Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look a bird!

Hey Hey Hey what up my peeps? What's that? you don't know what's up? Well then, let me give you some responses for when someone asks you what's up!

1. The sky (typical)
2. The opposite of down
3. UPS without the S
4. Mars
5. Mercury
6. Pluto
7. Any planet
8. God ( i used this one until someone glared at me and said they were an Atheist. Darn)
9. Look a bird!
10. Look a dead bird!
11. Time. See? it's flying
12. Well, I would look and see, but i'm afraid of getting blinded by the sun
13. The empty void of space
14. Where do you get off asking such impertinent questions?  Back in the day, we didn't get asked such questions. What's up? Hmph. Corrupted youth of America.
15. P.U. backwards.
16. Nothing

Ok, i meant to make it to 20 but i can't think of any. How bout y'all give me some ideas? the best response gets a virtual hug ****hug***** and a virtual parade thrown in their name ****parade**** and maybe even a virtual cookie of their choice! ****cookie****

Well, I had a very crazy day today, but i have a headache so i'll tell you guys tomorrow! I will also have a special Halloween post. Mwhahahaha! Well. i have nothing meaningful to say, so i'm gonna say bye!

So ya...bye. Hehe. 


Ellie said...

Um...sorry, I can't think of any! what u gunna b 4 Hallow's Eve?

ChipotleChick said...

When i go to volunteer at the elementary school i'm gonna be a gothic bride, and when i go to my friends murder mystery party, I'm gonna be a supernatural investigator!

What are you gonna be?

Natalie! said...

Hahaha, awesome list of comebacks! I'm going to have to write those down (; The best one I can come up with is "your mom" though, which isn't even funny :P But "your mom" seems to be the answer to everything these days... either that or "that's what she said." That darn corrupted youthg of America! (;

ChipotleChick said...

This comment has nothing to do with my post but i needed to post it where two of my fighting friends would see it, so unless your james or Dillon, you can just skip this. ;)

James and Dillon! Stop your stupid little fight! You guys are friends now stop trying to decied who's life is worse, unless you wana ruin your friendship forever! Dillon, James is having a hard time right now and he's trying to understand, so don't go acting like he's just stamping his foot and not trying

James, what you said to Dillon about your life being more stressful and about Dillon just not avoiding his stress was mean. You both have a lot of stress in your lives, just different kinds. YOu both have friends, family, hobbies, talents and STRESS! You are two teens and all teens have stuff to deal with, but you are also friends and friends shouldn't try to out do each other in a "Who's life is worse" contest and friends should accept friends being different. Friend should accpet that they have differnt talents and friends SHOULD NEVER ASSUME THAT THE OTHER IS DEMEENING YOU! that's the quickest way to cause tension. People are different, even in their most similar ways with things like religion and life views.

Dillon, explain to James best you can, be patient, if you feel frustrated, take a step back, eat some chocolate, come back later. Don't yell, and don't treat him like a child. YOu don't need to feel a need to defent yourself, just explain.

James, listen to Dillon, don't assume, not make judgements, and listen without a clouded mind. And don't take offense and don't think that Dillon isn't trying.

Sorry. Just felt i should intervent befor you two clawed out each others eyes via blogging.

Now hug and make up befor i send you both to the corner

Stella said...

I just found your blog, and I must say, it's very......random.....hahaha, but I LIKE random! Random is good!

Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

Hm alright well Ice, me and james are having some speed bumps so thanks for pointing that out. James, im not trying to say that my life is impossible, its just im in a situation that you dont understand, being torn between kylie and chloe. Ugh alright well james its the hardest thing I have ever faced, and ive told you about the saddest parts of my life. Kylie is heartbroken, but I cant be there for her, not like that. Chloe is being over complicated, and paranoid, and always saying stuff like "well why dont you just hang out with kylie" or "well I dont need to be there if you have kylie there too"

Its stressing and im torn apart slowly and slowly, Im sorta a hypocrite. My mood changes around the people im with, alot. And lately its been worse than ever.:(
Its very stressfull, to know that two people love me, and that I hurt them, and now basically screwed the foundation between both relationships, especially with Chloe since she know finds it so hard to build her trust. She wont make time for me, and it frustrates me especailly if she is moving next year. She will barely even hug me, its not the same being in a relationship with someone you love but hey dont trust you.

I hope that made you understand james, I really do, im not trying to frustrate you. Im not parading around yelling "I HAVE TWO GIRLS IN LOVE WITH ME!! IM SO SPECIAL!!" No not at all james. Its the opposite. I wish kylie never told me her feelings, just ugh I ruined everything and ya i think im done but seriously try to understand.

Kelly said...

Sometimes I reply with "Nothin' B. Jus' watchin' the game. Havin' a bud."

BTW, I had no idea that nebula was latin for clouds.