Thursday, January 1, 2009



O sorry. You didn't hear me? Don't worry i'll repeat myself. 


You still didn't hear me? Are you deaf? Do you require a hearing aid? Ok, one more time.


You still didn't hear me?! Wait what's that you say You can't hear me because this is a blog, not day time television?



In my enthusiasm i forgot that you're technically reading, not listening. Gotcha.

It is January 1st! Oh wait, it's midnight. Ok, it's January second, which means i've been free for a whole day!!! Wooooooo!!! come on, celebrate with me! I don't care if you have a headache from all the partying you did, just celebrate already!!! Fine fine, i'll get you an aspirin. But as soon as your headache is gone we are having a partay!!!!! 

I'll wait.



All this waiting is giving me a headache....




OMG it's a hippo coming to take me hostage! AWWWW!!! 


Ok i'm done! It's party time!!!! And everyone who reads my blog is invited. Here's how it goes, we will party via comment board. Come in, leave a comment, and party it up! I'll leave a comment on my own blog to start the party. And also cause my posts look so lonely when they say "0 comments." It makes my blog depressed. Sad blog. 

So who wants to hear about why it should be illegal to serve sushi in aquariums?? Anybody? Somebody? Seriously? Nobody?O, well then. I guess i'll just tell you about New Years Eve! 

New Years Eve was a long night. Not just long, but loooooooooooong. Like those foot long hot dogs. Those are long. I mean, who can actually eat a foot of meat? Ok, so i can, but who else? Then again, i'm not so sure a hot dog counts as meat. what are hot dogs actually made of? O wait, what was I talking about again? O ya! So serving sushi at aquariums is the social equivalent of-wait not that's not was I was talking about.....O! New Years! Right.

So New Years Eve was pretty hectic. You see, there's this exhibit at one of the universities where i live and it's called "Body World's." It's pretty well known. It show cases the human body and how it works, using the bodies of people who sold themselves to science as a last wish of sorts. it was amazingly interesting but ugh, creepy. The atmosphere was the equivalent of hanging around Sweeney Todd's barber shop at 1 in the morning surrounded by wax figurines of the Tellie Tubbies. yeah, it was that creepy. Just imagine this for a second. Walking around a maze of rooms, boxed in by walls painted a dark red, in a dim light that casts mile long shadows, surrounded by human body parts. Even worse, they had the sound of a hear beat pulsating from the walls. Charming. 

The creepiest room of all was the "Blood room." Or the "Ew-this-room-gives-me-the-willies-lets-get-the-heck-outa-here" room as i like to call it. It's basically what the original name implies. It a room with thick dark red carpet, maroon painted walls, and red tinted lighting. Well that's pretty much how the rest of the exhibit was, so that was normal. No, what was so wonderfully special about this room was the barrels lined up in a nice neat orderly fashion used to display how much blood our body pumps in a day. (don' worry, the barrels weren't filled with blood. I know. You're disapointed. So was my buddy Dracula. I'll enlist you both into therapy to help you deal with the traumatic let down) The barrels themselves of course weren't eerie, it was what they represented. That, and the feel of the room. It just made me sick. Ugh. Creepy. (ya i know i'm using the word creepy far too much. It's just the perfect word for this whole scenerio! Creepy. Creepy creepy creepy. Kinda like those people door to door salesman. and Telemarketers. They're pretty creepy too.

So that was my day. My night was a bit less terrifying. Well actually, it was still pretty terrifying, just in it's own special way. I always tell my terrifying experiences to be unique. I want them to know they all hold a special place in my heart.

K. right, so night! You see, I've always liked staying with the fam on New Years Eve. I don't know why, but for some reason It's a night i just don't like going out to other people's places. 4th of July, sure. Halloween, ya. Presidents Day, of course. Canadian Boxing Day, who doesn't? (yes Canadian Boxing Day is a real holliday. Look it up! It's pretty cool) Anyways, so what my fam and i do for our traditional New Years Eve partay is we throw together a bunch of orderves (like mozzerella sticks, jalepeno poppers, shrimp and cocktail sauce, spinach dip, potatoe skins, sushi. just your normal New Years Eve feast! It's about as healthy as it sounds.) and we light up our fireworks! Oh ya, that's usually how it works, but haha this time didn't go as smoothly as we planned hehehe.

The food turned out fine, no surprise there. I mean, all you have to do is either stick it in the oven or pour it in a bowl. Even I can do it. Wait, So the tray goes in  the oven, right? 

Anyways, I wish i could say the same for the fireworks! We had 5 big fountains, 4 small ones, and a package of ground floweres. The first 2 small ones went great! They were beautiful, colorful, chaotic in their movement, yet so orderly in their color. Perfect. The 3rd one started fine, then suddenly tipped over and blew itself off the sidewalk and left a lovely scorch mark on our garage door. The 4th one let out one puff of smoke then died. Needless to say none of us wanted to approach it in case it decided to spontaneously combust. The suspense was killing me so i went up, and kicked it and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPARKS EVERYWHERE!!!!! ARMEGHEDDON! THE START OF THE APOCALYPSE! THE END OF THE WORLD!

No not really. Though when i kicked it i made sure to yell BAM!  really loud so as to give my mom a heart attack. Hehe. My dad then plunked it upside down in the snow to cool it down.

Then we have our big giant fountains  of doom! Sweet! The first three were spectacular, mesmerizing for their coordinated colors and patterned shapes. They were also very bright, blindingly so, but i couldn't look away....Aw my retinas!!!!

Anyways, the next two both had troubles, thought none were too catasatrophic. One stopped in the middle of the show. We all thought it was done, until my dad walked toward it and KABLAM it suddenly started again. My dad of course refused to go near it until all signs of life were dissipated, which wasn't until after my sis and i covered it in 10 pounds of snow, and even then it sparked when my dad came near it hehe. Clearly that firework didn't like him. The last was nearly perfect it just spluttered a couple of times near the end.

All in all, my New Years Eve was.......well it was entertaining! the best part?


O, and i'm sorry it took me this long to post after i was bailed out of my life sentence. I was a bit busy. I went hiking today. saw a moose. and we all know how time consuming moose watching can be. Point is, i'm free and can now comment on your blogs! I will do that tomorrow, i can't now cause it's one in the morning and  would reallly rather not get caught blogging and grounded. again. forever. And if i get banned from blogging again i'll die i tell ya just die!!!!! No No! Don't lock me up again! You'll never catch me alive coppers!!!!!! 

No, i haven't lost my mind. I let it wander and it just hasn't returned yet. I really should put a GPS tracker on that thing.

So this is it! I can't wait to read about how you guys spent your New Years.  

And if you need help coming up with New Year Resolutions, I'll be posting a list of ideas a little later. Until then, it was nice blogging ya! Y'all rock, even when you roll. 

Blog ya later!

First Post by ChipotleChick in the year 2009. This is a historic post. Please, let's have a moment of silence to contemplate the significance of this moment. 

Silence over! Bye!


smorgan said...

Congratulations to being free!
I didn't know you were a Canadian?
Oh well, Happy Canadian Boxing Day.
And of course, Happy New Year!!!
And, one more thing, thank you for reading my blog and for all your kind comments...
By the way, I love you blog!
The humour, randomness and all...


Allison said...

haha ya i don't do anything on New Years eve but eat random things and watch movies so ya. We also had this lemon lime fizz im not sure exactly how my mom made it but its like lime sherbert blended with sprit but we used mountain dew for the caffenine (hehe) and it was really good! i love seeing moose when i go up to my cabin sometimes theres a baby! but we mostly see deer or well.I wanted to see that body works but id probably have a anxiety attack (sad face) o well

Outrageous said...

first post of the year! who hoo! i am so proud! and wait just a minute, thanks for the comment. i hope you follow my blog. i really want more than three people, to follow. love this bloggy. happy belated new years!

Rafé said...

"No, i haven't lost my mind. I let it wander and it just hasn't returned yet. I really should put a GPS tracker on that thing."a


Natalie (: said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You're FREE! By now it's January third, and you've been free for three days! :D

I don't think I could eat a foot long hot dog unless I was starving!

They had that bodies exhibit at the science center here, but I never got to see it and now it's gone! Grr. It sounds really very extremely creepy though! Even more creepy than telemarketers, which as you said are pretty creepy. When one calls I just yell something obnoxious and hang up on them.

Your family tradition sounds awesome! At least most of the fireworks worked well, even if some of them needed to be rebels and not do as they're supposed to.

And moose watching can be very time consuming, haha!

Happy 2009 (even though it's already the third, but oh well)!

Hahaha, the word verification was wangsta! Just thought I'd share that... :D