Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holly Smokes i forgot to title this!

Hey Hey Hey! So i haven't posted in forever, so there is a lot for you all to catch up on!

Because i can't actually remember half of the event that have happened between last time i posted and now, i will just tell you about my weekend!

Friday: Friday was as Friday is. School was pretty schoolish. First period was fun, We finished painting our Aborigine Art and all the while Brighton, Steven, Parth, and I decided which artist each of us were. Brighton is Picasso, Steven is Van Goh, Parth is Da Vinci, and I am Leonardo...Decaprio!! (he's an actor, in case you didn't know lol!) Second period was boring (my teach spent the whole period talking...about himself! Grrr.) Third was fine, we spent it taking notes. Kaitlyn brough a lunchable and Bottle of water in and when she finished eating she pored her water into the lunchable container and shook, saying, "Earthquake!!!!!" It was....interesting. LOL! I took it from her, put Chloe's pencil in it, shook it and said "Titanic!!!!" We fought over it until Chloe stole it from both of us to get her Pencil back. Dang it. Anyways, Fourth period was fun. WE finished Jurrassic Park and discussed. We are Gonna watch The Island next, (best genetic cloning of babies to make them grow faster movie ever! Not that i have actaully seen it)

During lunch was social hour at the Seminary building. I'm not Mormon but I went anyways to get a free Root Beer Float. I know, I know, it was a chance to understand a religion differnt from my own, an oppurtuinity to access a deeper, more profound view of the world through another's eyes. But no, I was too busy eating delicous root beer floats to do any of that. bad me. lol. I went with Lexie, Mel, Shawnie, Emily, And Annette. I saw Dillon there and talked to him for awhile (Hi Dillon!)

Saturday: I went to the mall to finally buy......a new CELL PHONE!!! It was about time! My old one turns itself off randomly and resets all of my hard earned settings. Stupid phone. My new one is a simple LG flip phone, but it's purple and shiny so boo-ya!!! It took me forever to find the space button it because i'm challenged that way. Anyways, i texted everybody in celebration and found out Aly (Hi Aly!!! I love ya!) was sick. (Get Better fast!) She insists on getting me something for my b-day, (which is this Tuesday!) so i'm gonna buy her something for her b-day as payback. How's that for an awesome revenge? Mwahahahahahahahaha! On my way out of the mall, i bumped into Dillon (Hi Dillon...Again!) and we talked for a spel.

After that i went home and my G-ma called. She had ordered a bunch of shirts for my aunt (mu aunt is running For Attoney General, her name is Jean, vote for her if you live in Utah!) anyways, my G-ma ordered all these shirts (600 to be exact) and now she has to fold them! She asked for help and i couldn't leave my poor G-ma to do it all herself, so of course i volunteered my sister, who volutneered my mom, who volutneered me. We went over to her house, folded for an hour and a half, then had to leave so i could make it to my friends B-day party.

PAAAAAAARTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAY! (partay) It was Annettes B-day yesterday. It was a fun party! I met a couple of new people and we danced and talked and sang and played improv games, it was awesomely random! her mom is Italian and she made us home made pizza! Yuuumm. All in alll, it was fun and crazy and random, my three favorite things!

so now today is sunday. I went to church and now i'm typing. woo. and now i'm gonna stop typing right NOW! Ha i fooled ya! I'm gonna stop typing NOW! no, not really, ok ok, now i'm really gonna-


James said...

Lol sounds like a fun weekend. I loved the church part. LOL

Samiee babby! said...

Wow. Sounds like you had a fun weekend eh? :) I loved yer ending part. You make me smile hehe.