Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk!!!

*note: Please say title in creepriest Freddy vs. Jason voice to get full affect*

Ya, that's right, feel free to applaud! and when i say feel free to applaud, i really mean APPLAUD NOW IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FUZZY SLIPPERS AGAIN! I'm back and am (hopefully) here to stay! Was that an exasperated sigh i heard? Ya, that's right, it better have been a sneeze.

And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for and most definately deserve...The INCREDIBLY LONG-WINDED AND THOUGHTFUL YET OVERALL LAME APOLOGY! are you ready? really? ya sure? I'm not. You know why? Cause, I'm about to get carpal tunnel from having to type the apology my beautiful unicorns deserve! Here it goes...right....NOW! Ha gotcha!!! Wasn't that just so....infuriating! hahahahahahahahahahah....Ow! ok, ok, no need to get testy.

I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been gone for, like 2 months, which in blogging time is like 650,235 years. Basic math. the first month i actually have a valid excuse. I had to give up something important to me, something i couldn't live without, for the 40 days of Lent. I was going to give up o' Sacred chocolate, but seeing as how that's necessary for my survival, i decided to give up blogging! I would have warned my beautiful unicorns, but i decided the day it started and couldn't. The second month? Well...I sorta maybe kinda forgot my password to get onto my blog and i sorta kinda maybe didn't think to write it down.....hehe. i had to do that "reset password" thingy and then it wouldn't show up on my email and i didn't want to contact my "local email provider", so i sorta gave up. Then a miracle happened. I REMEBERED MY PASSWORD! Thanks to a sequence of events that involved Open Mic Night at my school and several chinchillas, (i am NOT kidding) my memory was jogged!

And now, the brave ChipotleChick, against all odds, has made a triumphant return from her quest to the Place Where No blogging is Allowed For Lent and even the mythical land of My Email Providers Need an IQ Test. Many thought she wouldn't make it, but she rose above the adversary and stands today as a living testament that yes, we can all survive without blogging.

Beautiful, aye?

As i'm sure you have guessed, my dear friends, many things have happened in the time i've been gone. You think I just gave up? that i was hiding under my desk with my dust bunny friends and just waited for the terrible months to pass? Not I! I only did that for 2 weeks. (just so you know, my favorite Dust bunny is Philbert. he's very defensive. Just don't mention his "little Problem" and you'll get along fine)

Sorry to say i'm typing this in school and should probably stop before i get caught, so i will be back tomorrow to type another entry and comment on your charming blogs of joy that i have neglected so heartlessly.

So see you tomorrow! You better come, or i'll sick my dust bunny on you.

Ya, i went there.

Take that.



Jillian Jett said...

OMG, I missed u so much chica!!!
You are one of my favorestest bloggers!!!

LOL, so glad ur back, i could do a happy dance!


Lily-Pagan said...

i MISSED you!!!!!
good to have you back! and love the post! and i think it's kinda cool that you gave up blogging for Lent. good job, you!

n a t a l i e said...


Giving up blogging for Lent was a good idea. Bahaha, the way you finally remembered your password sounds pretty amazing :D And Philbert sounds gosh darn adorable haha :)

BitterSweet said...

*scream of joy* You're BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!! I started reading with your last post...then you never came back. I was sooo sad. Tell Philbert I said hi.

not emo just misunderstood said...

wow your back it was getting a little dull without you

Lenore said...

finally! i was beginning to think u died...or sumthin. Anyway, great to have you back!!!!! :)


Rafé said...

Clarice!'s good to see another blog of yours. I thought you fell off the face of the earth like other people I know.

And your back with your beautiful humor....good stuff

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Yay! You're back!
Back from where?
The whorizontal world?
What #@!!☆ thrill is THAT, dear?
The world's a Big-Time loser.
What you wanna strive for with all of your beautiFULL, gracious heart is Seventh-Heaven...
There's where the SERIOUS party-hardy is.
So... live4Heaven.
And I'll see you Upstairs someday.

Think, girl:
Gain altitude...
not attitude.
Gotta lotta tok bout o'er a Big-ol beer...
Love you.
God bless you.