Girly!

aivilo relluf
This girl is informed, intellegent, and FUNNY! her posts are interesting and opinionated. She's indescribable, just as her blogger profile says.

Hey Katie! This girl is has a talent for blogging if i ever saw one! (and i'm the Simon Cal of Blogger talent search. You're through to Hollywood Katie!) her posts are lenghty and entertaining to read. She's clearly a smart girl and funny girl, you need only to read her blog to figure that out!

not emo just misunderstood
First, you gotta love the name. This blogger's posts are straight forward and an easy read. He certainly has a sense of humor and a unique view of the world to match!

hey James! James is a fun blogger and a great friend. His blog is depressing but thought provoking. Check it out for a truly one of a kind blogging experience and a chance to share your opinions on subjects other blogs may not talk about.

Stella is a blogging inspiration! This funny, determined, talented girl deserved a golden medal in blogging ettiquette! Her words and thoughts are fresh and thoughtful. Definately check her out! No, she's not a library book, don't actually try to check her out, just go look at her blog! jeez.

Wandering Child
This ambitios girl has three blogs and they are all fab! there's reading corner for those of you who enjoy story blogs, Poor thing for all you Sweeney Todd fans, and All you Need is Love, for a glimpse into her clever and creative mind.

Lenore is a thoughtful but hilarious girl, my favorite combination. She's a clever girl and her blog is a great read, probably cause she is such a great person. That's how blogs work you know. beaufil soul=awesome blog! Bad soul=bad blog. simple.

I started reading her blog and couldn't stop! This is an intelligent, funny girl who has a bright future ahead of her, even if she doensn't know it yet. she's a regular girl with an extrodinary mind. READ!

Mayaa :)
This splendid blogger is unique and a very entertaining read. I definately recommend the blog of this insightful and funny girl to anyone looking for a swift but fullfilling blog read.
This thoughtful man is anything but simple. a talented writer and profound mind, he's one to get ya thinking.

Intelligent and witty GIRL!!!!! With a passion for writing, judging by the lengths and qualilty of HER wonderfully FEMININE posts.

so this is my loveable little unicorn flock. Ellie was one of the, but she retired.sigh. o well. i'm fine. ELLIE! COME BACK!!!! I mean, ya, ok. Her choice. ELLIE!!!!!!!!! ugh. Do you wana be a loveable little unicorn? YOu do? then leave me a comment! FLY MY UNICORNS, FLY! And don't try telling me you can't fly, i know you're not pegasus, but what unicorn can't fly? Seriously.

Aslo, i've been tagged. twice. so here's 16 random facts about me, right her, on 30 seconds with ChipotleChick.

1. You know how when some people are bored they watch T.V or read? ya, i raid the fridge and stick whatever i can find into the juicer. Seriously, i've managed to juice some pretty unexpected things. What else am i supposed to do on a rainy day?

2. I love the smell of rain, roses, and Office Max. I wonder how they're related.

3. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest word i can spell off the top of my head without having to write it out. Why did i dedicate such a useless word to memory? It all started when i lost a game of scrabble.....

4. My favorite people in this world are the ones who will tell you a stupid joke one minute, then give you a 1 hour lecture on why reality is only an illusion the next.

5. I'm currently looking for a cure for stupidity. Any one wana be a subject for my research?

6. Purple is the new black. deal with it.

7. I love reading lists. I have an obsession. I need an intervention for my list addiction.

8. I can't say the "th" sound when it's in the middle of a word, like enthusiastic. I say "ens-sh-x-s-o screw it.'

9. The playlist on my iPod included Mindless Self Indulgence, I am Ghost, Ok Go, Kamelot, Lacuna Coil, Theory of a Dead Man, My Chemical Romance, Puddle of Mudd, and Frank Sinatra. Balance.

10. I would be the best dictator of the world ever. It's true. ask anyone.

11. I own pepper spray that looks like lipstick. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. darn it.

12. The last time i checke d my email i had 165 emails. I was too terrified to answer any of them. That was six months ago. I haven't checked it since. Odds are i have so many my computer would crash if i tried to access them again.

13. The nicest compliment i've ever recieved included the words "hot sauce" and "Lemur." No. i am not joking. It was really nice and it just stuck with me.

14. I think wallpaper smells like beige. If beige had a smell, it would smell like wallpaper.

15. My favorite kind of acting is improv.

16. I could write a drama novel about the adventures of Spanish Class. It would blow everyone's minds and knock Stephenie Meyer off the bestseller's list.

Well that's enough about me! What about you? Anything new? Really? He ate all that? She did what? O my, how scandalous! You're life astounds me.

Ok, i'm done, and tired (stupid mono) excuse me as i go pass out.

Blog ya later! (when i'm not half dead.)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ok, there is supposed to be a pic here that says "your blog is fabulous" but i'm having technical difficulties. Just imagine that it's here, huge with a big arrow and flashing neon lights. just use your imagination.

That's right, you heard it. My blog is FABULOUS!!! Just like David Bowie's hair. O ya, my blog is as good as David Bowie's hairs, or at least the beautiful N a t a l i e. thinks so! Thanks Natalie for nominating my blog! Both me and her, or him, or it, or whatever thanks you! I'm sorry about my rude blog. It refused to thank you personally. I don't know why. Guess it just has a major attitude problem. You try to raise them right but there's only so much you can do. You know how it goes. Anyways, i must now nominate 10 people and i nominate ABSOLUTELY ANYONE WHO READS THIS!

Seriously, if you read this, you're fabulous and I'm sure so is your blog. I love you all and the fact that you visit an unappreciative blog such as my own, shows depht of character and generosity. You are all beautiful and you all deserve an award, so take it and spread the love and the bragging rights!

and since i can't get the pic onto my blog because the tags don't seem to be working very well, just pay a visit to the Asto

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Once upon a time there was a pop-tart...

Hey Hey Hey! woo, it's been only about one life time since i've posted. Are any of my fine blogging friends still alive? Or have you retired? and if you retired, then send me some of your welfare money so i can use it to start my alpacha farm.

Well, from a dance to being in my state's newspaper to buying the cutes pair of shoes ever, quite a lot has happened since i last posted. But since i'm too lazy to type it all right now, you are going to have to wait in suspense until my next post. I know, how will you survive such agonizing suspense? whatever will you do? DON'T OPEN THE CLOSET!!!!

*dramatic music plays, building up even more suspense*


since I want to be dramatic and build up suspense to keep you at the edge of your seats until the next post, i won't tell you about recent events just yet. instead i'm going to post my English assignment. no really, that's what i'm going to do. you see, our assignment was to imagine we are about to write a horribly depressing novel. How would you start it? you see, we're working on emotion in writing. It was difficult deciding what to write. I was thinking i could write that The Office had been cancelled, but didn't think that was sad enough. then i thought i could write about the outlawing of delicious pastries, but i figured that's too depressing and no one could handle reading it. In the end, i settled on this:

"Never before had the sky seemed so thick, so oppressing, so there, than the night
 she held her dying friend. it felt heavy and stagnant, driving the air from her lungs and compressing her heart into little more than a bloody stone lodged in her chest. the stars twinkled brightly, as if mocking her with their warm glow and quiet beauty. she stared at a particularly bright one, focusing until her eyes stung and dried, momentarily stopping the silent tears pouring down her sallow face. Everything had been taken from her. Everything. her mother, her father, he baby sister, and now her friend. No, she must not think of all those losses at once. her heart and mind couldn't take it. with every thought  she felt her heart tear and mind splinter. 

All she had wanted was honor, all she has wanted was to be known for her courage, cleverness, and strength. instead, all she had known and loved were either lost to the unforgiving, greedy grasp of death, or had turned their back on her, leaving her alone with nothing but her shattered thoughts for company. No, not even that. she couldn't stand her thoughts Her mind and Heart were at war, for every thought jabbed at her heart, tearing the stitches that had formed whenever she had started to heal and picking it apart, piece by piece.

Pain. overwhelming pain. Her own breath choked her, her tears cut into her eyes. Nothing. Nothing could stop this pain, this guilt, this unbearable, incapacitating longing. It devoured her from the inside out, stabbing at her stomach, leaving her crippled and gasping. she would never heal, never recover the blood that had been spelt because of her, her tears would never dry. Death would not haver her, but neither would life. 

She stood up laying the body of her beloved friend on the frozen ground. a bitter wind blew her hair around her face and whipped at her weather worn cheeks, but she didn't feel it. she wouldn't feel anything again."

So? what do you think? depressing enough? I had to type in to by inner tragic heroine to get that. I hope you enjoyed it! Or I guess i hope you didn't enjoy it. are you supposed to like depressing stories? or are you supposed to just see them as beautiful? hm. Well, is it beautiful? maybe i should put some lipstick on it.

well, i'm about to pass out, so i'm thinking i should go now.

I love you, my Lovable unicorns! 

Blog ya later!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey Hey Hey!!! Thanks to Jillian for tagging me! I like the little chart thing, it's a sack of sexy! I'm blogging in school so i have to hurry or risk getting caught. Man, i'm like the computer nerd version of Charlie's Angles!

1. What is your occupation right now?
Full-time student, part time fencer, full time singer, full time talker, full time texter, full time annoyer, part time poet, part time sexy mama! Ya,unfortunatley i don't get paid for that one.

2. What color are your socks right now?
Boring old white. i should dye them using kool-aid just cause then they'd smell good.

3. What are you listening to right now?
The voices in my head, and Emily, who's not in my head.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
A delicous chocolate muffin. Ya, it's as good as it sounds.

5.Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes!!! I can crash into absolutely anything when i'm driving one. It's a skill.

6.Last person you spoke to on the phone?
Phone? Spoke? i thought phones were meant for texting. who actually talks on the phone anymore? telemarketers? and no one actually speaks to telemarketers anyways. they just say "stop calling me! i don't want what you're selling!" or if you're me you say "No hablo english!"

7. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
Nobody sent it to me, i copied and pasted it from Jillian.

8. How old are youtoday

9.What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
Extreme Arm wrestling! jk. Fencing and soccer.

10. What is your favorite drink?
I prefer anything liquid. I find it easier to drink fluids if they are in a less-than-solid state.

11.Have you ever dyed your hair?
yes!!!!!!!!!! I've even done purple

12. Favorite food?
Sushi. Seriously. nothing says yummy like raw fish

13. What is the last movie you saw?
the Happening. Who doesn't love Stephen King?

14.Favorite day of the year?
Any day i get a hot fudge Sundae and get to watch American Idol while enjoying it's chocolately goodness.

15.How do you vent anger?
Fencing, jumping rope, writing stories in which the person who made me mad dies a tragic and unexpected death.

17.What is your favorite season?
I'm accepting of all seasons. though i do prefer Paprika.

18.Cherries or Blueberries?

19.Do you want your friends to e-mail you back?
If i didn't want them to, i wouldnt' have sent them an emial. think here.

20-21. How many sibs do u have?

22.Living arrangements?
who ever said i was alive? how presumptuous of you to just assume.

23.When was the last time you cried?

when i found out my aunt has cancer and not since then.

24. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to?

Mk. I've known her since Kindergarten!

25.What did you do last night
Watched American Idol and went swimming, which led to me freezing to death. sign of my extreme intellegence.

26.What are you most afraid of
Clowns. and authors, because they always end up killing off my favorite characters in the books they write. every single time. i swear, authors stalk me so they know who my fav characters are just so they can kill em off in the next book.

27.Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?
Plain hamburgers with spicy cheese. Ya, i'm that deep.

28.Favorite dog breed?
Labradoodles. why? becaue it's the funest thing in the word to say. I also like puggles.

29.Favorite day of the week?
Wendsday. I just feel wendsday is so unappreciated. always root for the underdog!

30.How many states have you lived in?
if you count the state i'm currently living in, it's a grand total of one.

31.Diamonds or pearls?
Neither, both are out of my budget and if i could afford them i donate that money to the "save the whales" foundation cause i care about the whales. And i think Porpoises are just anorexic whales.

32. What is your favorite flower?

Any flower that hasn't been picked and put into a vase.

How's that for thorough! i better log off before i get caught. maybe i should actually do the work i'm supposed to do. but why should i? i'm already ahead, so maybe i'll just take a nap. a long nap. ya, that sounds good.

blog ya later!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Abuse of Diplomatic Immunity

Hey Hey Hey i'm sooooooooooooooooooooo (ya i like o's.) soooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (I also like y's) that it's been so long since i've posted or commented. I've got Mono, so everytime i get home from doing what i do i'm exhausted. Stupid Mono. Then again one may say it's my fault for not giving up any of my regular activities to take an easy. Nah, it's definately just stupid Mono. My mom is becoming increasingly frustrated with my refusal to rest and try to get better. But in my defense, i have a motto. You see, while i may have a virus that has the potential to land me in a hospital for a month, i only regard that as a simple misfortune. But if i let it stop me from living, well that's when it becomes a tragedy. and who likes tragedies? No One, that's who, and the only person who like No One is No One himself since he's such a dick. Stupid No One.

So ya!!! That's my excuse for not posting in an eternity. I had some energy so i decided to post. But man, typing can be exhausting! My pinky finger is already begging for mercy.

O, and i have decided what my philosophy on life is. Are you ready to know? It's astonishing, a real eye-opener, one of those profound ephiphanies that revel the meaning of our existence. This will change your life. If you feel you are not ready psychologically for such a big change, call 1-800-ChipotleChick for dictator and we will help prepare you.) Are you ready now? Good. here it goes. the most sincere, deep, and reveling philosophy you have ever had the honor of reading.

When in doubt, blow it up.

Beautiful, no?

Seriously here's my real philosophy. On life at least. Well, more a philosophy on Ambition. Or Happiness. Heck, one may say it's a philosophy on the ridiculous prices of batteries. I honestly have no idea.

Have you ever heard that saying "life is what you make it?" have you ever considered what it means? Have you ever thought it's nothing but a load of hogwash? Have you ever wondered where the heck the phrase "hogwash" came from? I have. All of those. But now, being sick, fighting depression, i realize maybe it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. And sure, it sounds pretty fake, corny, overly perky, and a bit superficial, but the more i thought about it, the more i realize that maybe it hold a nugget of truth. No one said life was easy and if they did then they were one heck of an underachiever. The goods things in life aren't always easy to come by. We have to work to succeed, work to accomplish, work to be happy. Whether it's love, riches, power, knowledge, or chocolate that makes one happy, one must work for any of those. The only thing that's free in life is the free samples of perfume those overly made-up women at Nordstrom's give you to try to convince you to buy them. And even then there's an obligation to buy the actual perfume. Love comes at a price, and that price is to love back, riches and power come at the price of hard work, knowledge with the price of experierince. and we all know how much quality chocolate can cost. See? Nothing is truly free. And you know what? neither is suffering, neither is grief, neither is loss. Happiness isn't free but neither is sadness.

When we hit those dark times in our lives, when everything is cast in a shadow of sorrow, when even our own hearts hurt us more than we can handle, that's when you know you're gonna have to pay up. The way you pay? by being happy. by working to rise above the oppression of doubt and fear. by having the hope to encourage yourself and those you love to live on, to search long and hard for the flashlight that will drive away the darkness, at least until the batteries run out. And even then just go Home Depot and pick some more up. Life doesn't pick on people, it simply picks them up and carries them and if you don't like where life is going, kick it and tell it to change directions. Life is persistant, life is resiliant, life is strong, life is stubborn. And so is darkness. And so is light. And so are you, if you let yourself. Don't let life be the driver, push it into the passenger seat and take the wheel for youself. and if life won't let you, kick it outa the car and make it hitch hike.

Point is, we may not be able to control everything that comes our way, but we can control how we handle those things, how we react, how we think, how we percieve. We need be strong, we need to be gentle, we need to think, we need to act, we need to be walking contradictions, because that is how we are going to rule life, and that is how we are going to rule ourselves.
Embrace God, and if you don't believe in God, embrace Allah, and if you don't believe in Allah, embrace the natural world, embrace yourself, and live the way can, the way you want, the way that makes you happy.

And there you have it!!! Personally i prefer the blow it up philosophy, but you can choose which you would rather live by.

And now i'm exhausted and ready to die, but i wont' because i'm too busy trying to kick life out of the drivers seat. Stupid life let go of the a red light! *crash*

Ok, i think i better go before i start typing random things that don't make since. No one is more Irish than Obama. Black is the new papaya. Computers migrate. Stay away from all carnivorous volley balls.



Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! Why, i haven't seen you in forever! Remember me? How have you been all this time? How are the kids? College already? wow my oh my how time flies. Tsk Tsk.

So anyways!!! Thank you to m two new blogger buddies!!!!!! I now tell all of my not quite as new blogger buddies to go visit their blogs because their's ROCK!!!!! Just go up to my followers list and click the first two. 

Sorry i havent posted all week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been exhausting going back to school and sleeping in Biology-i mean WORKING in biology class with those hard, uncomfortable books. They do not make good pillows i can tell you that. It would be hard if it was a normal week, but this one was especially hard! I've been in training for the second 5K the running club is doing, volunteering to be a human subject in some experiments in the science fair, getting references for the Big Sisters program so i can volunteer there, AND watching Charlie the Unicorn on youtube. Over and over again. I just can't get enough of those unicorns. they are just so MAGICAL!!!! *giggle*

Hm. That was sorta creepy. Moving right along now!

O bad news! i have to get blood tested for two things tomorrow: Anemia and Diabetes. Woo!!! now that's what i call a fun after school activity! Getting poked with needles!! O ya! So cool! Karate chop!!!!! (or if i was a pig, Pork chop!) Haha i made a pun. Punny. hehe. 

2009 BABY!!! It's time for a New Year, a New World, and a New YOU!!! Need some help finding a New Years resolution? Don't worry! ChipotleChick, the world's most qualified New Years Resolution matcher will match you up with the right Resolution for you!!!!!

Some suggestions for New Years Resolutions are:

1. For all you work-a-holics, promise yourself to try and recreate yourself. Attempt to win world record for laziest person of 2009.

2. Don't blink. The entire year. 

3. Get more involved in politics. Vote ChipotleChick dictator of world

4. Lighten up a little. Grow wings.

5. Take a breather. Grow gills.

6. Go the extra mile. Grow an 11th toe

7. Contribute to humanity. Invent the ever-useful hippo-powered flashlight. 

8. Become an animal rights activist. Free all the man-eating tigers, grumpy bears, hungry lion, and annoying monkeys from the zoo. People will respect your go-getter attitude.

9. Expand your knowledge. Remember the digits of pi up to the 1,786 number. You never know when that knowledge will come in handy.

10. Know your rights. Fight for you right to marry penguins. 

11. Become environmentally conscience by wasting paper and wood to make picket signs to protest the use of petroleum based products. 

12. Win World Record for first person to grow gills.

13. Vote ChipotleChick dictator of blogger. (noticing a theme here?)

14. Do all these resolutions so you can win world record for most New years Resolution!

To make a personal appointment to discuss your Resolution choices, please call


No it's not a marketing ploy trying to get votes. I truly want to help with your Resolution dilemmas!

The choice is yours!!

*sublimal message: OBEY*

And now i must go! i shall comment on all of your beautiful blogs tomorow!!! 

Blog ya later!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! So I told you about how all my posts are too long right? (Example: happy Canadian Boxing day was the War and Peace of blogging posts) So i'm try to shorten them up a bit! And if they get too long feel free to skip the boring parts. I just type whatever comes to my head and it's not always fun-tertaining. Hehe. Word play. Gota love it.
Anyways, today i Finished the Kite Runner, a book written by Khaled Hosseini. It was a beautifull moving and inspiring book. But it raised a lot of questions and i'm am now going to ask these questions, and then promptly answer myself. And no i will not raise my hand so ha.
My biggest question is why. Why? Why is there war? Why is there hate? What is so wrong with us that we can't be diplomatic, caring? Why is it that humans suffer while other humans cause suffering? 

My answer? Because we are human. Time has made us learn, has made us forget, has made us want. WE have free will and one must wonder if humans abuse that privilege. Why is there war? There is war because not everything can be settled peacefully. War is not a tragedy that is driven soley by power. It is driven by passion, and passion can not be dettered. When you get an ambitious person, who feels they alone know just what the world needs, then they will fight like no tomorrow to get it, and often time there is no tomorrow. NO matter who they might hurt or what might happen, they have a plan and want it bad enough. A better way to explain might be by example. 
Think of it this way: What if you had the answer to solving every ounce of human suffering on this planet? What if you knew exactly what to do to give everyone happiness, to make every one and everything whole. Now what if the only way you could do it was by becoming a terrorist to your own country? What if you could only do it by causing more suffering than there ever was, knowing that when it was done, all would be beautiful. Would you believe the outcome justifies the means? The night is darkest just before the dawn. Would you be both the night, and the dawn?
Thats the way Hitler thought, that's the way terrorists think. Is all the suffering they caused justifiable? To them it was.
Why is there hate? This answer to me is simple. Without hate, love would have no meaning. If  everyone loved everyone, who could truly hold a special place in your heart? There would be know depth to the human soul, no balance. It would be great if we could all love each other, but then, how could we truly love, when there is nothing else to do?
Well dang! i wanted a short post and look what i did. This post is so huge it deserves it's own continent! I'll have to buy rename "Awesome bloggers who commented on my blog and deserve to have an island in their nam" island, to giant post island. What an inconvenience.

So now i'll leave you to ponder those imponderables, and i'll go get the paperwork for renaming the island. 

See ya later alligators
In a while crocodile!
Until next time little limes!
Hasta la vista...oh crap what rymes with vista? o whatever. 

Good-bye fly!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holy cow it's a horse!

I've decided all of my posts are too long. 

P.s. refer to post beneath this one if you have the desire to read about my New Years Eve. You can either read it and comment, read it and don't comment, read only the last couple of lines then comment, complete skip the post and comment, or totally ignore what i just said here and not comment/comment, or you may have totally skipped this part of my post and if that's the case then i'm gonna call you an insufferable little troll because you will never know i called you that cause you didn't read this part. And if you did read this part then you're not an insufferable little troll, you're more of a lovable little unicorn.

And there you have it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009



O sorry. You didn't hear me? Don't worry i'll repeat myself. 


You still didn't hear me? Are you deaf? Do you require a hearing aid? Ok, one more time.


You still didn't hear me?! Wait what's that you say You can't hear me because this is a blog, not day time television?



In my enthusiasm i forgot that you're technically reading, not listening. Gotcha.

It is January 1st! Oh wait, it's midnight. Ok, it's January second, which means i've been free for a whole day!!! Wooooooo!!! come on, celebrate with me! I don't care if you have a headache from all the partying you did, just celebrate already!!! Fine fine, i'll get you an aspirin. But as soon as your headache is gone we are having a partay!!!!! 

I'll wait.



All this waiting is giving me a headache....




OMG it's a hippo coming to take me hostage! AWWWW!!! 


Ok i'm done! It's party time!!!! And everyone who reads my blog is invited. Here's how it goes, we will party via comment board. Come in, leave a comment, and party it up! I'll leave a comment on my own blog to start the party. And also cause my posts look so lonely when they say "0 comments." It makes my blog depressed. Sad blog. 

So who wants to hear about why it should be illegal to serve sushi in aquariums?? Anybody? Somebody? Seriously? Nobody?O, well then. I guess i'll just tell you about New Years Eve! 

New Years Eve was a long night. Not just long, but loooooooooooong. Like those foot long hot dogs. Those are long. I mean, who can actually eat a foot of meat? Ok, so i can, but who else? Then again, i'm not so sure a hot dog counts as meat. what are hot dogs actually made of? O wait, what was I talking about again? O ya! So serving sushi at aquariums is the social equivalent of-wait not that's not was I was talking about.....O! New Years! Right.

So New Years Eve was pretty hectic. You see, there's this exhibit at one of the universities where i live and it's called "Body World's." It's pretty well known. It show cases the human body and how it works, using the bodies of people who sold themselves to science as a last wish of sorts. it was amazingly interesting but ugh, creepy. The atmosphere was the equivalent of hanging around Sweeney Todd's barber shop at 1 in the morning surrounded by wax figurines of the Tellie Tubbies. yeah, it was that creepy. Just imagine this for a second. Walking around a maze of rooms, boxed in by walls painted a dark red, in a dim light that casts mile long shadows, surrounded by human body parts. Even worse, they had the sound of a hear beat pulsating from the walls. Charming. 

The creepiest room of all was the "Blood room." Or the "Ew-this-room-gives-me-the-willies-lets-get-the-heck-outa-here" room as i like to call it. It's basically what the original name implies. It a room with thick dark red carpet, maroon painted walls, and red tinted lighting. Well that's pretty much how the rest of the exhibit was, so that was normal. No, what was so wonderfully special about this room was the barrels lined up in a nice neat orderly fashion used to display how much blood our body pumps in a day. (don' worry, the barrels weren't filled with blood. I know. You're disapointed. So was my buddy Dracula. I'll enlist you both into therapy to help you deal with the traumatic let down) The barrels themselves of course weren't eerie, it was what they represented. That, and the feel of the room. It just made me sick. Ugh. Creepy. (ya i know i'm using the word creepy far too much. It's just the perfect word for this whole scenerio! Creepy. Creepy creepy creepy. Kinda like those people door to door salesman. and Telemarketers. They're pretty creepy too.

So that was my day. My night was a bit less terrifying. Well actually, it was still pretty terrifying, just in it's own special way. I always tell my terrifying experiences to be unique. I want them to know they all hold a special place in my heart.

K. right, so night! You see, I've always liked staying with the fam on New Years Eve. I don't know why, but for some reason It's a night i just don't like going out to other people's places. 4th of July, sure. Halloween, ya. Presidents Day, of course. Canadian Boxing Day, who doesn't? (yes Canadian Boxing Day is a real holliday. Look it up! It's pretty cool) Anyways, so what my fam and i do for our traditional New Years Eve partay is we throw together a bunch of orderves (like mozzerella sticks, jalepeno poppers, shrimp and cocktail sauce, spinach dip, potatoe skins, sushi. just your normal New Years Eve feast! It's about as healthy as it sounds.) and we light up our fireworks! Oh ya, that's usually how it works, but haha this time didn't go as smoothly as we planned hehehe.

The food turned out fine, no surprise there. I mean, all you have to do is either stick it in the oven or pour it in a bowl. Even I can do it. Wait, So the tray goes in  the oven, right? 

Anyways, I wish i could say the same for the fireworks! We had 5 big fountains, 4 small ones, and a package of ground floweres. The first 2 small ones went great! They were beautiful, colorful, chaotic in their movement, yet so orderly in their color. Perfect. The 3rd one started fine, then suddenly tipped over and blew itself off the sidewalk and left a lovely scorch mark on our garage door. The 4th one let out one puff of smoke then died. Needless to say none of us wanted to approach it in case it decided to spontaneously combust. The suspense was killing me so i went up, and kicked it and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPARKS EVERYWHERE!!!!! ARMEGHEDDON! THE START OF THE APOCALYPSE! THE END OF THE WORLD!

No not really. Though when i kicked it i made sure to yell BAM!  really loud so as to give my mom a heart attack. Hehe. My dad then plunked it upside down in the snow to cool it down.

Then we have our big giant fountains  of doom! Sweet! The first three were spectacular, mesmerizing for their coordinated colors and patterned shapes. They were also very bright, blindingly so, but i couldn't look away....Aw my retinas!!!!

Anyways, the next two both had troubles, thought none were too catasatrophic. One stopped in the middle of the show. We all thought it was done, until my dad walked toward it and KABLAM it suddenly started again. My dad of course refused to go near it until all signs of life were dissipated, which wasn't until after my sis and i covered it in 10 pounds of snow, and even then it sparked when my dad came near it hehe. Clearly that firework didn't like him. The last was nearly perfect it just spluttered a couple of times near the end.

All in all, my New Years Eve was.......well it was entertaining! the best part?


O, and i'm sorry it took me this long to post after i was bailed out of my life sentence. I was a bit busy. I went hiking today. saw a moose. and we all know how time consuming moose watching can be. Point is, i'm free and can now comment on your blogs! I will do that tomorrow, i can't now cause it's one in the morning and  would reallly rather not get caught blogging and grounded. again. forever. And if i get banned from blogging again i'll die i tell ya just die!!!!! No No! Don't lock me up again! You'll never catch me alive coppers!!!!!! 

No, i haven't lost my mind. I let it wander and it just hasn't returned yet. I really should put a GPS tracker on that thing.

So this is it! I can't wait to read about how you guys spent your New Years.  

And if you need help coming up with New Year Resolutions, I'll be posting a list of ideas a little later. Until then, it was nice blogging ya! Y'all rock, even when you roll. 

Blog ya later!

First Post by ChipotleChick in the year 2009. This is a historic post. Please, let's have a moment of silence to contemplate the significance of this moment. 

Silence over! Bye!