Sunday, October 12, 2008

How bout some more Poetry?

Loneliness is a path without and end and a hall without hope
it is a starless night
a whispering wind that fills you with fright
it is a barren field, a snowy day
a long staircase, and a flower that's gray
it is a crouching tiger waiting to eat
a single lone person admitting defeat.

Life is sort of like a dare
perfomed by people everywhere
someone simply spun the bottle
and we end up here in full throttle
life is more than just a wager
something big, something major
Life is a greater chance
a time to prove onself and dance the dance
of ups and downs and twists and turns
until you are given what you have earned
So don't back out, don't be a coward
complete the dare, keep moving forward.

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