Thursday, January 29, 2009

Once upon a time there was a pop-tart...

Hey Hey Hey! woo, it's been only about one life time since i've posted. Are any of my fine blogging friends still alive? Or have you retired? and if you retired, then send me some of your welfare money so i can use it to start my alpacha farm.

Well, from a dance to being in my state's newspaper to buying the cutes pair of shoes ever, quite a lot has happened since i last posted. But since i'm too lazy to type it all right now, you are going to have to wait in suspense until my next post. I know, how will you survive such agonizing suspense? whatever will you do? DON'T OPEN THE CLOSET!!!!

*dramatic music plays, building up even more suspense*


since I want to be dramatic and build up suspense to keep you at the edge of your seats until the next post, i won't tell you about recent events just yet. instead i'm going to post my English assignment. no really, that's what i'm going to do. you see, our assignment was to imagine we are about to write a horribly depressing novel. How would you start it? you see, we're working on emotion in writing. It was difficult deciding what to write. I was thinking i could write that The Office had been cancelled, but didn't think that was sad enough. then i thought i could write about the outlawing of delicious pastries, but i figured that's too depressing and no one could handle reading it. In the end, i settled on this:

"Never before had the sky seemed so thick, so oppressing, so there, than the night
 she held her dying friend. it felt heavy and stagnant, driving the air from her lungs and compressing her heart into little more than a bloody stone lodged in her chest. the stars twinkled brightly, as if mocking her with their warm glow and quiet beauty. she stared at a particularly bright one, focusing until her eyes stung and dried, momentarily stopping the silent tears pouring down her sallow face. Everything had been taken from her. Everything. her mother, her father, he baby sister, and now her friend. No, she must not think of all those losses at once. her heart and mind couldn't take it. with every thought  she felt her heart tear and mind splinter. 

All she had wanted was honor, all she has wanted was to be known for her courage, cleverness, and strength. instead, all she had known and loved were either lost to the unforgiving, greedy grasp of death, or had turned their back on her, leaving her alone with nothing but her shattered thoughts for company. No, not even that. she couldn't stand her thoughts Her mind and Heart were at war, for every thought jabbed at her heart, tearing the stitches that had formed whenever she had started to heal and picking it apart, piece by piece.

Pain. overwhelming pain. Her own breath choked her, her tears cut into her eyes. Nothing. Nothing could stop this pain, this guilt, this unbearable, incapacitating longing. It devoured her from the inside out, stabbing at her stomach, leaving her crippled and gasping. she would never heal, never recover the blood that had been spelt because of her, her tears would never dry. Death would not haver her, but neither would life. 

She stood up laying the body of her beloved friend on the frozen ground. a bitter wind blew her hair around her face and whipped at her weather worn cheeks, but she didn't feel it. she wouldn't feel anything again."

So? what do you think? depressing enough? I had to type in to by inner tragic heroine to get that. I hope you enjoyed it! Or I guess i hope you didn't enjoy it. are you supposed to like depressing stories? or are you supposed to just see them as beautiful? hm. Well, is it beautiful? maybe i should put some lipstick on it.

well, i'm about to pass out, so i'm thinking i should go now.

I love you, my Lovable unicorns! 

Blog ya later!


James said...

Yes I get the first blog post! Ha suckers! I like the story, and i think it has the potential to be ever greater but it was amazing! Stupid suspense making me read more the next time, its like come on! I just wanna read one blog post and not have to come back and start wanna reading more. But no, you have turned into a t.v. producer who runs on soap opera's with the "Previously on" or "to be continued." Darn u ice!

Stella said...

Wow. That was really depressed. And really really really REALLY well written. When you are a famous author, you must remember to mention all the lovable unicorns who commented and gave you unicorn commenting love.

Rochelle Blue said...

Wow... you are a really passionate writer! that was very good and well written, not to mention extremely depressing... ; )
and double yay for unicorn love! = )
ugh... I hope you'll publish your next post fast. in the mean time, I'll be hopping from one foot to the other, waiting ever so impatiently for it...!

Anonymous said...

I had a little stamp that said "This blog is 100% zombie proof" for a while.

smorgan said...

Wow that was great!
Ooops...that reminded me of stars..

Lenore said...

oh em gee!!! that was, like so totally awesome!!! ((woah, i just spazzed out there, hehe))

well, it was beautiful. I like depressing stories. ((i dont know if thats such a good thing...)) it was soooo well written, and I could REALLY understand how she felt... I hope that u got an A on it!!!!

if i ws ur english teacher there would be a giant A++



!wonderfold! said...

I actually know someone who really truly has an alpaca farm! And there's an alpaca on it named after me. It's pretty much the coolest thing in the world.

And FABULOUS story, by the way

Mayaa :) said...

it is a pretty good view! my dad is a like a wanna-be photographer so he has this huge camera that he is constantly pointing at people's faces and/or pretty lakes! LOL!

Macy said...

Well, i'm still here, but Ellie(owner of Echat) is retiring from the ole' blog. :'( Sooo sad.

simpleman said...

I am definitely not rushing this song. Ive only shown lindsey the lyrics and I was scared to show her but she loved them surprisingly. So when it is all done I will post up the lyrics for sure.

I was going to work on it yesterday but I was in a bad mood so I wrote a not so happy song:P

N a t a l i e. said...

WHOA. You wrote that? It sounds like it's from some best-selling, award-winning author or something! You're an incredible writer, keep up the amaaaazzzing work! And as Stella said, when you ARE that best-selling, award-winning author, remember all of the lovable little unicorns! (;