Wednesday, December 3, 2008

‘Twas the Day after Monday
By: ChipotleChick

'Twas the day after Monday, or Tuesday we say
The alarm clock rings, tolling away.
It’s seven in the morning for goodness sake!
You know it’s too early when the sun’s not awake

Finally to school the students all meet
Ready to learn but more ready to sleep
The bell that starts classes soon begins ringing
Signaling headaches would soon be beginning.

First period starts, the students sit down
Except for the few who act like clowns.
Sitting on desks, standing on chairs
“Hey look I can see Russia from here!”

The teacher upon rising gets ready to lecture,
Standing in her rather stiff posture.
The students realize, quick as a flash
The best way to escape is grab the hall pass!

Pencils are writing, and pages are flipped
Notes are written but then are soon ripped
Daydreaming while the teachers instructing
Hey it’s not your fault floating dust is distracting!

Forgetting ones homework is a daily occurrence.
Just be creative and you’re sure to get clearance.
Just think clearly get your head out of the fog
Hey, what else could eat homework besides a dog?

The bell rings again, o joy! At last!
The students leap out of the room so fast.
O yes first period is out of the way!
Too bad you still have the rest of the day.
Have a great Day! Sure hope that cheered you up.
And sorry that i haven't commented on all of your fabulous blogs lately! I got caugh texting at midnight so my blogging time has been limited to whenever I can sneak the computer. Now I better get off before I get caught!
Due to classified information, this message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1....BAM!!!!
Message terminated.


smorgan said...

Nice one...
I like writing poems too...
But I can't seem to be able to write about school..
Usually, I would write about rain or random things I do...

I have to sneak out to use the computer too...

Rock On!

Natalie! said...

Nice poem! :D It's very true. First period for me is American Civics, and luckily the class is really easy so that I don;t have to really use my brain that early in the morning, but that also makes it reaaaally boring. Our teacher's voice is just so dull that it takes all of my efforts to keep my eyes open.

And that stinks about the having to sneak onto the computer-ness! *gasp* I hope you don't get in more trouble! But no one saw this post... because it doesn't exist. What post? I didn't see any post... >.>

Ellie said...

Looks like we have the next Shel Silverstine!!! Love the poem!!!

Rafé said...

Haha, kudos to Sarah Palin.
And kudos to you for a good poem.
School is both beautiful and ugly at the same time.

Response to For the Sake of Humanity:

Yes! Trying is the key.
Determination the spark to the fire.
Working past these things is trying, and once I know how I will.
Why though is a different question.

sounds Michael Jackson and "Man in the Mirror"

James said...

I like your poem! You were always good at writing poems! And I know about the whole busy thing! Woo! Keep writing, and keep ur smile!

Natalie! said...

A.P human geography does sound bad D:

And of course you would never ever EVER be such a delinquent! There was never any post, ever. In fact, I don't even know what I am posting this comment on, since there's no post to post it on. I'll just say post one more time for good measure.

Sine Friday it has snowed a bit, and it is definitely freeeezzzinggg. I always feel bad for all of the animals that are stuck outside in the 10 degree weather all day and night, when I can't even stand to be outside for 10 minutes...

And that man is definitely very naughty. Santa will never give him presents, just coal! And he deserves it :P

smorgan said...

Something from you...
Just For Laughs...

ChipotleChick said...
This post made me laugh out loud multiple times.

You're an awesome writer and your post are actually really entertaining to read!

I know what you mean about the food. there's this thing called the Warped Tour where I live, and the food there smells like sweaty corn bread. Yuck.

Go technology!

December 7, 2008 12:32 PM

smorgan said...
From I can see...there are 4 items in your comment. So I'll reply it all one by one..
1. I'm glad it made you laugh. Well, it was meant to be some sort of cynical humour.
2. Thanks! You're an awesome writer too. Vey random and creative.
3.we can totally relate...
4. Techology rules!!!

December 7, 2008 9:43 PM

ROCK ON!!! and keep writing...

deko and posh said...

That was so funny and clever. We love it!

L8R...Deko and Posh