Friday, November 14, 2008

AWWWW!!!! It's a blender!

yeah,that's right. Partay! Well, actually, it was a dance but still!
Yep, we had a school dance today, from 7 p.m to 10. Ok, i don't actually know why i told you the time. I guess now if you wana make an official record, you can now! Glad i could help.
ANYWAYS, I am now gonna tell you about the wild, crazy, and uhhhhh...well, ZANY event that was the dance.
I will tell you....
Jk. Don't you just hate when your watching a good show and they cut to break just as it's getting to the exciting part? it irks me. It irks me very much.

So ya! Now maybe i'll actually tell you about the dance. Maybe. I'm thinking about it. It's definatley a possibility. possible possibility.

I think i'll tell you now.

here it comes!

I'm about to tell you!

Alright, it's here!


Isn't that cool? O wait, i was supposed to tell you about the dance. My bad!

The dance was DA BOMB!!!! When i first arrived it was a bit awkward cause no one i was good friends with was there. I did say hi to Lena and Bob, but the rest of the people there were seniors. I'm only friends with a few seniors.

FINAllY people started showing up and the fun began! Within half an hour the place was packed, the ice was broken, and everyone was jammin' to the music! The excitement electrified the air, leaving it tingling with ecstasy and anticipation. The atmosphere was thick and pulsing, tangible with exhiliration. The theme was Back in Black (and white), and man! The lighting was perfect, the only things lighting the huge room was several strings of dim Christmas style lights and one of those machines that release flashes of pulsing light that make everything appear to be moving in slow motion. MAN!!!! It was so cool! They played amazing music. Some Ska, punk, rock, electronic, rap (puke ugh yuck. sorry gag rap makes me shudder with a unmatchable terror. It's only music, it's only music! AWWWW make the bad music go away! Sorry, i dislike rap with the burning passion of a thousand suns)

ANYWAYS!!!!! My friends and i went insane!!!! Hannah, Shawnie, Melanie, Derek, Emily, Annie, Tatsu, Cheyenne, Erica, and I all rocked out, head banging, jumping up and down, and just plain have a good time. At one point we all stood in a circle with Michael and Beji, holding hands and jumping up and down. I broke ranks and danced in the middle, which started a whole new pattern, with each of us taking a chance to rock out in the middle of the circle. WOOOOO!!!

I wondered from group to group, joining the Ska mosh pit during Streetlight Manifesto songs (Streetlight Manifesto=Best Ska band ever! O and in case you don't know what ska is, i am about to raise your IQ significantly Ska=punk+reggae=Awesome *now that's math i can understand!*) I also Spent time with Rennee, Bree, Jazzy, Dan, and Andy.

Now, here's the exciting part. Sometime in the middle of the dance, everyone formed a CIRCLE PIT. (circle pit=everyone forms giant circle, people go in middle and dance) I was getting in rank, when Annie FREAKIN' PUSHED ME INTO THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!! Not only that, but i was the first in the middle. I now have a deeper understanding of that expression "like a deer in the headlights" cuz that's what i felt like! Everyone laughed, until i got down on my feet and did the one break dance move i know! The Coffee Grinder (Coffee Grinder=crouch on one knee, straighten other leg, swing straightened leg under bent leg) Everyone cheered and i felt like a rock star! Will, i felt like a rock star deer in the headlights. (how's that for a mental image?) I was talking to my english teacher and she laughed at me, saying she never knew i could break dance!! I responded with "Neither did I!"

The downside was the dance played 3 slow songs. I don't have a boyfriend (and i have no desire to!) but i did slow dance with one of my guy friends, which was fun. i'm immensely uncoordinated and gravity has a mean streak, but he managed to teach me how to spin, so that was enjoyable.

Well, that was my dance!!!! It was psycho, crazy, fun, crazy, highly enjoyable, crazy, wacky, insane, uber-amazing, da bomb, and uhhh.....i'm running out of adjectives. O ya! and CRAZY!!!

Woo! I hoped you enjoyed that incredibly long winded post. My hand hurts from typing so much. OOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Ok, i'm better. OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i'm done. OUCH!!! OUCH!!!! OUCH!!!!! Ha, seriously, i'm finished. ow.

Ok, bye.

I WUV you!!!


Now, can i have $1?


Sorry for how annoyingly happy this post is. I just ate eight brownies. (hey, they were going to go stale soon!)
Seriously. Sugar+Delicous treat=Catastrophic event.
I found a baby turle
I named it Tiny Tim
I but him in the bath tub
To see if he could swim
He drank up all the water
He ate up all the soap
And now he's sick in bed
with a bubble in his throat. hiccup!!!!
That's one of those annoying songs everybody knows but nobody knows where the freak it actually came from. Enjoy!
Sing it in elevators to annoy everybody. That's a sure fire way to make enemies!


James said...

O cool that dance sounds amazing fun! and I love the break dancing thing with the teacher and the dancing with everyone sounds really fun! I hope ya make more good memories like that.

liz says read! said...

Oh wow. You DO like to write! Or should I say type. Well, whatever. SOunds like the dance thingie mabobsie was soooooo much fun!! And yes, it is so irritating when somthing amaziing is going to happen in like a show or movie then it goes to commerical. Somehow you have indroduced this into the blog world! Ha ha justtttt kidding =D

liz says read! said...

OHHHHHH yeah! Your suggestions of "Nessie" made me think of Twilight and about her daughter and stuff. I think I'm gonna call my laptop Jasper. Jasper is awesome! So is Emmet, but Jasper's just fluffier in the movie. Ha ha. Thanks for your suggestions!

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

A Humanity handguide? haha, you kinda prematurely said next four or so posts are gonna be kinda focused on the topic

yep, agree...but we as humanity needs to stop the world for a second-not to get our balance-but to change what we're attempting to balance on...

haha...your's fine if comments are short...

my profile said...

i lurv that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so smashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!