Sunday, January 18, 2009

Abuse of Diplomatic Immunity

Hey Hey Hey i'm sooooooooooooooooooooo (ya i like o's.) soooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (I also like y's) that it's been so long since i've posted or commented. I've got Mono, so everytime i get home from doing what i do i'm exhausted. Stupid Mono. Then again one may say it's my fault for not giving up any of my regular activities to take an easy. Nah, it's definately just stupid Mono. My mom is becoming increasingly frustrated with my refusal to rest and try to get better. But in my defense, i have a motto. You see, while i may have a virus that has the potential to land me in a hospital for a month, i only regard that as a simple misfortune. But if i let it stop me from living, well that's when it becomes a tragedy. and who likes tragedies? No One, that's who, and the only person who like No One is No One himself since he's such a dick. Stupid No One.

So ya!!! That's my excuse for not posting in an eternity. I had some energy so i decided to post. But man, typing can be exhausting! My pinky finger is already begging for mercy.

O, and i have decided what my philosophy on life is. Are you ready to know? It's astonishing, a real eye-opener, one of those profound ephiphanies that revel the meaning of our existence. This will change your life. If you feel you are not ready psychologically for such a big change, call 1-800-ChipotleChick for dictator and we will help prepare you.) Are you ready now? Good. here it goes. the most sincere, deep, and reveling philosophy you have ever had the honor of reading.

When in doubt, blow it up.

Beautiful, no?

Seriously here's my real philosophy. On life at least. Well, more a philosophy on Ambition. Or Happiness. Heck, one may say it's a philosophy on the ridiculous prices of batteries. I honestly have no idea.

Have you ever heard that saying "life is what you make it?" have you ever considered what it means? Have you ever thought it's nothing but a load of hogwash? Have you ever wondered where the heck the phrase "hogwash" came from? I have. All of those. But now, being sick, fighting depression, i realize maybe it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. And sure, it sounds pretty fake, corny, overly perky, and a bit superficial, but the more i thought about it, the more i realize that maybe it hold a nugget of truth. No one said life was easy and if they did then they were one heck of an underachiever. The goods things in life aren't always easy to come by. We have to work to succeed, work to accomplish, work to be happy. Whether it's love, riches, power, knowledge, or chocolate that makes one happy, one must work for any of those. The only thing that's free in life is the free samples of perfume those overly made-up women at Nordstrom's give you to try to convince you to buy them. And even then there's an obligation to buy the actual perfume. Love comes at a price, and that price is to love back, riches and power come at the price of hard work, knowledge with the price of experierince. and we all know how much quality chocolate can cost. See? Nothing is truly free. And you know what? neither is suffering, neither is grief, neither is loss. Happiness isn't free but neither is sadness.

When we hit those dark times in our lives, when everything is cast in a shadow of sorrow, when even our own hearts hurt us more than we can handle, that's when you know you're gonna have to pay up. The way you pay? by being happy. by working to rise above the oppression of doubt and fear. by having the hope to encourage yourself and those you love to live on, to search long and hard for the flashlight that will drive away the darkness, at least until the batteries run out. And even then just go Home Depot and pick some more up. Life doesn't pick on people, it simply picks them up and carries them and if you don't like where life is going, kick it and tell it to change directions. Life is persistant, life is resiliant, life is strong, life is stubborn. And so is darkness. And so is light. And so are you, if you let yourself. Don't let life be the driver, push it into the passenger seat and take the wheel for youself. and if life won't let you, kick it outa the car and make it hitch hike.

Point is, we may not be able to control everything that comes our way, but we can control how we handle those things, how we react, how we think, how we percieve. We need be strong, we need to be gentle, we need to think, we need to act, we need to be walking contradictions, because that is how we are going to rule life, and that is how we are going to rule ourselves.
Embrace God, and if you don't believe in God, embrace Allah, and if you don't believe in Allah, embrace the natural world, embrace yourself, and live the way can, the way you want, the way that makes you happy.

And there you have it!!! Personally i prefer the blow it up philosophy, but you can choose which you would rather live by.

And now i'm exhausted and ready to die, but i wont' because i'm too busy trying to kick life out of the drivers seat. Stupid life let go of the a red light! *crash*

Ok, i think i better go before i start typing random things that don't make since. No one is more Irish than Obama. Black is the new papaya. Computers migrate. Stay away from all carnivorous volley balls.




Raven said...

Your motto is fabulous. haha I'm sorry you're sick! I've never had mono but I've heard it's hell. I hope you feel well soon! By the way, this post was majorly philosophical. Nice. :)

James said...

Damn Raven! I was just about to beat you! O well. I like ur philosophy on life Ice, and I am sorry about ur mono. :( Its ok though. But dude we need to hang out. I haven't hung out with you in like ever. And even when you do have mono you are still as funny as ever. ^_^ Stay strong.

Allison said...

i have so much perfume from them its not even funny! well i guess it is. idk. hehe. I don't really have a philosophy on life mostly because i don't feel like thinking that hard. I know that sounds really bad but i really don't want to think that deeply. So i can only say that is cool and such and...... such. No, but seriously i like hearing peoples ideas on life they are all quite interesting.

Ali said...

Thanks for the SERIOUSLY NICE and uplifting comment on my blog! That's the best comment I've gotten in a long time! :]

I love your blog! Do you mind if i add it to my blog list?

Stella said...

Mono? I'm sorry. For a minute my typo said moo instead of mono. Pretty funny, I know. But really, I too have heard that mono is hell.

Apparently, hogwash is a polite way to say bullshit. There is an even more tame version of hogwash said in England, but I have forgotten it. But I can ask my mom (who's brittish) what it is, and comment back to let you know!

Your life philosophy rocks! Get well soooooooooooon!

krl said...

umm... i dont listen to that kind of music, sorry. try 'soviet connection' by michael hunter. it is a great song.

and krl is my signature as such. my real name is karl. so krl is fitting.


•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

thnx 4 ur comment.........even ur posts are cool!!

smorgan said...

That was beautiful...seripusly
oh ya, and powerful too...
YOUR MOTTO ROCKS and I think someone has already comment about your post saying that it rocks, but i wanna say it again,
Your Motto Rocks!

The idea of naming two male tortoises romeo and juliet is beyond genius. Maybe I should name them by another shakespearian couple, 'Viola and Duke.' Well, at least we'll know that one of the tortoises is only pretending to be a male....HAHAHA

Delovely said...

hope you feel better and i am sick also but not by mono. what the hell is mono anyway? well... yeah comment on my blog it would make me happy.

Me said...

Aww, mono sucks. I had it long, long ago, when I was a wee lad.

I agree with your philosophy on life. You can choose to be happy or choose not to be.

Also like those perfume ladies get majorly offended if you don't take their little smelly stick things. Like no thank you.

Victoria said...

thanks! :)

i like your philosophy, so true. both of them are. :) and im sorry you have mono, that sucks. :P

Stella said...


N a t a l i e. said...

Mono? Oh no! I've never had it, but from what I've heard it does not sound pleasant at all :( Get better soon!

Your philosophy on life is brilliant! Life is definitely what you make of it. If you just sit there and expect everything to go amazingly then you're in for some dissapointment, but if you make it as amazing as possible than anything can happen! Well no, not anything, like I won't be able to fly just cause i believe in myself, but it definitely does help (:

Jaci - Twilight Chick said...


Tanks for coming to my blog!! I really appreaicate it .. (omg, no spell check on blogger?)

I am so sorry I just skipped through this post, because I was naughty.. But I will come back to read it little random person..

(because I'm following)

Congrats on nice blog and keep it up.
Your fervented Admirer.

Jillian said...

I will be praying that you'll get better!
Awesome philosophy!
I have a post that may cheer you up.
g2g, but I'll comment soon!

La Fée said...

so true!!

lone poet said...

hahaha, well, that has got to be the most inpirational post i've ever read, and maybe the longest :P i must applaude, you have broken two records!!!!! *fireworks* :P i'm so glad you commented my blog :) i was begining to think i was the only one who commented random blogs :P gotta love it right? :P lol, is very nice to meet you, or shall i say hear from you, read from you? idk, you get my point, anyway, i must be going, hope to hear from you soon,

aivilo relluf said...

Ahahah, you frightened me for a second. I glanced at your comment and was like, "Oh jeez, I knew I'd offend someone.." Hah :P. You got me.
I appreciate your point of view though, and I think you're smart to keep your head and follow your sense of right/wrong, versus strictly listening to the book. Taken as metaphors, alot of the religious principles are great. Like treating others the way you'd like to be treated, forgiving your neighbors, ectectect. It's just incredibly annoying when people blow it all out of proportion and don't adapt it to our lives, now. The bible was written longgg,longggg ago, people should realize it can't strictly apply to life as we know it today. And yes, I hate the pushy "believe what I believe and you'll be saved" people. Sheesh, whatta load of 'hogwash' :P.

Ohohoh! Philosophy :). Let me just say you're a really excellent writer, like seriously. I loved what you said..
" Life doesn't pick on people, it simply picks them up and carries them and if you don't like where life is going, kick it and tell it to change directions. Life is persistant, life is resiliant, life is strong, life is stubborn. And so is darkness. And so is light. And so are you, if you let yourself. Don't let life be the driver, push it into the passenger seat and take the wheel for youself. and if life won't let you, kick it outa the car and make it hitch hike."

But yes, great perspective. Our lives are our own to live, we can either make them chicken shit, or chicken salad :P.

aivilo relluf said...

Oh! I hope you feel better soon :). But congrats on being so tough, haha.

Jillian said...

Check my blog for details!