Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey!! Wat up world? Ok, so im going to inform you on my weekend. Won't that be exciting? I'l wait while you go get some popcorn....ok, enough waiting. So on Saturday, my sis went to see Dark Knight with her friend Jason (she so wished he was her Boy friend, even though she wont admit it.) I spent the day arguing the rights of teenagers with my parents. suprisingly enough, it was kinda fun. it didnt get me anywhere though. they shoot down every argument i make. They just wont listen or take into consideration myself as an individual. they clump me together with every teenager out there. they dont seem to understand that we are all different. sigh. dam it. as in beaver dam. jk. Good news is i did manage to convince my parents to get the supplies needed for ice cream sundaes. Yay!! Jadyn invited me to a party, but it was a Mormon thing and everytime i go all i get is strange looks. i would have gone for her, but oh well.

On Sunday (today) i spent the day trying to get over this lousy cold i have. Man, i hate being sick. it must be going around because Aly had it, Truffle had it, Giggles had it, Mel had it, and now i have it. AARGH!! Im a pirate. jk. i finished my homework *holds small parade in celebration* so thats a huge rellief. i had a lot of it but i managed to spread it out. i even "went the extra mile" so hopefully il get some extra credit. O ya, i forgot to menion that yesterday, Scat told me he liked me. I already knew that, but i was still surprised that he said it. Oh well, at least he was straighforward. it sucks when guys try to be all mysterious and coy and what not. I use to sorta like him, but idk. Hes kind, caring, thoughtful, and smart, but hes not exactly my type. im more into hispanic men. (im totally kidding lol. well, sorta. rotfl!)

So ya. that was my weekend. i spent it doing homework, arguing, eating ice cream, and sneezing. doesnt that sound fun?


James said...

Lol, how rude of u to post this for the whole world to see! ;) Sounds somewhat fun weekend. I mean who doesn't love ice cream. O well, Il live. Why couldn't i be born a Hispanic man!?!?!?!??! (j/k ;) Colds are bad! Don't get more sick! Curse me and this horrible good immune system! Lol, seriously, everything sounds pretty cool :D

Anastácio Soberbo said...

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