Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Blog!!! Ok, so i have decided to name my blog. Are you ready for this? My blog is officially gonna be named........Napoleon!! Isn't that just amazing? LOL. So anyways, today was... interesting. I felt positivlely horrible for Annette. She moved here from Italy and last night she heard that one of her close friends there was ran over by a car. He was a hit by a truck and then again by a car following the truck. The person in the truck didnt stop, but thankfully car dude did and called an ambulance. The poor kid has been in the hospital all day, going through surgery. If he pulls through, he will be going in and out of surgery all next week. First to stitch up his insides, then for reconstructive surgery on his face. I spent all day trying to cheer her up. I did this by treating her like i would any other day, only i gave her hugs at random intervals. Lexie and I made up stupid rhymes and silly dances to help distract her. it seemed to help, but idk how shes holding up now that shes at home. i hope her family will comfort her. they will probably do a better job than Lex and I.

On a happier note, i hung out with Lexie today after school. She is so fun and energetic! We did all the random things random teenage girls randomly do.

On another sad note, Gabby had to go to a funeral today. Her friend was hit by a car last week. Srsly, cars are a problem. Now typically, people wear black to a funeral, but not Gabby. She thinks funerals are sad enough without all the black, so she wore a lime green dress instead. gotta love that girl.

On yet another sad note, i had a math test today, and stupid Ajay (Adolf if you wana piss him off) decided to be sneaky and copy off my paper. I caught him and made him change his visual aid so Mrs. Jasumback wouldnt find out he was cheating and give us both zeros. Now that would have sucked.

And on a happy note, a new episode of my fav show is on tonight. That little fact has sorta been my bouy in the sea of uncertainty that was my day. (and my life for that matter.) It undulated between good and bad, it was just a matter of keeping my head above the waves. I sure hope i succeeded. im not in the mood for drowning.

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James said...

Hmm.... are u turning into Edward on me!?!?!?!?! No being bi polar missy! ;)
Seriously though, I am sorry. just keep your chin up, and know u are trying.