Sunday, November 9, 2008

Neology:Science of making up new words

Hey Hey Hey! dude. I had a straaaaange day. I'm talking Twilight Zone weird. I'm talking South Dakota weird! But because i'm tired, i'll tell ya about it later.


I'm leaving you in suspense. Take that!! Now you'll have to come back and read more

It's a sleazy marketing ploy. Clever.

I will tell you that it involved fried chicken, God, and sheep. Lots of sheep. Not to mention several awesome realizations.

One of these realizations is.....

If i had a burrow
I'd name it burrito.

How awesome is that!

You may ask how i arrived at such a realization.

And the answer is simple

I'll tell ya about it later. HA!!!

But, because today involved so many random aspects, i did come up with a few rhymes that for
some reason just seem to fit into my day and life in general. They won't make any sense now, but hey, one day, when your old, weak, and wise, you'll look back and say "I sure wish i hadn't wasted 30 seconds of my life reading those stupid Rhymes ChipotleChick put on her blog. Now get off my lawn you crazy kids!"

and then i'll feel honored for being such a big part of your life.

Okay! heres those rhymes. Prepare yourself!

The glow at the end of the tunnel used to seem so bright
but now all i see is an artificial light.

The moral of the story is apparent to all
the race for the sun
will be your downfall

Live life, forget the past
for ever day
could be your last

and last but not least...

Looking back at life to see what's been done
is similar to looking up and straight at the sun
it's interesting and enlightenting
but stare too long and it's blinding.

O! And an incredibly wise, intricate, and delicate quote. For all those looking for the meaning of life, here it is...


Yep. why ouch? cause i just stubbed my toe on the desk that my computer is on and it hurt like...
well it hurt a lot. I repeat. OUCH!

O, and i forgot to give a write out to SOMEONE! so I LOVE YOU SOMEONE!

and also, MY PROFILE!

She just commented on my last post soo.....I LOVE YOU MY PROFILE!

But maybe you should get a username, so i don't sound narcissistic or schizophrenic when i say my profile lol.

Keep looking for order on Earth
I'll be watching the randomness of the stars.


Stella said...

I liked the rhymes! You could make a song out of that or something. This one time, my dad started writing palindromes. It was SO ANNOYING after awhile, because he was seriously obsessed with them, and he was always like "Hey Stella, listen to this one!" and I'd scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" and run away.

Stella said...

Also, I just tagged you :)

Natalie! said...

Your comment made me smile, heheh (:

Oh nooo, the suspense! :O Now I'll be forced to come back and find out about your incredibly strange Twilight Zone day. I haven't had a day like that in forever... that would be a great change from the relatively boring ones I've had lately :P

A burrow named Burrito? That is pure genius, ahah (:

I'm sure glad I spent 30 seconds reading those neat rhymes ChipotleChick put on her blog. Feel free to stay on my lawn all you like! ;D

And that is a very accurate meaning of life too, hehe.

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

Hahaha, on blogspot, so far you've been the funniest. Usually I'm looking for more thought, but out of humor I'm gonna start following you...

[not the stalker way]

but the blogspot way