Friday, February 6, 2009

An entire dedicated to lists and stuff. Deep.

Hey Hey Hey! As you can see i've been inconsistant with my blogging. Meaning my blog now has the consistency of peanut butter. Ya, that's right. My blog is ooey gooey yum-ilicious.

Hehe! So, my loveable unicorns, i'm SORRY!!! (insert a 2324355 exclamation points) that's i've been so unreliable in the world of blogging. you must feel so underappreaciated! Because i feel bad for not commented or anything, i dedicate this post to my FAVORITE BLOGGERS!

This girl is sweet and funny! Read her blog for a quick, light hearted, and fun read!

I love this blog! This is one blogger with a thoughful mind and amazing since of humor. Read. OBEY.

Woo! I love this girl! not only is her blog interesting and entertaining, she awarded my blog as FABULOUS (thank you, thank you, i'd like to thank my fans) (ooo, more parenthesis!) Her blog is amazing and she is a devoted tagger!

•waLkiиg disasteя•
First off, i can totally relate to this blogger's title. Walking disaster. Love it. Her blog is one of the funnest of fun blogs to read! HAPPY BIRHTDAY! (ya, and it's her birthday, in case you didn't know.)

N a t a l i e.
Woo! I LOVES YOU NATALIE! Not only is Natalie's blog entertaining and you are guaranteed a laugh or two while reading it, her commetns are thoughtful and friendly. Definately pay her a visit!

I have only barely discovered this blog, what caught my attention was her unique name! This girl is as unique and cool as her name and her blog reflects that. Go Girly!

aivilo relluf
This girl is informed, intellegent, and FUNNY! her posts are interesting and opinionated. She's indescribable, just as her blogger profile says.

Hey Katie! This girl is has a talent for blogging if i ever saw one! (and i'm the Simon Cal of Blogger talent search. You're through to Hollywood Katie!) her posts are lenghty and entertaining to read. She's clearly a smart girl and funny girl, you need only to read her blog to figure that out!

not emo just misunderstood
First, you gotta love the name. This blogger's posts are straight forward and an easy read. He certainly has a sense of humor and a unique view of the world to match!

hey James! James is a fun blogger and a great friend. His blog is depressing but thought provoking. Check it out for a truly one of a kind blogging experience and a chance to share your opinions on subjects other blogs may not talk about.

Stella is a blogging inspiration! This funny, determined, talented girl deserved a golden medal in blogging ettiquette! Her words and thoughts are fresh and thoughtful. Definately check her out! No, she's not a library book, don't actually try to check her out, just go look at her blog! jeez.

Wandering Child
This ambitios girl has three blogs and they are all fab! there's reading corner for those of you who enjoy story blogs, Poor thing for all you Sweeney Todd fans, and All you Need is Love, for a glimpse into her clever and creative mind.

Lenore is a thoughtful but hilarious girl, my favorite combination. She's a clever girl and her blog is a great read, probably cause she is such a great person. That's how blogs work you know. beaufil soul=awesome blog! Bad soul=bad blog. simple.

I started reading her blog and couldn't stop! This is an intelligent, funny girl who has a bright future ahead of her, even if she doensn't know it yet. she's a regular girl with an extrodinary mind. READ!

Mayaa :)
This splendid blogger is unique and a very entertaining read. I definately recommend the blog of this insightful and funny girl to anyone looking for a swift but fullfilling blog read.
This thoughtful man is anything but simple. a talented writer and profound mind, he's one to get ya thinking.

Intelligent and witty GIRL!!!!! With a passion for writing, judging by the lengths and qualilty of HER wonderfully FEMININE posts.

so this is my loveable little unicorn flock. Ellie was one of the, but she retired.sigh. o well. i'm fine. ELLIE! COME BACK!!!! I mean, ya, ok. Her choice. ELLIE!!!!!!!!! ugh. Do you wana be a loveable little unicorn? YOu do? then leave me a comment! FLY MY UNICORNS, FLY! And don't try telling me you can't fly, i know you're not pegasus, but what unicorn can't fly? Seriously.

Aslo, i've been tagged. twice. so here's 16 random facts about me, right her, on 30 seconds with ChipotleChick.

1. You know how when some people are bored they watch T.V or read? ya, i raid the fridge and stick whatever i can find into the juicer. Seriously, i've managed to juice some pretty unexpected things. What else am i supposed to do on a rainy day?

2. I love the smell of rain, roses, and Office Max. I wonder how they're related.

3. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest word i can spell off the top of my head without having to write it out. Why did i dedicate such a useless word to memory? It all started when i lost a game of scrabble.....

4. My favorite people in this world are the ones who will tell you a stupid joke one minute, then give you a 1 hour lecture on why reality is only an illusion the next.

5. I'm currently looking for a cure for stupidity. Any one wana be a subject for my research?

6. Purple is the new black. deal with it.

7. I love reading lists. I have an obsession. I need an intervention for my list addiction.

8. I can't say the "th" sound when it's in the middle of a word, like enthusiastic. I say "ens-sh-x-s-o screw it.'

9. The playlist on my iPod included Mindless Self Indulgence, I am Ghost, Ok Go, Kamelot, Lacuna Coil, Theory of a Dead Man, My Chemical Romance, Puddle of Mudd, and Frank Sinatra. Balance.

10. I would be the best dictator of the world ever. It's true. ask anyone.

11. I own pepper spray that looks like lipstick. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. darn it.

12. The last time i checke d my email i had 165 emails. I was too terrified to answer any of them. That was six months ago. I haven't checked it since. Odds are i have so many my computer would crash if i tried to access them again.

13. The nicest compliment i've ever recieved included the words "hot sauce" and "Lemur." No. i am not joking. It was really nice and it just stuck with me.

14. I think wallpaper smells like beige. If beige had a smell, it would smell like wallpaper.

15. My favorite kind of acting is improv.

16. I could write a drama novel about the adventures of Spanish Class. It would blow everyone's minds and knock Stephenie Meyer off the bestseller's list.

Well that's enough about me! What about you? Anything new? Really? He ate all that? She did what? O my, how scandalous! You're life astounds me.

Ok, i'm done, and tired (stupid mono) excuse me as i go pass out.

Blog ya later! (when i'm not half dead.)


Katie-Banana_Peel said...

I give you millions of hugs and chocolate, and most imporantly my thanks!
I got on your list!! Whoot whoot!
And aparantly I'm smart.
Oh no, you don't think that people would actually believe that do you? I have a lot to live up for!!

Anyways, thanks again Benevolant Dictator. Where the hell did ou get that name? It rocks!

Lily-Pagan said...

thank you SOOOOO much for putting me on your list!!! YOU ROCK!!! i am forever in your debt!! :D

Lenore said...

*Le Gasp* oh em gee!!! i am like, speechless!!!!!

*falls off chair* heheeee, that just made my day! thank youu!!

wow...u rock! what u said was soooo nice!! THANK YOU!!!



N a t a l i e. said...

Awww thanks so much for the kind words :) I will be sure to check out anyone's blogs that I haven't seen already when I get the time! Hehe, you remind me a lot of my best friend with your loveable unicorns and chocolate and whatnot :D

What exactly does pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis mean? :O Yes, I'm too lazy to Google that but not too lazy to type that whole word out again on here, haha ;)

I don't think that the cure for stupidity will ever be found. But think about it--if it was, there wouldn't be very many people to laugh at, now would there? ;D

I haven't checked my e-mail in ages...the last time I did it was like 238 something, but I just sent them all directly to the trash :P

A hotsauce lemur does sound like a pretty awesome compliment! :D

Jillian said...

I can die a happy women !!!!
(someday, not now, too many unread books)

I love #4!
I love guys like that, they make me SO happy!

LOL, I love your writing, I really do!
Someday, when you are rich and famous, and totally know Stephanie Meyer's socks off, remember me?

•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

its sooo gud of u!!
thnx a lot!!

not emo just misunderstood said...

whoo-hoo easy read weird sense of humor thats me in a nutshell and also on the comment thing it freaks me out because it says choose an identity i chose mikey way MCR desolation row

Allison said...

I agree with the wallpaper thing its hard to explain but you sometimes i can just tell what something is gunna smell like lol. Thanks for talking to me last night. I didn't mean to be so whiny just i hate the position im in right now. I know it doesn't matter in the long run but still i can't help but think about it.

!wonderfold! said...

I was skimming your post and I saw my name and I GRINNED LIKE CRAZY!!!

You absolutely have an extraordinary mind, too! You seem like a really, really awesome girl!

smorgan said...

Guess what...I read your post and I went straigt to the bathroom. And you know what I found out? I have no penis! And that explains a lot. Therefore Im not a boy... maybe I seem like a boy to you.. but i'm not. Perhaps I am a bit of a tom-boy... But again..I'm not a boy..hehe

Great post anyways and thanks for your thoughtful comments about me..


Stella said...

Aw, I feel honored to be on that list...thanks so much!

Lily said...

Hey, I'm back! Couldn't keep away from blogging. Anyways, my new blog is top-secret exclusive club, so i need ur email again if u wanna read it.
thnx 4 ur comment on in ur post, it was so nice!

Danielle said...

THANK YOU lover.

Oh and I been knew that purple was the new black, you must've heard it from me.

I lubs you homie.

James said...

aw thanks ice!