Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm bored, so i'm gonna post again. So lately, i have just been telling you about how my day is going, whats been going on, and complaining. I have decided i am now gonna tell you what i believe are the pros and cons of Stephenie Meyers Breaking Dawn (yes i read the Twilight SAga, and yes i'm still bringing it up. You gotta problem with that?)


1. Seth. Seth is my fav werewolf, hes young, brigh, open minded, accepting, and a breath of fresh air.

2. All the random vampires who arrive at the end of the book to protect Reneesmee. I thought they were all so colorful and interesting! i especially liked Benjamin.

3. Bella finally became a vampire! Her power is cool and subtle, making it all the more valuable. I like how she finally sees herself as Edward's equal.

4. Learning more about Tanya's family. that was very insightful and added depth to the story.

5. The ending. I loved how Edward finally got to hear Bella! it made me so happy, i actually squeeled like a fan girl. i know, disturbing. lol, jk! I just loved the finality of it. he heard her, he finally understand her love, he now knows just how strong her love is and that they will truly always be together. it finally relaxes him and allows him to have the peac of mind he so badly needed.

6. Jacob's blonde jokes. Hilarious.


1. One word: Reneesmee. i just thought that that little twist was too big of a jolt and totally contradicted many important aspects to the story, not to mention what a slap in the face it was for Rosalie.

2. How long it took Dr. Carlise to realize what the Bella's unborn Half-Vampire baby might want to eat., i have no idea.

3. Jacob' s entire ending. i believe that Jacob would be much healthier for Bella than Eddy boy. He brought out the best in her and helped her when she really needed is. without him, Bella might have been lost forever in a catatonic slump. I don't think he should have ended up with Bella, but i do think he was deserving of a dignified and happy ending that didn't involve imprinting on the mutant child of the girl he used to have inappropriat thoughts about. to be brutally honest, i would rather have seen him die a romantic, heroic, dramatic death that redeemed him and portrayed him as a hero, than see him imprint on a newborn kid who he plans to marry when she has only been alive for seven years. ick.

4. The whole big build up to an epic battle, the suspense, the anticipation, only to have what should have been a huge battel turn into a friendly vote and tea party. ugh. major disapointment. I thought that we were gonna see the vultori get squashed, with casualties that added deep emotions to the book, but no, we get a spirited debate and everyone skips off happily ever after. well, everyone but Irina, but no one actually knew her so whatever.

5. The message of the book threw me off. I thought Stephenie Meyer originally said that the important theme of the book was that Bella was gonna have to make a choice and sacrifice something importatnt in her life, but no, She gets everything she wanted and more. the story just wraps up like a perfect gift with a big, pink bow. She sacrifices nothing, she even get Charlie to remain a part of her life. speaking of which, what the heck is up with Charlie? he finds out his daughter may or may not be human and that she's hangint out with werewolves, and all he says is "Need to know basis" thats just a bit too convenient.

6. Shapeshifters. what the heck? here we go, reading the series, all wondering about the Vampire vs werewolf feud, only to find out they aren't werewolves, but shapeshifters who take the shape of wolves!!! this was a pointless twist that left a million plot holes, like why the shapeshifters smell like werewolves. weird.

7. Renee. wtf happened to her? She just disapears. You think that after discovering her daughter was dying of some serious disease, she would come running down to Forks to see whats going, but instead, we never hear from her ever again. I mean, where did she go? suddenly she just doesn's care? there is a serious consistancy problem there.

8. What happened to Angela being Bella's BFF? We hardly see her Breaking Dawn. She and Eric both just sorta vanish. Poof!

Well, there ya have it. thats just a short little list of some of my pros and cons for that book. Feel free to comment and post your own opinions and add to my list. Everyone is welcome and i would love to hear what you think! COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!


Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

Totally agree with you, everything wrapped up way too nicely, no sacrafices, didnt like the Jacob/Renesmee thing either. And I would have loved to see the war as well.

Toni Brockliss said...

I just finished the series and thought the first book was very good.
The last book left me feeling very disappointed.
The whole Renesmee/Jacob story reminded me of Bridget Jones' Diary when she goes to the Turkey Curry Buffet and the sleazey old uncle-not-uncle grabs her bottom. Not a good feeling.
And the name - Renesmee. Terrible.
I think it came down to the fact that I'm 36 years old and this is for young adults. I haven't been a young adult for years.
Although I am a Harry Potter my mind must be young adult.