Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey Napolean!! i'm back to blog my heart out some more. Ok, so today was pretty good. It  was a b-day so now you will get to know the other half of my block schedule!!

A.P. Human Geography: My teacher for this class is Mrs. Hatch and she is my least favorite teacher. She is so typical, old, crotchety old teacher. she just makes us do notes and lame text book work. And if we arent doing that, we are doing the same stuff we did in first grade. It's so boring and tedious! i'm now the only one who thinks this. everyone ive talked to about this agrees with me. 

Spanish 2: My teacher in this class is...eccentric. his name is Snr. Homer and hes so random and hilarious!! He will do stuff like jump onto the desks and try to pump us up so we wil actually listen. You cant help but smile and laugh in his class. I sit next to Steph and Marty, which makes the class even funner. 

Computer Tech: I like the teacher, Mr. Webster, but i hate this class. its tedious and boring. we were trying to make websites, but my stupid computer kept rejecting my commands, even after the teacher said it was all correct. I sit next to Danny, Tay, Jen, Shawnie, and Em, so at least that makes it funner.

Algebra: Ms. Jasumback is my teach in this class and she is AWESOME! She really helps me understand math, which is my worst subject! i also know a few ppl in that class, like Lexie, Lauren, Anthony, Kimmee, and Annette. MS. J lets us work together a lot, so thats really helpful. 

So now i just have to vent a little bit about Jadyn and Truffle. I wanted so badly to stay good friends with them after i went to AMES, but neither of them really text me, and when they do, they stop in the middle of a conversation. it bugs me so much! im making all this effort and they are all but ignoring me. i thought they would miss me, but they have each other, so maybe they dont need me. i guess i should move on, but i dont really want to. i just wish they would at least try. oh well, ive done wat i can. its there turn.


James said...

Sounds like B day is fun. ^^ But with jaden and truffel, they just don't text u back like they should. It is nothing personal, and they hella miss u. They are planning to see u this weekend i think. Ice, really, we all miss u

alice-in-wonderland said...

Aww im sorry they wont text you back but it could be becasue theyre busy. everyone at lunch is like ugh where is clarice its so not fun! jadyn and maddiey are planning on kidnapping you btw don't let them know i told you!

Ellie said...

wow, thnx for the comment on my blog! How did u find mine? Ur is WWWAAAAYY cool 2!!!