Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HaHa i tricked ya! Wasn't that post just remarkable?Anyways, yesterday was just fine. I had to lead another discussion in Earth Science, with was just short of torture. Ew. lol. We played a game of categories in English. i was the scribe because i can write fast, unfortuantely my handwriting isn't exactly legible. My team still won though, despite my incompetence, So yay!!! *throws confetti into air* In Earth Science we are now watching Jurrassic Park, which is Hollywood Genius if you ask me! best genetically cloned through dino-mosquito DNA dinosaur movie ever! O, and btw, my poor, poor phone has officially died so i can't text until friday! I had a funeral for it and everything!

On to today. Today was....ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. to the third degree. AP Human Geography was boring. dull. dead. bleh. whatever you wana call it. Although we did watch on cool video clip about population growth. In the past century, populaion has literally exploded! I'm surprised India doesn't blow up from the amount of people who live there. Other that that, it was Bleh. I passed notes with Aeris because i'm a horrible student that way, but we sit right next to eachother, so it's actually not that destracting. And since i'm a kinescetic learner, it helps me concentrate, or at least that's what i tell the teachers when they catch me lol. Spanish 2 was ok, except for Marty was having Boy friend trouble (again) and Steph and I did what we could to try and cheer her up. poor girl. Her Boy friend is such a dick. Ugh. Bleh. Ick.

so on to Computer tech! This class just about drove me crazy! I finished my frames so i went to help Emily, then Julliet kept asking for my help, then Kayla, then Ricardo, then some jerk who kept stealing my chair until i figured out how to put text into frames for him. Shawnie and Daniel were doing the same thing, running around, helping who they could. It was sooooooo frustrating! But also sorta full filling. Just sorta. Lol! Anyways, Algebra was fun. we had a sub who pretty much let us do what we wanted after we were done with notes. I finished half my homework then joined in the Gossip Corner. (not kidding. almost all the girlsl in the class sat in a corner and gossiped. I personally hate Gossip, but i just couldn't resist. Bad me! but don't worry, it was mainly about comforting Mary about her Dickish Boy friend.

So that's it for now!!! I know, you are all disapointed that this post must end, but i'll be back! *say that in your best Arnold Schwarteneggar vioce.*


Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

Ugh im sorry we all have those days... i had one today, but i dont have time to write aboutt it now, but it will be up soon

little runaway taco said...

Ello !! lol I was running around, but i can't say i was helping all that much lol...more like goofing off...o.O oh well
haha this is strange. ur like right behind me but i'm commenting to you...

Allison said...

lol you have fun days though right? right!? ahhh lol just kidning im realy sick right now i can't even type!