Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shoot i forgot to title this

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!!!! So i promised a catastrophe and boy, did i deliver! Actually, it wasn't so much a catastrophe as a truly crazy day. First off, let me tell you what happedened last night. I'm on the newspaper and my job is doing book review, random polls, and filler articles. SOOOOOOOOOOOO the book i was doing my review on was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy long and i hadn't finished it yet. bad news is the article is due today, so last night, while i still had 100 pgs left, I decided to screw it and write the review. I decided this at midnight. I went downstairs, typed it up, printed it out, and gratefully dived into bed. The next day (today) I rushed over to the Editor-in-cheif and turned it in. I was feeling all proud of myself for having racing against time and accomplishing the impossible when my friend informs me that due to lack of articles, the due date had been Postponed to Oct.15. All that rushing for nothing! I could have finished the book. Forturnately I have had practice writing reviews on books i have never even read, so the review was fine, if not great. I could do it again, but instead i'm going to do a filler article to help fill up the newspaper. (get it? filler, fill, it's punny)The moral to this story is...procrastination is your friend until you have to type up your book review at midnight only to discover you could have procrastinated for two weeks longer. Inspiring, isn't it?

So on to today. I live one block away from my school, so i can get home in 3 minutes by car, 7 by walking, 4 if i run. Basically, i live really close. Well today my mom decided to take advantage of this and surprise My sis and I by showing up to take us home for lunch. It was pretty great to go home and kick back for awhile before going back to school. It was a bit too nice. i ended up arriving back at school 4 minutes before the next class started. I ran through the hall bumping into EVERYBODY! i finally made it to my class, where Kirby and Chelsey and Shawnie were having a game of jumpstart tag, which i promptly joined in on until the teacher came in. We were watching the movie and everybody was falling asleept, so the teach turned it off, made us stand up, and took us outside for a walk. It was sweeeet! i walked around with Mel, Lauren, Maryt, and Mason, walking backwards and talking about how God made the heavens, the Earth, and Tissue paper. How random can you get? lol so onto English, where Ajl ate 3 sugar cookies in 1 minute. Amazing. now that's talent! We did peer reviews on our personal essays and read the short story "Black Cat" by Edgar Allen Poe. I like that class because the teach is so laid back and headbangs to her NIN CD's. I also like the students in that class, especially Kimmee, Annette, and Chloe, who i sit by. I also hate Anthony, Dillon, (not you Dillon who reads my blog Dillon, different Dillon) and Jose because they are total dicks/idiots/incredibly annoying and frustrating Butt Munches!!!!! GROWL! LIKE A BEAR EATING STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!! Sorry. Hehe. Random moment. I'll control myself. ;) So on to my last class, General SCience!!!!!!! Me likey this class because we watch sci-fi movies and analyze them. we have debates about ethical issues and Scientific concepts in the film. Its soooooooooooooo fuuuunnnnnnn if you're a total nerd case, like me. Snort! I was late to this class because i was waiting for Lauren-the-slow-poke. but when I ran in, he was facing other way. I quietly slipped into my seat and acted totally innocent. BINGO!!!!!! I do not belive he noticed, because he sure didn't say anything.

So that was my day. I came home, tried skateboarding again (only fell 17 times so i'm getting better!) and now i'm blogging. (obviously) How fun!!!!!!!!

Well that's it for now!!! Join me next time on LIFE AND TIMES OF ME!!!!!!! To find out what happens next. (but next time, don't take so long to get the popcorn!)

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