Friday, January 2, 2009

Holy cow it's a horse!

I've decided all of my posts are too long. 

P.s. refer to post beneath this one if you have the desire to read about my New Years Eve. You can either read it and comment, read it and don't comment, read only the last couple of lines then comment, complete skip the post and comment, or totally ignore what i just said here and not comment/comment, or you may have totally skipped this part of my post and if that's the case then i'm gonna call you an insufferable little troll because you will never know i called you that cause you didn't read this part. And if you did read this part then you're not an insufferable little troll, you're more of a lovable little unicorn.

And there you have it.


Rafé said...

haha, so which am I?
the troll or the unicorn?


we do, and we don't
humanity would have ceased a long time ago
a really dark and hopeless one
I'd be a little more bored
the world might be a better place
you might be
we'd all die because the earth's revolution around the sun is what keeps it from plunging into it due to gravity (I took conceptual physics)
then I was right the first time
then I'm currently right
the what if's are the how to's, they're all connected
while you're doing, I'll be planning on what that doing should be, for me.

and what's up with that title?

Stella said...

I've always wanted to be a lovable little unicorn!!!!

smorgan said...

Hehe...I'm a lovable little unicorn.
Spaking of your posts, they are pretty long...mine get long sometimes too...
But your HAappy Canadian Boxing Day was pretty long. I had to take a deep breath before reading the whole thing....haha...


Natalie (: said...

Yay, I love unicorns! :D