Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yo Yo Yo What up my dawgs???? My o my what a craaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy weekend! *say my o my what a crazy weekend in your best talk show host voice*

Friday: Was a long day and an even loooonger night. One of my friend's moms called me at school twice, but i had my phone on silent so i didn't noticed. It was the mom of my really depressed friend, so i was anxious to hear what she left on my voice mail. Well, on my way to my last period i listened to it and it said it was important and to call her A.S.A.P. Now i was really worried. Then, to top it off, i got a note from the office saying i was being checked out. I didn't have any appointments and my mom had said nothing about picking me up early, so now i was on the verge of a panice attack. I literaly sprinted out the door to see wat was wrong. To my great relief, the reason my mom had come to pick me up early was because my sister was sick and she needed my help. I only missed 10 minutes of class, just so you know. Anyways, i was so relieved!! i thought for sure something had happened to my friend, so man, i was happy. so i called his mom, asked what was up, and that was it. he was O.K, she just needed to ask me something.

so on to the long night. My friend had a sleep over for her b-day. First, it took forever to find her house because when it comes to the city, i suck with directions. I find it easier to find my way in the mountains when i can use the sun and mountains and odd looking rocks as landmarks, instead of numbers. I dislike numbers with a passion (except for number 1,422 because that is the best number ever. duh ;) When i finally arrived, mostly everyone was there. I didn't know half of the people, but luckily Bethany, Ally, and of course the B-day girl where there. Luckily the people i didn't know where also way fun and nice, except for one glaring exception who shall not be named. *cough cough* The pary sort of split into two groups, the girls who just wana goof off, run around, crazy, and the group that wanted to gossip, dance to music, and show-off that they can sing. Guess which group i was in? if you guessed Crazy group, you are correct!! You may collect your million dollar prize after this post. Eventually we all morphed into one big group and had fun. There were three girls who wouldn't stop talking all night and just glared at me when i tried to join in, so i of course hid their shoes. (haha i just couldn't help myslef.) Unfortunatley it took me forever to find my shoes also, so i didn't feel all too triumphant. Grrr.

Saturday: i Was supposed to get a call from James (friend of mine who's on vacation) but guess what? Just as his call was coming in, my poor old phone froze and wouldn't let me answer!!! Ugh i wanted to kill it but it was already dead. it took an hour to unfreeze. The next time he called i was in the shower, and the time after that i was downstairs where i get bad reception so the call was dropped. Ok, he has horrible timing. Stupid phone. i spent the rest of the day catching up on my sleep and babysitting three little devil children. (just playing, they weren't so evil today)

Sunday: Alas, my lack of psychic powers prohibit me from telling you about Sunday until it actually happens. Aw well. Until then, later days!!!

O and Dillon!! I'm annoyed with you. Invite me onto your blog so i can keep up with your life. If you don't, i will be forced to strap you to a chair and force you to listen to opera music. Or i'll just block you from my blog. Whichever works. LOL Jk. But you better invite me!


Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

oh ice, you know how much I want to show you, but I need you to promise that anything that I write these next couple of weeks doesnt go to ANYONE! ESPECIALLY JAMES BECAUSE THEN I KNOW WHERE IT WILL GO!! Please promise, its very important, its causing me quite a lot of stress, I need to make sure its not spread around until I tell Chloe about it, and thats not until at least October 13th. :( Please promise me Ice and Ill let you see it, but not the prank one, sorry, its just too good of a prank. ;)

Macy said...

Sounds like fun!

ChipotleChick said...

It's alright. I understand that some things in a persons life aren't exactly meant for another and sometimes you have to say things that someone else might not understand. I was just kidding about blocking you. I don't even know how and even if i did i wouldn't. If you would rather not show me until you think it's safer, than it's alright. I won't guilt ya into doing anything that ya don't wana. I promise that if you do choose to tell me, i won't tell a soul, especially James. I'll even delete the comments on this post so no one knows. I'll let you decide and i'll be perfectly fine with your decision.

And that prank of yours had better be good if i'm gonna have to stand the suspense of waiting until i know what it is!!!! LOL!!! Good luck with that ;)

Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

k unblocking it from you, check your email. :)

Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

lol duh I dont know your email ;)
So just write it and ill send the email that gives you access to my blog

Allison said...

Yes and guess who else was in the party group? ME! lol and im mad and dillon and Kylie sorry dillon i only met you once but idk its none of my buisness but still you need to give james a break