Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!!! today was my Birthday! I am officially *ya like i'm gonna tell you* years old! Isn't that great? I discreetly reminded everyone it was by birthday by walking into all classrooms and saying "hey Y'all! It's my Birthday! Bow down to my awesomness!" Sneaky, huh?Marty and Lauren made everyone sing for me during General Science, so i will of course be getting her back by singing to her in all her classes on her Birthday! So i finally got an ipod! it's just a classic but it's amazing! I've been dying for one and now it is officially mine! I also got a Family Force 5 CD (one of the best bands ever!)

Anyways, today all in all was fine. first period was sorta boring. It's art, but right now we are just doing tesstlations, so it's sort of monotonous. Oh well! So is cheese but it still love it.

Earth Science was fine. We had some college students come in to talk to us about their expieriences. I have no idea what that has to do with Earth Science, but hey? Who am I to judge.

English was fun. We were learing about the elements fiction. We split into groups and were each assigned a topic. I was stuck with Brad and Jason. Luckily Sara was in our group. Jason was terribly annoying though. Think about the most annoying perosn you know, multiply it by 1,456, and you have Jason. I'm Italian so i talk with my hands a lot. Unfortunately Jason finds great joy in making fun of people, so he kept copying my hand motions while i was talking, until i "accidentally" Hit him in the face during my speech. Haha! I mean oops. lol.

General Science i was tortured by having everyone sing to me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Ok i'm done.

O, and I more thing. My friend was dating this one guy who shall remain unamed. She broke up with him and reccommened that he should go out with me. I declined but he was sorta stalking me yesterday. he's part of a differnt school so he gets out an hour earlier than, but he stayed until i was out of class, and stared at me throught the window. Sweet i guess, in a creepy sorta way lol. Anyways, i told him i Can't date until i'm 16, so that was solved. Also, i think my friend had a talk with him because she is the coolest that way.

BTW!!!!! Thank you Shawnie for the chocolate! What do you want for your B-day? I'm gonna buy you a llama unless you tell me.


Allison said...

Yes i know and i did not forget your birthday i just forgot to text you promise. and at least your loved anyways we shall not get into my problems. Okays so yea hmmm you are so popular is astonishing! lol im so envyous! I need to hang out with you before i combust into a pink sparkely powder that destroys all living and non livings so be aware the earth is in your hands now! mwahahahahahhahah okay im sorry i won't threaten you and all humanity again :(. maybe i'll leave you with that last thought

James said...

Lol happy birthday to u Ice! U are so amazing popular and I love you so much. Alice, wow what an image, lol. I miss you so much, and i even got u a present so u better see me or else i will feed u to my cell phone of death!!!!

Allison said...

we both know you'd love to see me some how combust into pink sparkly dust! And James we all know your just jealous so BLAH! AND i commented her blog first so hahahahh on you!

Samiee babby! said...

Awesome! That kid sounds just a little creepy... through a window? Yeah just a little you know a little tiny bit creepy haha. I hope you had fun at school!

Anonymous said...

UR KIDDING!!! UR B-DAY IS THE 14TH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! MINE'S THE 15!!!!!!!!!!!!