Friday, November 14, 2008

Aw crap i left the toaster on!

Never told, only written
Never written only whispered
Never whispered only laughed
Never laughed only cried
Never cried only fell
Never fell, only cried
Never cried only laughed
Never laughed only whispered
Never whispered only written
Never written only told. 

Never told, never cried, never lived, only died. 


Why is it so easy?
Why is it so plain?

Why is it so simple?
To bring to others pain.

Why can't we be healers?
Why can't we end strife?
Why is it harder to be the bandage
than the knife.

Why is it so easy
to wash away the pure

When we find it difficult
to wipe away the tear

Why can't we be peace makers
in a war of black

Instead of soldiers with long guns
Tied onto our backs.

Why is it so hard to conjure
The words to a melody

Yet so easy to forget
A soft and lovely memory

Why can't we admit our song
is one that we are singing wrongs.

So ya!!! I was thinking last night, and when i think, strange things happen. Strange, unexplainable, terrible things.These poems are an example of those strange, terrible things!

Hey! I'm a poet and i didn't know it

I can crack a rhyme any time!

I can sing song all day long




Seriously. Maybe i shouldn't post right after i wake up. 

I'm getting some baad vibes maaaaaaan. Peace out, my groovey blogger buddies. 

O look! a canary on a sugar high! 

(if you didn't get that last line, refer to the post before this one)



Natalie! said...

You wrote those poems?! They are brilliant! I'm not even sure why, just the simplicity and pattern of it just....fits. Or something! But they're really good (: They are not strange and terrible, they are amazingly awesome! Even if you post right after you wake up, your posts are fun to read (:

Macy said...

Did you write those poems? If so they're awesome! and ur amazing!

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

Why would we rather be the knife? Well it's easier and even more so I believe people enjoy it sometimes...

Yes...I do feel honored

and oh...humility is a virtue...

Someone said...

Those are great poems.

James said...

Amazing poems the magical ice has done it again! Another amazing post!

Stella said...

I really love the second poem the best!! How do you come up with such awesome-ness? They are all really good.