Sunday, October 19, 2008

What is real? (If you say Santa Claus then you are my hero)

It's midnight, i'm bored, so i'm gonna post! I have no idea what i should post about. I don't really feel like posting about my day. I have the attention span of a toaster so that gets boring for me after awhile lol. O i know! I'm gonna tell you what is real. 

Ok, so for an Earth Science quiz, we had to answer a question. One question. It was the freaking hardest question i have ever had to answer! The question was: What is Real? Sounds like it should be simple, but when you are as nerdish as me, it can really give you a headache. I mean, how are we to know that we aren't all just figments of our imagination? That what I think is happening right now is only my perspective,that all the people i have ever met are just a part of my own world. Wow. Dreams, thoughts, memories, hallucinations, whose to say which are real and which aren't? Maybe right now what we think is conciousness is actually a dream and what we think are dreams are actually glimpses into reality. Maybe parrallel universes are created everytime a dice is rolled, everytime a thought is made, everytime probability chooses one path and all the other paths are chosen in the parrallel universes. Maybe order is the essesnce of randomness. 

In the end, i decided that reality has a basic construct, with a foundation and middle that constanly warps and bubbles and distorts to fit around the ever changing contours of realities basic outlines. I say quantum mechanics display the chaos of reality more purely than the order of what we believe to be life. I say gravity, energy, and atomic forces are the most  basic portrayals of reality. Emotions, thoughts, ideas, they are all the pressure that causes our universes design to shift a trillion times every billionth of a second, so fast and sudden that our eyes see the unstable design as solid. 

That's all my scientific stuff. Now how about religion? i won't get too much into it for fear of offending somebody (though if you are that over sensitive then maybe you should go read up on the first amendment. JK!!) But if we were to mix in some faith with the rest of realities strange ingreidients, then we would end up back to perspective. Some people believe God exists, so He is real to them. Does that prove He is real? Some would say yes. I say He is, but i can't prove it, so you have every right to doubt that He isn't. See how confuzzling this is? I think i need an aspirin. or four. 

So now that you have my view, i want yours. Tell me. What is real? 


Anonymous said...

Haha, it's ok I have those moments too.

Thanks for visiting, I like your blog, too.

Krosemarie said...

OMG!! This blog is supercalafragalisticexpealadocious!!!!! Yes, I used that word! I love it! Can I add ur blog to my favs list???

btw, thanks for the comment, I appriciate it, it's people like u who keep me going!


Allison said...

ugh my brain hurts

Red Hot Dili Peppers said...

wow i think I need an aspirin too.. that whole science quiz... ugh


bee said...


James said...

Alright what do I think is real? I think that if we consider what is around us, how can we consider what is in all honesty real? Who are we as a human, allowed to say what is real. Is chocolate real? Or are we even real and do we just believe that we are real, thus making the existence of our plane, real? I think that what we think is real, is the basis of what is real, whether it be religion or science, it depends on the situation, overall. I think that we are real, and thus that makes us real. But what about the things that are not real. How can we assume that things are real, that do not happen even though we do know they happen. Thus, they do make the alternate planes that you talked about. The question is, what do these alternate planes rely on, and are they even real? Can we even consider the aspect of realism itself to be real, within an alternate dimension of what we decided previously or did not and that caused the realization. So, if all of that is true, then how did the concept of realism exist in the first place, for that matter? How do we even know as I type this, that these so called planes exist, and that the decisions make even what we do not want to consider. What about it then? Is it possible that an out branch of everything real has been out branched until it continues over and over again until finally things continue to cease and thus, destroying the comprehension of what is real and what is not. I think that the only thing we can know for 100% that is real itself, would be love. Love is there, and even in plants, they shows signs of love!! Yet, although the plains could co exist within, then what would that cause for the realities that we begin to talk about in the first place? for that matter, how are we even to talk about this topic and how can we assume that everything is real around us.
(I could go on for hours, but that's the basic, BASIC idea.)

Macy said...

ya, if you really think about it it can get really confusing.