Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! So I told you about how all my posts are too long right? (Example: happy Canadian Boxing day was the War and Peace of blogging posts) So i'm try to shorten them up a bit! And if they get too long feel free to skip the boring parts. I just type whatever comes to my head and it's not always fun-tertaining. Hehe. Word play. Gota love it.
Anyways, today i Finished the Kite Runner, a book written by Khaled Hosseini. It was a beautifull moving and inspiring book. But it raised a lot of questions and i'm am now going to ask these questions, and then promptly answer myself. And no i will not raise my hand so ha.
My biggest question is why. Why? Why is there war? Why is there hate? What is so wrong with us that we can't be diplomatic, caring? Why is it that humans suffer while other humans cause suffering? 

My answer? Because we are human. Time has made us learn, has made us forget, has made us want. WE have free will and one must wonder if humans abuse that privilege. Why is there war? There is war because not everything can be settled peacefully. War is not a tragedy that is driven soley by power. It is driven by passion, and passion can not be dettered. When you get an ambitious person, who feels they alone know just what the world needs, then they will fight like no tomorrow to get it, and often time there is no tomorrow. NO matter who they might hurt or what might happen, they have a plan and want it bad enough. A better way to explain might be by example. 
Think of it this way: What if you had the answer to solving every ounce of human suffering on this planet? What if you knew exactly what to do to give everyone happiness, to make every one and everything whole. Now what if the only way you could do it was by becoming a terrorist to your own country? What if you could only do it by causing more suffering than there ever was, knowing that when it was done, all would be beautiful. Would you believe the outcome justifies the means? The night is darkest just before the dawn. Would you be both the night, and the dawn?
Thats the way Hitler thought, that's the way terrorists think. Is all the suffering they caused justifiable? To them it was.
Why is there hate? This answer to me is simple. Without hate, love would have no meaning. If  everyone loved everyone, who could truly hold a special place in your heart? There would be know depth to the human soul, no balance. It would be great if we could all love each other, but then, how could we truly love, when there is nothing else to do?
Well dang! i wanted a short post and look what i did. This post is so huge it deserves it's own continent! I'll have to buy rename "Awesome bloggers who commented on my blog and deserve to have an island in their nam" island, to giant post island. What an inconvenience.

So now i'll leave you to ponder those imponderables, and i'll go get the paperwork for renaming the island. 

See ya later alligators
In a while crocodile!
Until next time little limes!
Hasta la vista...oh crap what rymes with vista? o whatever. 

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Natalie (: said...

That book sounds really interesting, I shall look for it the next time I'm at the library. But that is very true--without hate love would be meaningless. Then I would feel the same way about Hannah Montana and brussel sprouts as I do about Harry Potter and chocolate.... that would be weird. You make some very good points!

And this post isn't that huge! Maybe it doesn't need its own continent, just it's own state maybe? (;

Hmm... hasta la vista.... mista? sista? (as in mister and sister) It doesn't really rhyme but what the hey!

Im in a infatuated state of mind said...

haha its alright thanks for visiting my blog btm :) and ya what you said actually makes alot of sence

James said...

why why why? it is forever answered? Because of our differences, because of the corruption of humanity? So many things.

!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

hmmmmmmm.......i would love 2 follow ur blog!!

Outrageous said...

Wowzeers, I love that post. Honeslty I do. And I totally agree with you. If there was not hate, then there would be no love. Wow, I feel like I have just talked to Jesus. Ha! Well, you know I love your bloggy, so i did follow. See you around and I hope you comment. Bye!

Rochelle Blue said...

your blog is definitely one of a kind.
I'm very honored that I get to be reading it, especially this post.
you are right in many ways. war is very ugly and most people think its all got to do with hate. but I can see your point of view very clearly.
love and hate would best be described as antonyms. even though they are complete opposites, they need one another to make life work.
lolz, and no, your blog posts are not that huge. If they were as long as a two hundred page novel, then I would I call them huge ; ) but all the same, they do deserve a continent of their very own! (Oh and sorry for the very long comment. I couldn't help myself =D)

Rafé said...

ooooh, you're hittin' lose to home here...
you touched on it
wars are fought because we want to fight them
passion is birthed because of desire. Passion isn't always beautiful even though it has a nice connotation

the end justifies the means
or does it?
when is the end?
Will you ever find it?
Or will it find you?

hate for love?
bad for good?
you're a Christian, right?
What do you believe heaven is?
there is no evil in heaven
there are no tears
you don't have to know sad to be happy
you don't need to hate in order to love
or else heaven is just like earth
(balanced as you say)
btw, I know my theology, even though it's a teaching of my past... more light subjects where I'm not crushing your ideallls...(sorry for that)

It is a pretty big coincidence that you guys are all on here from the area...

I wonder how many people from around here are on blogger that i don't know about...

oh yeah, and you never told me what your benevolent dictatorship with your silent army meant...haha

Idzie said...

Very interesting post, although I don't quite agree with you... I agree that hate and love are a balance and will always exist, but hate is only natural on a personal level. To hate one person for specific reasons, the same way we love one person for specific reasons. So, I don't believe that war, the hate of an entire race, people, or country is normal. We don't love on that scale, do we? I'd argue that our civilization, which is built on violence, upheld on violence, and cannot exist without violence, is the true cause of war, not the people. I truly believe those in power are the ones to blame...

Sorry, couldn't help adding my bit. :-P Very thought provoking post...


Ellie said...

I've heard of that book. I c u changed ur blog name (call me slow), I like ur new 1. It's u. comment anytime!!! XP