Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! Before we continue with the Adventures of ChipotleChick, i want to tell you all HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!!!!!! Yep, that's what we have the loveable unicorn clan call Valentines day, also it's the predominant holliday at the high school i attend. So to all you singles out there, i hope you had a great day pampering yourself with movies, soap opera, chocolate and bubble baths, cause i know i did!

Also, i think Friday the 13th is a much more note-worthy holliday. I went to a Friday the 13th party, where we had a jolly good time doing dares and making prank calls cause that's what annoying immature teenage girls do. Woo!

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for.........the winning story for this week is..........

This program is brought to you with limited commercial interuption by Ford. Built Ford tough.

and the winner is.....GARDEN PARTY CRASHERS! Here's the story that happened a couple summers back and is a great memory for all involved. It's a long story though, so if you require an intermission, i understand.

Once upon a time there were two girls. one lived in a regular old run of the mill neighborhood located near a 7-eleven cause 7-eleven is so heavenly. the other lived in a higher class neighborhood complete with manicured lawns, 3 story houses, white picket fences and backyard patios perfect for a social gathering, such as a garden party. The beautiful, clever, charming girl that lived in the normal neighborhood was named ChipotleChick, and the other equaly beautiful but not quite as charming girl named Tanya*name changed for privacy* lived in the more pretentious one.

These two gilrs were good friends and enjoyed spending lazy summer afternoons at one anothers' houses. one lovely day they decided to relax under the shady maple tree located in Tanya's backyard. As they were conversing, a pleasant breeze wafted through the tree and blew a leaf into the neighboring house's backyard. Moments later, Tanya's wicked step-neighbor's made-up salon head popped over the fence.

"You girls had better not be too loud out here today, and now wondering around my yard and tromping all over my freshly mown grass!" She snapped at the two astoundingly amazing girls. "I'm having a social gathering, a garden party really, over here on my backyard patio and i will not have it interupted by giggling and gossiping."

The two young girls nodded sheepishly as the concerned neighbor returned to her side of the fence and continued readying her yard.

"How rude of her not to invite us!" said Tanya. "I am, after all, her favorite neighbor!"

"Maybe it's a private party for people she works with or her book club or something. It's not like it would be any fun," stated the wonderousr ChipotleChick.

"True," sighed the lovely Tanya.

They continued wondering around Tanya's yard, chatting and laughing, but even the most boisterous laugh was half-hearted. Neither could get the thought of the garden party out of their head. the sounds of the urban equivelant of a rave were enticing; the chinking of glasses, loll of small talk, and occasional forced laugh.

"I can't take it!" snapped Tanya. "We cant' just meander along without knowing what the big fuss is!"

"I know what you mean. We have to find a way to get into that pary. I hear the security at these parties is tough though. It will take every ounce of resourcefullness we have to break the ranks of security and blend in with the crowd"

"Got it. First we need clothes. It seems everone over there is wearing either sundresses or khaki shorts. I have a sundress that may fit you."

"Let's go!" yelled ChipotleChick, ready to jump into action and satisfy her curiousity. besides, there was nothing good on T.V, so there really was nothing else to do.

10 minutes later, the two witty, intelligent girls were ready. After checking the status of the party goers, they went around to the gate on their side of the fence, and peered around the corner. Lucky Break. No one was facing the gate. The girls ducked, tumbled, and rolled so efficiently it would have made James Bond green with envy. They straightened up, smoothed the wrinkles in their dresses, and peered around. They gasped in suprise.

The backyard was swarmed with people. some were drinking from tea cups, others' enjoying tasty tidbits. Guests were constantly entering and leaving the house, bringing out heaping plates of food or taking empty ones in. the nonstop motion made it easy to blend in. The girls mingled with the crowd, chatting it up for a solid 30 minutes before SHE spotted them. The wicked step-neighbor started towards the two amazing girls, a scowl that would have made Severus Snape quial in fear clearly etched across her face. ChipotleChick and Tanya made a break for it, scrambling towards the gate. just as they were about to make their escape, SHE caught ChipotleChick by the arm and wheeled her around.

"What on Earth are you two doing here?" she puffed.

"uhhh.....we kicked our ball over your fence. we didn't want to disturb the party, so we thought we'd just make a quick entrance and grab it" stuttered ChipotleChick.

"O really? Is it normal for teenage girls to put on sun dressed before engaging in a game of soccer?"


"Of course! uhhh...we have a to a few minutes....we got tired of waiting for out ride so we decided to kick the ball around for awhile....and uhhhh...Tanya here accidentally kicked it a bit hard."

"right!" Squeaked Tanya. "and our ride is going to be here soon, so if you would kindly let ChipotleChick go, we will be on our way."

"Of course, sweeties. But if i catch you in my yard again, i will call your parents. got it?" she gave ChipotleChick's are one last squeeze before finally relinquishing her grip. the two girls scrambled into Tanya's yard, and collapsed under the maple tree in relief. After the initial shock wore off, they burst out laughing.

"did you see her face!"
"wow she has a strong grip"
"That was hilarious!"
"I thought was going to kill us with that look of hers!"
"I can't breath"
"Woo that was awesome"

after they calmed down, everything returned to normal. and they all lived happily ever after.

Even the wicked-step neighbor, who's party was a success, thanks to the two quirky, happy girls who honored the guests with their presence.

the end.


Lenore said...

oh wow. You and Tanya rock!!

hmmmm...I think im gonna crash a garden party...Now if i could just find one...


Allison said...

Im sorry im too lazy to read the story lol my friend wants me to read this fan fic that is crazy long im just like there is no way i don't want to read today :P but im sure since you made it, it was amazing and hilarious! i love friday the 13th its awesome i watched scary movies all night!

Rafé said...

haha, wow, are you serious?

Rafé said...

yes, Happy belated SAD/Single on Saturday Day/ Valentines Day and Friday the 13th day and Presidents Day.

I say it was beautifully right. You said everything that I failed to explain to him...

Danielle said...

"Tanya's wicked step neighbor's made up salon head"

That is probably the best thing said by a human since... well since I was just talking a few minutes ago, but technically you said yours first so you win.

But crashing a garden party is much more fun than simply attending one, you guys own.

!wonderfold! said...

"tasty tidbits"
My favorite part. I'm gonna steal that from you

Jaky Astik said...

oh! was nice. You can never predict literature.

Jillian Christine said...

Hey, we have the same amount of followers!!!
That means, we're like twins, or something, right?

Yes, my Dad rocks, lol.

My Mom is a classical ballerina.
My Dad started the first guys soccer team at his private prep school.
My Mom loves the outdoors.
My Dad gets stuck in arcades.

The story of my life...
Very diverse parents, leads to very diverse kids I guess...

Luv you lovable unicorn,

not emo just misunderstood said...

friday the 13 rox

N a t a l i e. said...

I spent my Single Awareness Day doing absolutely nothing, haha. Go me! ;D Friday the 13th wa


Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! Friday the 13th wasn't anything horrifically bad for me luckily. The party sounds like fun, where would a teenage girl be without prank calls?

Hahaha! Crashing the garden party sounds amazing! :D I can't believe she didn't even notice you guys for like half an hour. Good thinking with your very clever lie too, hehe! :D

Lily said...

lolololololololololololololololol, that musta been FUN!!! wish I had a chance 2 do somethin' like that!

James said...

Lol wow. Somehow I can imagine that exactly how that would happen and I could see you doing that and everything! Lol so funnny! S.A.D. Is evil!!!!

aivilo relluf said...

Hahaha, that is an excellent story! Now, one question.. Is it true? :P. Either way, it's terrific. You and "Tanya" seem so slick, I commend you for your awesome James Bond skills. That neighbor lady seems like a huge jerk, haha.
I'm glad you found a way to enjoy that usually depressing holiday :). I drove out of the state, hahah. It was only like 30 minutes away, but still.

someone said...


Lenore said...

I linked u on my blog!!!!!! go see!


smorgan said...

you've been tagged!

childhood said...

you know.. i just wanted to tell you this. you are one of those people who makes me feel happy. who i think will make me chuckle. and i can have a good time. :) i just get that idea.

BitterSweet said...

Ooh! Ooh! Can I become one of your unicorn peoples!?? Please! Please! Please! I enjoy your beautiful randomness! 'Cause you know there's completly obnoxious randomness and absoloutley amazing,beautiful, totally cool randomness. You're the later! What was I saying? oh yeah! Can I be one of your unicorns?

BIMBA MEGGIE 89 said...

(^o^) NEI BLOGS:

Child Hood said...

Oh please update! I love your blog. :0

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Romans 12:2. Blogger changed my password so I can't login into my account. Maybe I'll make another blog?

Awsome story here. I got a clear picture of the senario in my mind. I liked the James bond analogy, that was cool. Your vocabulary is really past mine. I know you read a lot - that's probably why. Keep reading. You should write fiction literature. People would really enjoy this type of material.

How's the Baptist Church? Still attending?

Good day. ^>

Danielle said...


BitterSweet said...

Seriously!! POST!!!!!!!