Thursday, November 13, 2008


AWWWWW!!!! I've been tagged! What do i do? Where do I go? What do i say? WHO'S LEFT SHOE IS THIS?????????

Wait? What's that? i just have to say random facts about me, then pass along the tag? Well that's what Stella did (i'm gonna get you for that Stella! ;) so that's what i'm gonna do! I've never been virtually tagged be for. This is a special moment for me! I'd like to thank all the little people, my family, Stella, and......MYSELF for being so spectacular.

O, and humility is a virtue.

Ten amazing facts about me!

1. I hate potatoe salad. Who ever thought that diced tomatoes and mayonnaisse would go together? Whoever thought ANYTHING would go with mayonnaise? What the heck is mayonnaise anyways? These are the questions that haunt me.

2. I hate mayonaise.

3. I won my first fencing tournament this year!

4. I write poetry then paint pictures to represent that poetry. I'm an artist! never mind my poetry sucks and my pictures look like they were painted by a canary on a sugar high.

5. I like to think deeply, but talk lightly.

6. My day isn't complete unless i've made at least 7 people laugh.

7. I'm Catholic (and proud of it!)

8. I hate my hair! It's shoulder lenght, wildly wavy, dark brown, and uncontrollable! I have purple in it now though, which makes it a bit better.

9. I'm not a bookworm, i'm a book cockroach! Er.....that doesn't sound flattering. hmph.

10. Evertime i take one of those online personality quizzes, i'm always hovering between every single possibility, and even then it doesn't describe me! How am i supposed to know who i am if the internet can't tell me? I'm so lost!

Well, that's it!

I will now tag



Stella said...

Guess what?

Mayonnaise is made out of EGGS.

I'm going to go eat chocolate right now, while trying not to think about mayonnaise. Darn you, now I have mayonnaise on the brain. Isn't it such a weird word to spell? And say? MAYONNAISE.

Want to know of something even more gross then mayonnaise? Fake, vegan, mayonnaise that my parents get. ICK! It's called vegginnaise because its made of veggies.

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew EW!

James said...

Darn you and your potato salad hatred! I like potato salad, but the ones I make use onions and stuff that go with potatoes, not tomatoes that is just gross and roar for marking me next on the list of death!

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...


Your randomness is great...I love it...

I don't get what this tagging thing is either...

...i like mayo...

humanity is a virtue?