Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! Previously, on ChipotleChick's blog, you were asked to choose the story you wanted to hear, you voted, and now the votes are in! The winning story is......*drum roll*..............*dramatic build up*.........*wow that's a lot of build up*...............*look at that drum Roll!*.........And the winner is!!!!!!!

Found out, after these messages!

*commercial interuptions, Ford commercial, zoom zoom, Coke Commercial, Jessica simpson, something about weight loss and health insurance*

And we're back! *drum roll continues* the winner is.....#7!!!! Snow White and Seven Dwarves...why not to how this Movie to 9th graders.

Here's the story...

it all started on a normal day of school. Everyone is enjoying the freezing, bitterly cold day, students are frolicking through the hallways, lunch money being stolen in a most polite manner. Until last period came around and us Animation Students crowd into the projector room to watch an Animated movie so we can discuss the techniques used. All is well, until the Professor walks, thick glasses, lab coat, back humped from carrying the projector all the way from the science room to here. He announces the movie we are going to be watching that day.....SNOW WHITE!!!!! and the seven dwarves. The students gasp in unison, eyes widen in surprise and despair. The projector flashes on, the movie starts rolling. Amidst all the chaos, the following conversation occurs between Dave, Em, Mary, and me.

ME: Woo! Her mom specifically asked for a child with skin as white as snow? Is she racist or something? Seriously, this was made in, like, 1936 or something, right? Sheesh, she should had just joined Hitler to help him create his super race.

DAVE: Dude, why would you want a floating head in your bedroom mirror that can see you? The government could bribe it to spy on you and they could have total control over you life. It could totally ruin your weekend plans.

EM: her step mom reminds me of my mom, do you think that's a bad thing?

DAVE: Her step mom is totally hotter than Snow White! Snow white doesn't even have a nose! Do you think she's albino?

MARY: so she broke into their cottage, cleaned the house, and cooked dinner? How does she know the dwarves aren't Germophobes and go crazy when people touch their stuff? What if they're vegeterians? What if they were saving that soup for a special occasion, like Christmas or a Bar Mitzvah?

ME: Not only that, but she's letting the animals in the house. Think of all the hair. what if the dwarves are allergic to deer? Not to mention all the "presents they would leave."

EM: how's that for the newest trend in crime? Instead of criminals breaking into the house and stealing things, they clean instead!

DAVE: This is so prejudice. The humans are all sexy, and the dwarves all have potatoe noses! And the humans are all royalty and live in castles, but the dwarves just live in a cottage!! This is so pollitically incorrect.

ME: I think it's a metaphor of society. The little man is always ignored.

MARY: Snow White is a such a jerk. First she breaks into their house, rearranges everything, lets animals in, takes three of the dwarves beds, then she doesn't let them eat until they wash their hands! Control freak. it's not her house. She doesn't respect other people's cultures at all.

ME: Besides, look at how much work the animals do. It's definatly animal cruelty!

DAVE: I have one question. The stepmom hates Snow White cause the mirror thinks she's prettier,right? and then she makes a potion to make herself uglier so Snow White doesn't recognize her when she gives her the apple, right? Well, insted of trying to kill Snow White, why doesn't she just make a potion that makes her PRETTIER?

EM: She clearly didn't think this through.

MARY: Besides, what do floating heads in mirrors know? maybe he just prefers stupid, jerky chicks with pasty skin and have never heard of a tanning salon.

ME: And girls, we all know what we do to men who say other girls are prettier than us, right?

DAVE: (nervously) what?

MARY: Let's just say it leads to seven years of bad luck, if you know what i'm saying....

And that's one reason why you shouldn't show Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to 9th graders.

That's all folks!! See ya next time!!!!


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Anonymous said...

tell you something? to me, you have made an impression that you are a happy and charming. trying to find something?
anyways, guess what! I like your blog too. Just check your followers list.

N a t a l i e. said...

Hahahaha.... RIGHT as I was reading this, the "hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go" tune from Snow White came on from a commercial on the TV downstairs! No joke! :D I was extremely freaked out, it must have been a Disney World commercial or something.

But ahaha, that's quite a hilarious conversation! I never really thought about that side of the movie. Who gave that guy in the mirror the power to decide who was the fairest of them all, hmm? And that is so right--why couldn't the queen/step-mom make a potion to make herself prettier?! You guys think of everything ;D

Jillian Christine said...

U go!
I wish we'd have had that conversation, LOL.

Victoria said...

haha, i think i do. like its gonna happen, just not in that way? i think, i thought i had it for a moment. guess not. :P

but that is a great conversation, ive never thought of it in that way. :)

Lenore said...

hmmmm...Snow White has a whole new meaning to it now...

does anybody notice how ALL the prince charmings in these disney movies always stalk the girl...and then they randomly fall in love in, like, 2 seconds?!

first, the chick is singing, then the dude is all like "Omg, she is so hawt!!" then he follows her, and she's like "w-who are you??" and then he sings something REALLY cheesy, and next thing you know, they're walking off together, holding hands. ((If only life worked that way for real...))

and..."never heard of a tanning salon" wonder boys seem to have no interest in me...


James said...

Lol nice convo! I am glad you have got some good friends to help ya out! Bad Snow White! O, and sorry about not commenting in forever Ice i have been so busy. no excuse I know, but we will talk soon!

Allison said...

hmm...... ugh....that was interesting.. have you ever thought about making childrens books lol. jk jk who doesn't love snow white?

Allison said...

eh sorry that was a half hearted comment. I do agree with the whole why did she want to kill snow white when she could have just made herself prettier. But then we wouldn't have a fairy tale or whatever.

deko and posh said...

And so the story goes...very interesting!

not emo just misunderstood said...

garden party crashers

Macy said...

I've never thought of that stuff before. If the witch can make a potion to make hre ugly, she shoudl be able to make a potion to make her prettier. What's sooo great about being the prettiest anyways. it's nothing to kill pple over. sheesh!

Rafé said...

Insane? Idealism in a nutshell.
Very well said.

It's funny though because you are the only one that claimed I was crazy.

Thanks for the comment...
and will you stop reminding me of San Antonio!

have a good day

ChipotleChick said...

This is me signing into my blogger profile without having to go back and push the sign in button.

Anonymous said...

Thanku Thanku thanku thanku thanku so much for the comment. I am glad I am following a really humor loving person.

Lenore said...

haha, thanx!! it is a great view.

well, Boston's great!! just being able to look outside and actually see buildings, and lights is awesome!

there are also a whole bunch of Asian guys here ((yea, that sounded wierd, but i have this thing for asian dudes, ;] ))

I went to Chinatown, the oldest subway in the USA, and I saw the Blue Man Group ((AWESOME SHOW!!))

so...yea. There is going to be looonnngg posts filled with poetry and photos.

anyway, enough about me, how've u been???

lots of Hugs & Chocolate,


Anonymous said...


*checks to see if ass really fell off*

(OMG have you seen that commercial?)

You guys are fabulous I loved the comment about 'why not just make a potion to make herself prettier?'

Ahahaha, like that version of the movie would have been so much better. It'd be like "her mild mannered step mother" who turns herself into a milf, and they go shopping together in Beverly Hills and snow white is always secretly jealous of her step milf, and so she commits suicide... or something else happens.