Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!! so today was.....well it was a school day, so what can i say? i did school stuff. Yawn. in first period, i just did the kinda stuff you do i art, in second i did the stuff you do in Earth Science, in third i did what you do in English, and in 4th i did the things you do in General Science. Exciting, i know, but don't worry kids, if you work hard, your life will be just as exciting as mine. whoo! ha. ya. sure. lol so i wore these clip in hair color extension things, they were purple and blue, and everyone commented on them It was fun because everyone thought i had died my hair, so they were all "Dude!!!! What the heck did you do? are they real? wow!!!!" it was so hilarious! and sorta silly. pssh. O ya, Marley, a senior at AMES, adopted me as her freshman. she just came into the my English class, stared at me, and said she was analyzing me. weird. I just stared back, raising my eyebrows (im a brow at raising one eyebrow, the the other. its fun.) i did that whole im watching you thing you do with hand motions. she just laughed and declared me her adopted freshman. it was wonderfully random, so of course i laughed. everyone at my table just sorta stared at me, apparently not sure how to react, so their expressions made me laugh even harder. after about 5 minutes, all returned to normal. Man, as im typing this, i just realized how odd that entire scene was. Ha! it was great

so that was the first part of my terribly long day. the 2nd part included Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Actually, it wasn't too tortorous. I have Mostly A's and 3 A-'s. My big problem is how much i talk in class, but i do pay attention, so the teachers pretty much let it go, thank goodness. All in all, today was just a another day, complete with random moments, odd scenerios, and all the stuff that comes with wearing colored highlights to school. O, and my friend Chris ran up behing me, pulled on of my highlights, gave me a random hug, and ran off. it scared me to death, and i as i whipped around to get him back, i acidentally hit Brighton with my scarf! whoops. aw well, he just teased me and moved do on in his life. i like people who dont make a big deal outa things. 

so thats it!!!! Have fun reading this magnificent blog (did i say magnificent? I meant....well ya, magnificent. Jk!) Good night! 


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lol, sounds like u had an intresting day! I wish mine went tht well!

Allison said...

yes i share your pain the the grade department i have all As and one B+ stupid Biology! and u didn't comment my blog