Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!! I'm having another one of those bored moments in the middle of typing my Enlgish Essay, so i'm gonna talk to you all about proper oral hygiene! NOT! I'm gonna write a rant on Breaking Dawn because i was reading the reviews and forums, what with all the squealling reviews and disapoined negative ones, and i wanted to do one last thing before moving on for good ( I have pretty much already moved on, i just wanted to do this one last thing because, well, im bored, its late, i cant think of anything else to do)

First off, just let me say, in the first 2 chapters, the word chuckled was used three times, and all of them involved Edward. To give you an idea of how annoying this can occasionally be, please refer to the following sentence:

Edward: "Aw Bella, love, i'm so filled with glorious burning love for you, i just chuckle with joy," said Edward, Chuckling.

And let the record show, that Renee also chuckled, as noted in Chapter one, Engaged. Too much chuckling!! When will the madness end?

Secondly, specific adjectives like glorious, beautiful, dazzling, and perfect have their place and their place is not every other word. Refer to following sentence if you wish to know what i'm talking about.

Bella: "Aw Edward! You are so bright and dazzling that your perfect glorious self is just too much for my mere mortal eyes. I shall go on and on for the better part of a rather large novel explaining to everyone just how dazzling and beautiful you are!"

Stuff like that just fills me with angst and chagrin. ';)

Thirdly, it has been said that consistant mumbling, muttering, and grumbling can give a person the wrong impression, for instance they may believe you to be slightly unstable. Bella and Edward (especially Bella) seem to mumble, muttering, and grumble more than they actuallly speak. for example:

Edward: "O Bella you are my life and soul, reason and life, water and air, Opera and Obama!" Edward muttered.

Bella: "Says you" Bella grumbled in a mumbling tone.

See? It isn't healthy to grumble, mumble, and mutter. Just say what you mean! It will make you feel better on the inside.

And Lastly, if i had a dime for everytime one of the characters tensed, froze, winced, grimaced, cringed, winced, or raised an eyebrow, i'd be rich enough to buy a pony. Or two. Maybe i could replace the pillows Edward Bit ( i loved that part, i will admit.)

O! and one more thing. if i had a dime for every consistency in the whole saga, i'd end up owing whoever was giving out the dimes.

*Disclaimer: These are my views, opinions, and observations alone. In truth, i actually loved every single book in the series, i just noticed these things that irked me. i still thought it was a good read, just inconistant. Long live Jacob!

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Ellie said...

lol, now I HAFTA read the series! Hey, do u read MAXIMUM Ride? It's a good series, but a lot of things r kinda "HUH????" (mainly in the 4th book).
On the weekends, i don't have any internet, so I'm MIA in most Fri-Sun morning.