Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! Why, i haven't seen you in forever! Remember me? How have you been all this time? How are the kids? College already? wow my oh my how time flies. Tsk Tsk.

So anyways!!! Thank you to m two new blogger buddies!!!!!! I now tell all of my not quite as new blogger buddies to go visit their blogs because their's ROCK!!!!! Just go up to my followers list and click the first two. 

Sorry i havent posted all week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been exhausting going back to school and sleeping in Biology-i mean WORKING in biology class with those hard, uncomfortable books. They do not make good pillows i can tell you that. It would be hard if it was a normal week, but this one was especially hard! I've been in training for the second 5K the running club is doing, volunteering to be a human subject in some experiments in the science fair, getting references for the Big Sisters program so i can volunteer there, AND watching Charlie the Unicorn on youtube. Over and over again. I just can't get enough of those unicorns. they are just so MAGICAL!!!! *giggle*

Hm. That was sorta creepy. Moving right along now!

O bad news! i have to get blood tested for two things tomorrow: Anemia and Diabetes. Woo!!! now that's what i call a fun after school activity! Getting poked with needles!! O ya! So cool! Karate chop!!!!! (or if i was a pig, Pork chop!) Haha i made a pun. Punny. hehe. 

2009 BABY!!! It's time for a New Year, a New World, and a New YOU!!! Need some help finding a New Years resolution? Don't worry! ChipotleChick, the world's most qualified New Years Resolution matcher will match you up with the right Resolution for you!!!!!

Some suggestions for New Years Resolutions are:

1. For all you work-a-holics, promise yourself to try and recreate yourself. Attempt to win world record for laziest person of 2009.

2. Don't blink. The entire year. 

3. Get more involved in politics. Vote ChipotleChick dictator of world

4. Lighten up a little. Grow wings.

5. Take a breather. Grow gills.

6. Go the extra mile. Grow an 11th toe

7. Contribute to humanity. Invent the ever-useful hippo-powered flashlight. 

8. Become an animal rights activist. Free all the man-eating tigers, grumpy bears, hungry lion, and annoying monkeys from the zoo. People will respect your go-getter attitude.

9. Expand your knowledge. Remember the digits of pi up to the 1,786 number. You never know when that knowledge will come in handy.

10. Know your rights. Fight for you right to marry penguins. 

11. Become environmentally conscience by wasting paper and wood to make picket signs to protest the use of petroleum based products. 

12. Win World Record for first person to grow gills.

13. Vote ChipotleChick dictator of blogger. (noticing a theme here?)

14. Do all these resolutions so you can win world record for most New years Resolution!

To make a personal appointment to discuss your Resolution choices, please call


No it's not a marketing ploy trying to get votes. I truly want to help with your Resolution dilemmas!

The choice is yours!!

*sublimal message: OBEY*

And now i must go! i shall comment on all of your beautiful blogs tomorow!!! 

Blog ya later!


Natalie (: said...

Wow you have had a busy week! It sounds like you're doing a lot of volunteer work, that's always nice (: And Charlie the Unicorn does take up a lot of time, haha. SHUN THE NONBELIEVER! SHUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!" :D

Those are some pretty awesome New Years Resolutions! I'll definitely be trying not to blink, and grow wings and gills and extra toes, those all sound easy enough (; I WANT A HIPPO POWERED FLASHLIGHT! That would be so freaking cool. The farthest I know in pi is 3.141592564, so only 1,776 more numbers left to memorize! (; And I will definitely be calling that number to vote for you A.S.A.P. :D

Jillian said...

Thanks so much for recomending my blog! It means a ton.
Have u really read it? LOL. Thanks.

I love yours!

Hmmm, yeah, I had a simular blood test, and it was hell's cousin. Sorry, I'm not swearing, just stating a wide known fact. Oh, shoot! I'm so sorry!
No, blood tests are just peachy!

Charlie the Unicorn! Must clear brain....
Comment soon!

!wonderfold! said...

You Are Hilarious.

smorgan said... wanna know what is a Prefects' Board? Well, it is a board of commitee for prefects.
And do you watch Harry Potter? Harry Potter is a prefect.
Anyways, I went to Wikipedia and found this:
Malaysia, prefects are student leaders in primary and secondary schools, often along the lines of other Commonwealth schools, but with superior powers.

Yup, so I'm a prefect...

Anyways, volunteering rocks.
And I don't like Bio too...

Stella said...

Ack, it seems like I never comment enough on your blog. And you always leave these nice long comments on my blog, and so I start to feel really guilty about not making time to return the favor. NOT that I'm trying to tell you to stop commenting on my blog, because I LOVE comments (who doesn't?) which is why I'm going to try to comment more on your blog! Um, that was long and rambly and maybe not-making-much-sense, so I have one word left to say.


Ya know, just to make this comment more confusing.....

Raven said...

Hey! I was actually reading your blog earlier! haha thanks for the comment. :) You seem like a happy person. Your new years resolutions cracked me up! haha

I'm going to link your blog to mine.. if that's cool :)

Ginger said...

don't blink the entire year... hahaha awesome.

thanks for checkin out my blogggggg =) and yah bohemian rhapsody rocks my socks off.

Yerika =] said...

i Read your blog wow lots of stuff!
Thanks for the tips and for checking out my blog!
Would u be interested in helping contribute to a blog its a story and all u have to do is continue from where someone left of. Are u interested?
Thanks again

Rafé said...

haha, very good; especially the penguin part, the blinking part, the whole campaigning part etc.

Oh yeah, and Charlie the Unicorn, hahaha

Danielle said...

You kind of crack me up. I don't know you, but you commented on a friends blog and I read it and in turn read yours and shall follow you now.

Add me yo! ( I mean, please..)

K, Bye.

Ellie said...

Ur RIGHT!! I DO have the right 2 marry a penguin!!! and u know what??? I think I will!!!
...Now....where 2 find a penguin........

Okie said...

Fabulous resolutions. Very cool.