Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey hey Hey!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo today was amazingly crazy. Cottonwood had an A.M assembly so A.M.E.S (my school) did co-corricular (a.k.a clubs). we didn't have a meeting for newspaper because we had one last week and Improve club was closed, so Shawnie, Tia, Emily, and I went around the halls doing our Useless Polls newspaper. My poll was asking what do you prefer, Chocolate, Coffee, or Carrots. Shawnie did favorite genre of music. It was crazy, going around, asking random people random questions, and it was also incredibly fun! I gotta a lot of weird looks and laughs. it was sooo enjoyable! 

after co-curricular, i had art. i had put my binder down so i could wonder  around more freely, but i forgot where i put it (i know, smart me.) so i had to hunt it down and run to Art class! i ran in literally just as the bell rang. crazy.

after art is lunch, which was fun. i grabbed some pizza and a hawaiian punch and plopped down on the couch with my other lunch buddies. we had a wacko debate about why singing takes the same amount of skill as playing an instrument. i was, of course, all for singing. 

so then i go over to Earth Science for another stimulating discussion about the string theory. whoo!!! it gave me a headache, but man, it was interesting!!! it was  made all the more interesting by the people who sit with me. I arm wrestled Mel when the teach wasn't looking, until he caught us and teased us, saying he would take us both on. Hilarious!!!

Then onto English we go. It was pretty bleh. bleh bleh bleh. we were split into groups to evaluate our essays, and my group me, Krista, and two dicks. ugh. 

General science was fun. We finished the movie and had a discussion about the ethical issues portrayed in said movie. i Love analytical discussions so it was fun. for me. You know, a nerd. lol. while we were waiting for everyone else to finish the worksheets we were doing, Allie, Emily, and i told eachother animal-related stories. It was entertaining. Allie was telling us about how one time, she put on out a flyer that said Lost Giraffe: Responds to name Jeffrey, Weighs 3456 lbs, and has a quite personality. I laughed so hard, then we discussed the making of a flyer for a lost whale. it was all so random and pointless and really didn't make any sense, my favorite type of conversation!

On a very very very sad note, i did not make student council. Its because Ms. Pierson, the person in charge, doesn't take a lot of Freshman in. I was all sad, but its ok, i still have newspaper and i'm thinking about getting back into fencing.

so that was my day!!! it was pretty interesting. But then again, school is always pretty similar to a Spanish Soap opera! 


Ellie said...

DANG!I wish I went to ur school! Thnx 4 ur comment. It ment a lot 2 me. So....u know what else would be a funny lost poster? a lost BigFoot! Or not..I dunno. Oh, and when u said that an awesome blog=awesome person? Since ur blog is ROCKIN' & AWESOME, U must b a rockin' and awesome person!

ChipotleChick said...

Hey thanks Ellie! of course, the awesome blog=awesome person also applies to you! Lol Lost Bigfoot? thats hilarious! il definatley look into that!

James said...

Lol! Sounds like a cool day. Ames sounds even more awesome. Have fun!